Police arrest two they say were driving around Southie with rifles in a PT Cruiser


Seized weapons.

Boston Police report arresting two men they say were driving around South Boston early Friday in a silver PT Cruiser with two rifles, three black gloves, a black ski mask, cocaine. and Adderall.

Brendan P. Donovan, 38, of South Boston, and Keith M. Kimball, 45, of Dorchester, both now face charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawfully carrying an unloaded rifle on a public way. Donovan was also charged with possession of cocaine - for the white powdery substance in a bag that fell out of his pocket while he was being frisked - and possession of six Adderall pills discovered still in his pocket at booking, police say.

According to police, officers responded around 2 a.m. to Ticknor Street on a report of guys "carrying what appeared to be a rifle case alight in a four-door silver PT Cruiser." Police continue:

Officers travelling on L Street observed a silver PT Cruiser with two occupants cross over L Street on Eighth. Officers attempted to conduct a stop of the vehicle, activating the blue lights and siren on their marked cruiser. The vehicle stopped long enough for officers to approach and demand to see the occupants’ hands. Officers observed a clear plastic bag in the passenger’s hands before the operator drove away. Officers observed the vehicle take a left on I Street and drove in that direction. While on I Street, officers observed the passenger, later identified as 38-year-old Brendan P. Donovan of South Boston, walking on I Street. Officers stopped him and conducted a pat frisk. ...

At about the same time, a State trooper observed the same PT Cruiser travelling on Day Boulevard. The trooper followed the vehicle for several turns near the area of Preble Street, but momentarily lost sight of the car near Mohawk Street and Devine Way. The trooper continued the search for the vehicle and soon located it parked on a pedestrian pathway in the Sterling Square courtyard. The operator, later identified as 45-year-old Keith M. Kimball of Dorchester, was outside the car and submitted to a pat frisk by the trooper. As a result, the trooper located a trigger lock inside his pocket. BPD officers arriving on scene observed a black case a short distance away in the rear of 17 Gavin Way. Inside the case were two firearms (both had brown wooden stocks with black barrels believed to be .22 caliber). Inside the vehicle officers recovered a black ski mask, a set of black gloves, and one single black glove.



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Those guns ...

Are the least of the story. Looks like my mom's old .22, electrical tape and all.

Fleeing from cops, cocaine? Much more a concern.

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You think a small amount of

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You think a small amount of drugs is more of a concern than two guns accompanied by gloves and ski mask? You're joking right?

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After all that (counterfeit

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After all that (counterfeit bills being a major crime) he gets released. Surprised he ever committed another crime... not...

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Interesting story here

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Rifles with trigger locks aren't part of most BPD gun recoveries. There's an interesting story behind this.

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The presence of a PT cruiser

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The presence of a PT cruiser is the biggest crime committed in this traffic stop.

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I read somewhere...

... that women were the primary market for the PT Cruiser. I do know a number of women who think they are "cute".

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Big dogs. My aunt and uncle have very large dogs and they buy worn out ones to cart the dogs around in.

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The police should take into account

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the stimulant-neutralizing power of a PT Cruiser. Cocaine, when ingested inside a PT Cruiser, has roughly the same effect as Dentyne Gum. And AK-47's have been known to transmogrify into trigger-locked 22's.

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Assuming this is all related and damning...

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(which isn't a given, since we weren't told if e.g. the trigger lock matched the rifles in the case, and presumption of innocence and whatnot...)

What might they have been planning? Kinda sounds like they were maybe getting hyped up for a home invasion or holding up a bank. Rifles mostly for intimidation?

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And their master plan assumed

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they weren't going to encounter someone with a semi-auto pistol or revolver?

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