Downtown crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
12/10/17 - 6:05 pm Man stabbed in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Tremont St. and Temple Pl.
12/2/17 - 12:05 am Police: Drunk guy took out a loaded gun in the men's room of a crowded downtown bar Illegal gun possession 171 Milk St
10/15/17 - 4:30 pm Man charged with holding up downtown convenience store at knifepoint Armed robbery 177 State St.
10/10/17 - 5:30 pm Haymarket fare jumper was packing a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession Congress St. and New Sudbury St.
10/9/17 - 9:30 pm Man stabbed and punched downtown Stabbing Tremont St. and West St.
9/20/17 - 3:05 pm Guy was walking around Downtown Crossing with a loaded gun and a cornucopia of drugs, police say Illegal gun possession Washington St. and Summer St.
9/15/17 - 3:00 am Four stabbed in overnight fight downtown Stabbing Spring Lane and Washington St.
9/12/17 - 6:45 pm Man shot at Boston Common bandstand; suspect runs into T station and onto Green Line tracks Shooting 139 Tremont St.
9/12/17 - 12:00 pm Man charged with sexual attack on a Green Line trolley Indecent assault and battery Causeway St. and Haverhill St.
9/3/17 - 12:40 am Harvard Square double stabbing suspect also stabbed a man during a Downtown Crossing robbery, police say Stabbing Washington St. and Winter St.
8/27/17 - 9:50 pm Man stabbed in the stomach in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Washington St. and Winter St.
8/20/17 - 2:00 am Two stabbed in closing-time fight near North Station Stabbing Canal St. and Causeway St.
8/9/17 - 4:45 pm Police say man jumped behind counter at Franklin Street bank, took money, then bicycled away Bank robbery 100 Franklin St.
7/29/17 - 12:16 am Man urinates on bar bouncer, bouncer punches him in the head Assault and battery 85 Causeway St.
7/26/17 - 9:30 pm Man sliced in the neck and arm in second Boston Common fight yesterday Stabbing Park St. and Tremonth St.
7/22/17 - 10:05 pm Man stabbed in the back in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Washington St. and Ave. de Lafayette
6/29/17 - 7:54 pm Police: Man with gun leads cops on nearly mile-long foot chase from downtown into Back Bay Illegal gun possession 121 Tremont St.
6/20/17 - 8:45 pm Man charged with sexually assaulting a woman at South Station bus terminal Indecent assault and battery 700 Atlantic Ave.
6/19/17 - 10:45 pm DA: Man on Orange Line goes on anti-Muslim tirade, smacks woman with umbrella, knocks out window Assault and battery 100 Legends Way
6/11/17 - 1:45 am Faneuil Hall bar considering stowing glassware late at night after man hurls glass at patron's head Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
5/22/17 - 3:15 pm Man charged with downtown bank robbery; may have held up other banks Bank robbery 19 School St.
5/19/17 - 8:22 am Man sought for downtown bank robbery Bank robbery 63 Franklin St.
4/15/17 - 7:30 pm Man charged with sexual attack on the Orange Line Indecent assault and battery Winter St. and Washington St.
4/8/17 - 4:40 pm Person stabbed, slashed in the face at Tremont and Park downtown Stabbing Park St. and Tremont St.
3/19/17 - 10:25 pm Man stabbed in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Winter St. and Winter Pl.
3/2/17 - 8:05 pm Police: Security guard arrested after he pistol whips suspect downtown, points gun at him Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Tremont St. and Hamilton Pl.
3/2/17 - 11:20 am Man with beef goes after enemy with a needle at Park Street T stop, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon Park St. and Tremont St.
2/10/17 - 3:55 pm Bank near City Hall held up Bank robbery 100 Cambridge St.
2/6/17 - 10:05 am Some people have all the luck - but not these two alleged dumbass bank robbers Bank robbery 75 State St.
1/20/17 - 3:30 pm Trumpland, MA: White guy finishes Orange Line beatdown with a shoutout to the president Assault and battery 200 Washington St.
1/12/17 - 4:00 pm Two stabbed on Tremont Street in fight that may have started on the Common Stabbing 144 Tremont St.
1/2/17 - 11:15 pm Man stabbed in the foot downtown Stabbing 31-35 India St.
12/22/16 - 9:00 am Garden security guards charged with abusing homeless; one now faces criminal charges Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 100 Legends Way
11/18/16 - 5:39 pm Police: Two officers injured subduing Connecticut parole violator on Boston Common Assault and battery 139 Tremont St.
10/7/16 - 10:55 pm Man stabbed at Boylston and Tremont streets Stabbing Tremont St. and Boylston St.
10/4/16 - 6:15 am South Street Diner held up Armed robbery 178 Kneeland St.
9/24/16 - 2:00 am Closing-time 'riot-like situation' outside downtown club ended with five arrests, four cops injured Assault and battery 295 Franklin St.
9/5/16 - 4:11 am Police hunt man for Greenway sexual assault early today Sexual attack State St. and Atlantic Ave.
8/25/16 - 10:05 am Police: Chase of gun-toting Boston Common drug dealer ends in Winter Street struggle Illegal gun possession Winter St. and Tremont St.
8/14/16 - 5:53 pm Police: Teen with realistic-looking BB gun arrested at Dominican festival on City Hall Plaza Replica firearm 1 City Hall Sq.
8/6/16 - 10:50 pm Man stabbed in the side downtown Stabbing Summer St. and High St.
8/4/16 - 5:15 pm Police say guy with a thing for bricks smashes man in the head with a brick for looking at him funny in North Station Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 100 Legends Way
7/28/16 - 9:50 pm Police: Cop draws gun on man charging him with a knife, doesn't shoot him Assault with a dangerous weapon 100 Legends Way
7/16/16 - 6:15 pm Man charged with hit and run, possession of LSD-laced Rice Krispy treats on Atlantic Avenue Illegal drug possession 70 Rowes Wharf
7/16/16 - 3:45 pm Man stabbed on the Common Stabbing Tremont St. and Park St.
6/11/16 - 7:20 pm Police looking for guy they say ended an argument at South Station by stabbing his opponent Stabbing Atlantic Ave. and Summer St.
5/21/16 - 10:45 pm Person shot on Broad Street downtown Shooting 101 Broad St.
5/11/16 - 2:00 pm Couple robs Newbury Street store together, then takes turns robbing the same Downtown Crossing bank Bank robbery 24 Winter St.
4/27/16 - 8:00 pm Man already charged with attacking woman on the T now charged with attacking teen at T stop Indecent assault and battery Washington St. and Winter St.
3/31/16 - 12:45 pm Citizens Bank downtown robbed Bank robbery 73 Tremont St.
3/21/16 - 1:15 pm Police charge man as Green Line masturbator Open and gross behavior Arlington St. and Boylston St.
3/21/16 - 3:00 am Women sexually attacked after getting into vehicles they thought were from a ride-share company Sexual attack 2 Center Plaza
1/1/16 - 2:00 am Gotterdammerung on Congress Street: Man yelling about end times punches cop in face, police say Assault and battery 1 City Hall Sq.