Woman in car shot at Franklin Field

Police at Franklin Field shooting scene

Police investigate the shooting scene. Photo by Gerald Grooms.

A woman was shot in the face as she sat in a car at Westview and Ames streets in Dorchester around 9:40 p.m. Injuries not considered life-threatening.



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Same here!

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I, too hope the woman who was shot in the face has a full and speedy recovery.

This is really crazy. The crime rate here in Boston seems to have taken somewhat of a jump upwards again.

Unfortunately from watching

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Unfortunately from watching the debate there doesn't seem to be any maverick or breakthrough plan on either of the campaigns for getting stolen guns and the jerks who are using them to try to kill others in our Boston neighborhoods off the street.

Word is that most of these

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Word is that most of these "stolen" guns aren't really stolen. They are bought then sold and reported stolen.

It would help to keep violent

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It would help to keep violent felons locked up for more than a trivial stint. A felon in possession of a firearm is supposed to an automatic 10 year sentence. Yet how many of these clowns are posted on UHub on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th offenses? Politicians keep blaming "guns" when the problem are criminals which have no fear of laws enforced with the limpest of wrists by lazy prosecutors (ever see a MA court work on a Friday in the summer HA!). Locking bad guys up for real time would mean trials over plea deals and prosecutors looking forward to political careers can't risk impeccable win records can they?

Only so much mayors can do.

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Fight for some budgeting for programs to steer kids away from gangs and keep them off streets? Maybe some street out reach?

They can't help pass criminal laws to get guns or people off streets, right?

The fact is a certain amount of inner city gun violence ( and mass shootings outside cities) is the price we pay for 2nd Amendment rights to own guns.

Not really kidding when I say maybe the best thing would be give these gangsters some target shooting training so they only hit their targets and not true innocents like children.

Yes. Give gang member target

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Yes. Give gang member target practice. I’m sure our police officers who actually have to come in contact with these people you only read about would love that.


Lighten up, Francis

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Nobody is seriously proposing this. I have much respect for the job BPD does on the streets.

And the word you're looking for is buffoon. You've probably only heard it a lot, but never seen it written.