South Boston liquor store held up at gunpoint

The Liquor and Wine Emporium, 336 K St., was held up at gunpoint around 10 p.m. by a white man, about 6' and medium build, in a black ski mask and all black clothes.



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Miller's Market

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who was at the same location for over 30 years was never robbed.


In case you haven't notice

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Contrary to what the City would have you believe crime is up and there are shootings every night in Boston. Not a cool story, it's the truth numb nuts.


Just more of Marty's Boston.

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All that work Menino did, just to ignore the issues and let violence fester in the city.

Wonder what Ray thinks as well. He was on WBUR thenother night and didn't seem too happy about how Marty is policing sidewalk shoveling. I bet he's got something to say on the uptick in violence as well.


Are you dim?

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The mayor is a leader, not an autocrat.

He has responsibilities, but not for everything.

Did you flunk civics?

What are you insinuating?

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What are you insinuating? That the nice family that owns the store was robbed because they’re new? Please enlighten us.

So does this get them hauled

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So does this get them hauled before the liquor commission to explain themselves like it's their fault a crime happened there?