Boston crime

Date Type Street Neighborhood
8/20/17 - 9:35 pm Woman shot to death on Walnut Avenue in Roxbury Murder 61 Walnut Ave. Roxbury
8/20/17 - 2:19 am Two critical after closing-time shooting at Theater District garage Shooting 274 Tremont St. Chinatown
8/20/17 - 2:00 am Police seek videos of Theater District brawl early Sunday Assault and battery 246 Tremont St. Chinatown
8/20/17 - 2:00 am Two stabbed in closing-time fight near North Station Stabbing Canal St. and Causeway St. Downtown
8/20/17 - 12:45 am Gunfire hits car, bullet flies into apartment in South Boston Gunfire 1226 Columbia Rd. South Boston
8/20/17 - 12:05 am Woman shot on Barry Street in Dorchester Shooting 22 Barry St. Dorchester
8/16/17 - 11:00 pm Person stabbed at Dudley T stop Stabbing Washington St. and Dudley St. Roxbury
8/13/17 - 11:25 pm Two shot in Roxbury; one dead Murder 39 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Roxbury
8/13/17 - 2:00 pm Man shot near Ceylon Park in Dorchester Shooting Ceylon St. and Columbia Rd. Dorchester
8/12/17 - 11:10 pm Man shot in the chest in Roxbury Shooting Maples St. and Sonoma St. Roxbury
8/12/17 - 12:45 am Newmarket Square carjacking ends in crash in Dorchester Armed carjacking Theodore Glynn Way and Massachusetts Avenue
8/11/17 - 3:00 pm Person shot in Fields Corner Shotting 11 Draper St. Dorchester
8/9/17 - 10:30 pm Two men found shot to death in car on fire in Dorchester Murder Elder St. and Eastman St. Dorchester
8/9/17 - 7:15 pm Man wanted for grabbing woman who was tired of his crap on the Red Line Assault and battery JFK/UMass Dorchester
8/9/17 - 4:45 pm Police say man jumped behind counter at Franklin Street bank, took money, then bicycled away Bank robbery 100 Franklin St. Downtown
8/9/17 - 8:21 am Teenaged groper on the loose along Hyde Park Avenue, police say Sexual assault American Legion Highway and Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
8/8/17 - 11:20 pm Car hit by gunfire on Centre Street in Dorchester Gunfire Centre St. and Redwood St. Dorchester
8/8/17 - 10:20 pm Shots fired on Shawmut Avenue Gunfire 575 Shawmut Ave. Roxbury
8/8/17 - 1:45 pm Person stabbed in Dudley Square Stabbing Malcolm X Blvd. and Shawmut Ave. Roxbury
8/7/17 - 10:25 pm Clerk at Blue Hill Avenue market pistol whipped in armed robbery Armed robbery 646 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
8/7/17 - 7:00 pm Man shot on Browning Avenue in Dorchester Shooting 4 Browning Ave. Dorchester
8/6/17 - 10:10 pm One shot on Copeland Street, Roxbury Shooting Copeland St. and Aspen St. Roxbury
8/6/17 - 3:15 am Gunfire leads police to two suspects, three guns and drugs in Mattapan Illegal gun possession 25 West Selden St. Mattapan
8/5/17 - 4:25 pm Repeat drunk driver charged with running down girl in South Boston; she suffers serious injuries OUI crash Old Colony Ave. and O'Callaghan Way South Boston
8/2/17 - 4:00 pm Person shot to death at Ronan Park in Dorchester Murder 92 Mt. Ida Rd. Dorchester
8/2/17 - 10:45 am Dorchester barber shop doubled as a drug shop, police say Illegal drug possession 5 Erie St. Dorchester
7/31/17 - 1:37 pm He must be thinking about what to do with all that money Bank robbery 333 Longwood Ave. Roxbury
7/31/17 - 1:12 am Police say they've arrested another 14-year-old with a loaded gun in Roxbury Illegal gun possession 93 Zeigler St. Roxbury
7/30/17 - 11:00 pm Gunfire leaves shell casings in Dorchester park Gunfire 18 Harlow St. Dorchester
7/30/17 - 8:20 pm Bullet flies into Roxbury apartment; nobody hit Gunfire 60 Cedar St. Roxbury
7/30/17 - 7:20 pm Two grazed by gunfire in Hyde Park armed robbery Shooting 1503 River St. Hyde Park
7/30/17 - 7:20 pm Man stabbed repeatedly in Dorchester Stabbing Inwood St. Dorchester
7/29/17 - 9:25 pm Person shot in the neck in Roxbury Shooting 42 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Roxbury
7/27/17 - 4:00 pm Man found shot in the chest on Tremont Street near Northampton Shooting 791 Tremont St. Roxbury
7/26/17 - 9:30 pm Man sliced in the neck and arm in second Boston Common fight yesterday Stabbing Park St. and Tremonth St. Downtown
7/26/17 - 5:40 pm Two stabbed on the Common Stabbing 149 Tremont St Downtown
7/25/17 - 12:02 am Pair of Texans to get first-hand look at Massachusetts gun, drug laws Illegal gun possession Melnea Cass Blvd. and Massachusetts Ave. South End
7/24/17 - 5:30 pm Police: Officers grab suspect's loaded gun before he can get it out of his pants in Codman Square struggle Illegal gun possession 503 Washington St. Dorchester
7/22/17 - 10:05 pm Man stabbed in the back in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Washington St. and Ave. de Lafayette Downtown
7/22/17 - 6:50 pm Roslindale market held up at gunpoint; suspect arrested inside store Armed robbery 4355 Washington St. Roslindale
7/20/17 - 10:00 pm 14-year-old arrested on gun charges in Roxbury Illegal gun possession 256 Dudley St. Roxbury
7/19/17 - 11:35 am Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Adams St. and Parkman St. Dorchester
7/18/17 - 11:15 pm Shots fired in Mattapan Gunfire W. Selden St. and Woodale Ave. Mattapan
7/18/17 - 4:05 pm Owner of Mission Hill hardware store shot and killed there Murder 1562 Tremont St. Mission Hill
7/17/17 - 11:40 pm Woman shot on Cabot Street in Roxbury Shooting 159 Cabot St. Roxbury
7/17/17 - 4:10 pm One dead, one injured in Dorchester shooting Murder 10 Vesta Rd. Dorchester
7/16/17 - 10:11 pm Drive-by shooting in Codman Square sends one to the hospital in critical condition Shooting Washington St. and Talbot Ave. Dorchester
7/15/17 - 10:50 pm Man shot to death on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury Murder 617 Shawmut Ave. Roxbury
7/15/17 - 2:15 am Police: Woman gets into what she thought was a ride-share car in Allston, is sexually assaulted Sexual assault Harvard Ave. and Gardner St. Allston
7/13/17 - 10:25 pm Man shot on Baird Street in Dorchester Shooting 31 Baird St. Dorchester
7/13/17 - 6:08 pm Man sought for alleged ethnic screaming at Ruggles - and smashing a train window Civil-rights violations Ruggles St. Roxbury
7/12/17 - 12:00 pm Man found shot in Dorchester Shooting Millet Street and Wheatland Ave. Dorchester
7/11/17 - 7:35 pm Shots fired on Evans Street in Dorchester; possible victim shows up at local hospital not long after Shooting Evans St. and Hopkins St. Dorchester
7/8/17 - 8:30 pm Visually impaired woman raped in Roxbury Sexual assault Cedar St. and Terrace St Roxbury
7/7/17 - 8:52 am Police: Road-raging motorist beats scooter driver with a baseball bat on the North Washington Street bridge Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon North Washington Street bridge North End
7/6/17 - 6:50 pm Bloodshed continues: Two shot on Blue Hill Avenue in Grove Hall, one dead, survivor is 14 Murder Blue Hill Ave. and Cheney St. Roxbury
7/6/17 - 12:35 pm Shots fired on Ruggles Street Gunfire 160 Ruggles St. Roxbury
7/6/17 - 11:00 am Two shot in Uphams Corner Shooting Columbia Rd. and Bird St. Dorchester
7/6/17 - 9:30 am 18-year-old stabbed to death in Dudley Square Murder 55 Warren St. Roxbury
7/6/17 - 4:30 am Woman beaten, robbed and kidnapped in Hyde Park home invasion Armed home invasion Enneking Parkway and Gordon Ave. Hyde Park
7/6/17 - 12:25 am Person shot in Dorchester Shooting 105 Cushing Ave. Dorchester
7/5/17 - 11:42 pm Shots fired on MLK Boulevard Gunfire 120 Martin Luther King Blvd. Roxbury
7/5/17 - 5:30 pm Man charged with fatal stabbing in Dorchester Murder Columbia Rd. and Intervale St. Dorchester
7/5/17 - 2:36 am Man shot repeatedly in Roxbury Murder 63 Homestead St. Roxbury
7/4/17 - 8:15 pm Police: Man with gun chased after somebody he claimed owed him money in Roslindale Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Mt. Hope St. and American Legion Highway Roslindale
7/3/17 - 11:35 pm Three shot on Mass. Ave. near Tremont Shooting 521 Massachusetts Ave. South End
7/2/17 - 11:20 pm Man shot on Annunciation Road Shooting 30 Annunciation Rd. Mission Hill
7/2/17 - 11:10 pm Three shot in Dudley Square Shooting 26 Ziegler St. Roxbury
7/2/17 - 6:40 pm Shots fired in Roxbury Gunfire 140 Crawford St. Roxbury
7/2/17 - 12:41 am First responders rush to Roxbury car crash, find a man stabbed Stabbing Blue Hill Ave. and Edgewood St. Roxbury
7/1/17 - 12:34 am Police: Man opens fire on cops, who arrest him without returning the favor Assault with a dangerous weapon Deering Road and Wellington Hill St. Mattapan
6/30/17 - 12:45 am Person stabbed in Roxbury Stabbing 280 Martin Luther King Blvd. Roxbury
6/30/17 - 12:40 am Two men in a car shot in Jamaica Plain Shooting Grotto Glen Rd. and Day St. Jamiaca Plain
6/29/17 - 7:54 pm Police: Man with gun leads cops on nearly mile-long foot chase from downtown into Back Bay Illegal gun possession 121 Tremont St. Downtown
6/28/17 - 7:10 pm Gun battle leaves car with fresh bullet hole in parking lot near BMC Gunfire Gage St. South End
6/28/17 - 10:00 am Man shot in the face on Ashmont Street in Dorchester Murder 96 Ashmont St. Dorchester
6/27/17 - 5:40 pm Men robbed of $420,000 in cash in Roxbury; cops capture suspects and get the cash back Armed robbery Cedar St. Roxbury
6/26/17 - 5:30 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan Murder 1357 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
6/26/17 - 3:35 pm Man learns you can't start groping woman even if you think she stole your wallet Indecent assault and battery 1955 Beacon St. Brighton
6/26/17 - 1:45 pm Two of three suspects arrested for Dorchester gunpoint robbery Armed robbery 8 Evans St. Dorchester
6/25/17 - 5:30 am Police: Burglars smash into Lower Mills restaurant, steal safe, are stopped in Hyde Park forest Breaking and entering 2261 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
6/25/17 - 12:25 am Person shot on Bragdon Street in Roxbury Shooting 72 Bragdon St. Roxbury
6/25/17 - 12:15 am Girl, 8, shot on Heath Street in Jamaica Plain Shooting 154 Heath St. Jamaica Plain
6/23/17 - 11:45 pm Man stabbed in Bay Village Stabbing 7 Cortes St. South End
6/23/17 - 8:10 pm Police investigate sexual assault on employee at South Bay Home Depot Sexual assault 5 Allstate Rd. Dorchester
6/23/17 - 6:50 pm Man stabbed in Roxbury Stabbing Ruggles St. and Washington St. Roxbury
6/22/17 - 10:55 pm Person shot on Lyndhurst Street in Dorchester Shooting 62 Lyndhurst St. Dorchester
6/21/17 - 2:08 pm Man stabbed in Dudley Square Stabbing Warren St. and Dudley St. Roxbury
6/20/17 - 8:45 pm Man charged with sexually assaulting a woman at South Station bus terminal Indecent assault and battery 700 Atlantic Ave. Downtown
6/20/17 - 8:26 pm Attack on the Esplanade: Man jumped and robbed, police have two under arrest but can't find the victim Assault and battery Back St. and Clarendon St. Back Bay
6/19/17 - 10:45 pm DA: Man on Orange Line goes on anti-Muslim tirade, smacks woman with umbrella, knocks out window Assault and battery 100 Legends Way Boston
6/18/17 - 3:00 am Two shot in Dorchester Shooting Arcadia St. Dorchester
6/16/17 - 10:32 pm Woman shot in Dorchester Shooting 47 Van Winkle St. Dorchester
6/14/17 - 9:30 pm Woman attacked on East Boston Greenway Assault and battery 215 Bremen St. East Boston
6/13/17 - 7:00 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan; second murder in as many nights Murder 165 Delhi St. Mattapan
6/13/17 - 6:15 pm Man stabbed in Egleston Square Stabbing Columbus Ave. and Washington St. Jamaica Plain
6/12/17 - 10:35 pm Man knocked to ground, robbed after dinner at restaurant on East Boston waterfront Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon New St. and Sumner St. East Boston
6/12/17 - 8:45 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan Murder 29 Hosmer St. Mattapan
6/12/17 - 1:50 pm Woman stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Florida St. and Shepton St. Dorchester
6/11/17 - 1:45 am Faneuil Hall bar considering stowing glassware late at night after man hurls glass at patron's head Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace Downtown