Two shot in South Boston

One victim was found at 63 Dalessio Ct., the other at 71 B St., shortly before 5 p.m. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of one victim's injuries.


Good thing Marty

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Went over his plan tonight to reverse the recent increases in violence in the city.

Oh wait. He still pretty much ignored it.


I know!

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I know!

He immediately left his inauguration to shoot these two. How does he keep getting away with it?!


My Plan?

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Continue voting for elected officials that, at the very least, address the problem and have ideas and policies to actually make all neighborhoods safe in the city.

At this time, that's not Marty.

The trends are depressing to say the least. Boston is no longer a safer city than Philadelphia. And while the trend lines are going in the wrong direction here, NYC seems to have figured it out and is safer than ever.

I'm actually surprised there's so many people willing to carry water for Marty as the number of violent crimes increases under his watch. We had historical lows when he took over, but they're heading up since. I'm not even looking for a one size fits all unicorn here. Just a policy position and a plan to continue the work Menino did.

An no it's not easy work. But it is the Mayor's job.

We didn't have historic lows when he took over

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Murders bottomed out in the early 2000s in Boston. That said, they are up over 4 years, and the administration should be coming up with some sort of plan to work on this. Maybe we go all Giuliani on the situation. Maybe we see if Evan's community policing strategy can do as well as Ed Davis' strategy did.

But are you really saying that John Connolly would have done a better job over the past 4 years?


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Its obvious the negative commenters do not understand the type of occupation that a Mayor of a major city has. It is no easy task, so your comments are easy to type on a computer versus working long days to prevent these murders from occurring. I live in these neighborhoods. Its not easy to get cooperation from the community and BPD just needs to work harder on that. Also its impossible to predict who is going to wake up in a bad mood one day and want to shoot another person.

Disgusting Commenters

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In the communities I come from violence is no joking matter and to see these insensitive clowns joking about violence is repulsively revolting and disgusting.
Please try to be aware of what your typing especially when people lived are involved.

Contrary to popular belief, people color do support enforcement in the efforts to solve crimes.

May all victims and survivors of violent crimes recover quickly especially mentally. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.