Suspects sought for armed robberies of markets on Ashmont Street in Dorchester

Dorchester store held up

Boston Police report two markets about a mile apart on Ashmont Street were held up by two masked men with a gun this week.

On Wednesday, two men robbed Rosario Grocery, 760 Washington St., around 11:35 p.m.

During the incident, the male suspect pictured is seen pointing a firearm at one of the store employees while the second suspect walked around the counter and emptied the cash register. Upon exiting the store, both suspects were seen running along Ashmont Street towards Dorchester Avenue.

The night before, around 11 p.m., two men robbed the Ashmont Market, 630 Adams St.

Both suspects are described as white or Hispanic males, unknown age, average height, average build. One of the individuals had distinctive tattoos on both of his hands.

Robbers and tattoos

Unlike in the Ashmont robbery, the men in the Rosario robbery wore gloves.

If they look familiar, contact C-11 detectives at 617-343-4335 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463)



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the same

the same yutes who robbed the landromat and gas station on Dot Ave? seems too close to be coincidental.

It would be nice if the movie

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It would be nice if the movie/TV people stopped portraying robbers pointing guns at store/bank employees. That's where everyone learns how you're supposed to do a robbery.

Keep the guns pointed at the floor. You'll create less panic. You'll get your money faster. The unfortunate working stiff behind the counter won't have to live with the trauma.


Hollywood portrays almost

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Hollywood portrays almost every two bit gang banger as having fully automatic submachine guns and AKs fresh off the plane from Victor Bout. Do you really think they are all about accuracy and not over the top "entertainment"?

Are you serious!?

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I hope your being facetious or trying to make a funny in extremedly, poor taste. I believe you are serious making yourself naive and downright silly.

No, mom was a bank teller and

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No, mom was a bank teller and held up once. Uncle worked at convenience store and was shot. It's not a pleasant memory for either of them.

At both places, if you walk in and state it's a robbery you just say you have a gun, the procedure is to hand over the money. There's no need to show the gun, let alone point it at anyone.

Impulse cumquats

What is the deal with the bowl of odd fruit on the counter?

"Lemme get some cherry blunts and pack of Newports. Oh shit, and I'll take two kiwis. This a Damson plum?"


I remember them

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Didn't Impulse Cumquats used to open for Stable Genius at The Middle East?


Previous owners

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The guys who used to own the Ashmont Market never had this problem. They were armed and everyone knew it.

No news on double robbery in

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No news on double robbery in mattapan yesterday. Papa johns and cricket wireless river st ? . Gm off papa johns was assaulted and hit with firearm.


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Dirtbag robbed both places ...

The Boys know who the scumbag is