Boston crime

Date Type Street Neighborhood
1/3/17 - 8:53 am Police say JP bank robber waited his turn in line before demanding money from teller Bank robbery 515 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
1/2/17 - 11:15 pm Man stabbed in the foot downtown Stabbing 31-35 India St. Boston
1/2/17 - 5:20 pm Car hit by gunfire on Blue Hill Avenue Gunfire 562 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
1/2/17 - 1:01 pm Career criminal arrested for Roxbury carjacking Carjacking Walnut Ave. and Bower St. Roxbury
1/1/17 - 6:00 am Police say drunk driver kills pedestrian in East Boston, then tries to walk away Hit and run 220 Saratoga St. East Boston
12/30/16 - 12:30 pm Car shot behind Dorchester church Gunfire 33 Stanton St. Dorchester
12/29/16 - 6:00 pm Person stabbed outside Boston Medical Center Stabbing Melnea Cass Blvd. and Massachusetts Ave. South End
12/29/16 - 1:00 pm Man with boo-boo sought for Huntington Avenue bank holdup Bank robbery 285 Huntington Ave. Fenway
12/28/16 - 10:00 pm Man shot in the stomach in Dorchester Shooting Draper St. Dorchester
12/28/16 - 6:40 pm Two stabbed in Roslindale Stabbing 3936 Washington St. Roslindale
12/27/16 - 11:10 am Man stabbed in the arm on Mt. Pleasant Avenue in Roxbury Stabbing 43 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Roxbury
12/25/16 - 11:20 pm Woman stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue; Lyft driver charged Stabbing 967 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
12/24/16 - 10:45 pm Teen found stabbed to death near East Boston stadium Murder East Boston Memorial Stadium East Boston
12/23/16 - 6:10 pm Man shot on Gleason Street in Dorchester Shooting 9 Gleason St. Dorchester
12/23/16 - 1:13 pm Hunt still on for woman whose Christmas spirit was harshed by Chinatown bank manager activating a silent alarm Bank robbery 25 Stuart St. Chinatown
12/22/16 - 7:25 pm Roxbury convenience store held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 322 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
12/22/16 - 9:30 am DA: Man throws brick at police cruiser in the South End Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Monsignor Reynolds Way and Harrison Ave. South End
12/22/16 - 9:00 am Garden security guards charged with abusing homeless; one now faces criminal charges Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 100 Legends Way Boston
12/21/16 - 11:45 pm Person shot at in Brighton Gunfire 17 Ranelegh Rd. Brighton
12/20/16 - 1:30 pm Person stabbed at North End apartment building Stabbing 185 Fulton St. North End
12/20/16 - 1:00 am Woman charged with stabbing neighbor to death on Fayston Street in Dorchester Murder 7 Fayston St. Dorchester
12/19/16 - 4:30 pm Police: Tussle over Orange Line manners ends with man punching woman in the face after she pulls his glasses off Assaul 145 Dartmouth St. Back Bay
12/19/16 - 1:45 pm Cops investigating gang activity in West Roxbury arrest man with gun after struggle Illegal gun possession 2000 Centre St. West Roxbury
12/19/16 - 3:00 am Uber driver punched in face in Chinatown, suffers concussion Assault and battery 600 Washington St. Chinatown
12/18/16 - 10:00 pm Sub shop held up at gunpoint on Tremont Street in Roxbury Armed robbery 961 Tremont St. Roxbury
12/18/16 - 7:25 pm Police: Man faces lifelong brain problems after attack in South Boston bar Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 734 E. Broadway South Boston
12/15/16 - 9:00 pm In East Boston, police came for the gun, but stayed for the cocaine, meth, heroin and cash Illegal drug possession 217 Bennington St. East Boston
12/13/16 - 1:12 am Man arrested for stomping man he found breaking into his car in Chinatown Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Harrison Ave. and Oxford Pl. Chinatown
12/12/16 - 9:55 pm Gunfire in Mattapan leaves street strewn with shell casings Gunfire Topalian St. and River St. Mattapan
12/12/16 - 8:10 pm Man shot on D Street in South Boston Shooting 165 D St. South Boston
12/12/16 - 2:55 pm Man shot to death on Bullard Street, Dorchester Murder 49 Bullard St. Dorchester
12/11/16 - 4:10 pm Two shot, one in the back, one in the stomach, on Mission Hill Shooting 11 Sunset St. Mission Hill
12/9/16 - 7:00 pm Two arrested for gunpoint robbery of pizza delivery person in Mattapan Armed robbery 19 Hiawatha Rd. Mattapan
12/9/16 - 4:15 pm Body found in Belle Isle Marsh Murder 1235 Bennington Ave. East Boston
12/9/16 - 4:20 am Man shot in Jamaica Plain Shooting 960 Parker St. Jamaica Plain
12/8/16 - 5:10 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting 19 Harold Park Roxbury
12/7/16 - 6:40 pm 18-year-old armed career criminal charged with new gun offenses on Annunciation Road Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 80 Annunciation Rd. Mission Hill
12/6/16 - 6:30 pm Police: Bystanders come to aid of cop being beaten in Brighton Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 1240 Soldiers Field Rd. Brighton
12/4/16 - 5:10 pm Shot fired into Roslindale home's window Gunfire 699 Hyde Park Ave. Roslindale
12/3/16 - 12:12 am Man found fatally shot after his car crashes into Mattapan house Murder Tileston St. and Rosemont St. Mattapan
12/2/16 - 11:30 pm East Boston attack sends man to the hospital Stabbing 389 Meridian St. East Boston
12/2/16 - 3:08 pm Man shot in Roxbury; suspect arrested Shooting 6 Kenilworth St. Roxbury
12/2/16 - 1:25 pm Person shot on West Selden Street, Mattapan Shooting 134 West Selden St. Mattapan
12/1/16 - 11:50 pm Man shot at Normandy and Devon in Dorchester Shooting Normandy St. and Devon St. Dorchester
12/1/16 - 12:20 pm Man shot in the back in Roxbury Shooting 25 Wayne St. Roxbury
11/30/16 - 10:10 pm Person stabbed in the hand in Roxbury Stabbing Tremont St. and Coventry St. Roxbury
11/30/16 - 2:15 pm Man shot in the shoulder in Dorchester Shooting 94 Ocean St. Dorchester
11/29/16 - 6:00 pm Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire Washington St. and St. Gregory St. Dorchester
11/27/16 - 10:45 pm Shots fired in Hailey Apartments Gunfire 50 Bickford St. Jamaica Plain
11/25/16 - 3:00 pm Police: Guy fleeing cops in car hits one, then crashes on 93 Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Julian St. Dorchester
11/23/16 - 12:30 am Police: Driver speeds away from Dorchester traffic stop, drags two officers, hits two others Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 7 Stoughton St. Dorchester
11/22/16 - 11:50 pm Man shows up at Roxbury pharmacy with gunshot wound Shooting 416 Warren St. Roxbury
11/20/16 - 1:58 am Drunken Bruins fan ruins birthday party Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 27 Columbus Ave. Back Bay
11/19/16 - 10:40 pm Shots fired in Mattapan Gunfire 50 Colorado St. Mattapan
11/19/16 - 2:54 am Man shot to death in Grove Hall Murder 195 Normandy St. Dorchester
11/18/16 - 5:39 pm Police: Two officers injured subduing Connecticut parole violator on Boston Common Assault and battery 139 Tremont St. Boston
11/18/16 - 3:15 pm Person stabbed inside Chinese take-out place on Tremont Street in Roxbury Stabbing 1031 Tremont St. Roxbury
11/18/16 - 2:12 pm Occupants of two SUVs fire guns at each other in Mattapan Gunfire Norfolk St. and Clarkwood St. Mattapan
11/18/16 - 1:50 pm Man stabbed in Roxbury Stabbing 3 Hilton Terr. Roxbury
11/17/16 - 4:30 pm Man shot to death on West Cottage Street in Roxbury Shooting 20 W. Cottage St. Roxbury
11/16/16 - 5:40 pm Person stabbed near Egleston Square Stabbing 18 Wardman Rd. Roxbury
11/15/16 - 8:30 pm Domestic attack in Hyde Park leaves one in bad shape Assault and battery Huntington Ave. Hyde Park
11/14/16 - 11:40 pm Man shot, houses hit in Uphams Corner Shooting 11 Wendover St. Dorchester
11/14/16 - 3:55 pm Man shot in Codman Square Shooting 482 Washington St. Dorchester
11/14/16 - 3:04 pm Police investigate liquid attacks in Dudley, Codman squares Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Washington St. and Dudley St. Roxbury
11/12/16 - 5:45 pm Two shot on Mission Hill Shooting 33 Smith St. Mission Hill
11/12/16 - 5:30 pm Man pistol whipped in Roslindale home invasion Armed home invasion 659 Hyde Park Ave. Roslindale
11/12/16 - 4:45 pm One dead, one injured in Franklin Field shooting Murder 50 Ames St. Dorchester
11/12/16 - 1:58 am Police say guy stabbed repeatedly outside JP bar remains tight lipped on attack Stabbing 3520 Washington St. Jamaica Plain
11/11/16 - 7:50 pm Possible shootout in Roxbury sends two to the hospital Shooting Woodward St. Roxbury
11/11/16 - 5:20 pm Teen shot on Milton/Mattapan line Shooting River St. and Central Ave. Mattapan
11/8/16 - 10:50 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan Murder 148 Savannah Ave. Mattapan
11/7/16 - 7:40 am Trumpland, MA: Teens arrested on hate-crime charges after allegedly beating a woman with an accent on the Red Line Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 121 Savin Hill Ave. Dorchester
11/5/16 - 10:00 am For second time in less than three weeks, somebody shot dead on Nazing Street in Roxbury Murder 36 Nazing St. Roxbury
11/5/16 - 12:40 am Man shot three times in Dorchester, dies Murder 2 Bentham Rd. Dorchester
11/3/16 - 9:20 pm Man sliced in the neck in Dudley Square Stabbing Washington St. and Roxbury St. Roxbury
11/2/16 - 6:50 pm Man found with stab wounds in Roxbury Stabbing 16 Akron St. Roxbury
10/31/16 - 9:00 am Student charged with bringing gun to K-8 school in Roxbury Illegal gun possession 135 Humboldt Ave. Roxbury
10/30/16 - 2:30 am BC student sexually attacked near Chestnut Hill Reservoir Rape 2000 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton
10/30/16 - 12:20 am Mattapan Line driver punched in the head, dragged off trolley by man in Halloween mask Assault and battery Fellsway St. and Milton St. Dorchester
10/29/16 - 2:40 pm Woman dead, teen injured in Dorchester shooting Murder 152 Washington St. Dorchester
10/27/16 - 9:00 pm Five arrested, three loaded guns seized after gunfire in Dorchester Gunfire 14 Rill St. Dorchester
10/27/16 - 3:55 pm Detail cop foils West Roxbury bank robbery Bank robbery 77 Spring St. West Roxbury
10/25/16 - 10:15 pm Dorchester store clerk beaten in robbery attempt Assault and battery 6 Glenway St. Dorchester
10/25/16 - 6:22 am Man wanted for failed kidnapping in Roxbury Attempted kidnapping Blue Hill Ave. and Brookford St. Roxbury
10/24/16 - 6:45 pm Shots fired across from Ronan Park in Dorchester Gunfire 142 Adams St. Dorchester
10/24/16 - 1:40 pm Man shot in face a block from Boston Medical Center Shooting Melnea Cass Blvd. and Massachusetts Ave. South End
10/23/16 - 11:30 am Man found shot to death in Hyde Park Murder 36 Williams Ave. Hyde Park
10/22/16 - 5:15 pm Police say one homeless man killed another in Newmarket Square fight Murder 1071 Massachusetts Ave. Dorchester
10/21/16 - 8:47 pm Man charged with Dorchester pistol whipping Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 97 Fuller St. Dorchester
10/20/16 - 10:30 pm Gunfire in a Dorchester park Gunfire Harambee Park Dorchester
10/19/16 - 10:40 pm Person shot in the head in Roxbury Murder 25 Nazing St. Roxbury
10/18/16 - 5:55 pm Person shot on Dorchester Avenue Murder 1631 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
10/17/16 - 10:15 pm Car stolen from Egleston Square gas station with baby in back seat Carjacking Washington St. and West Walnut Park Roxbury
10/15/16 - 4:00 pm 2-year-old girl shot in Roxbury in possible gang hit on father Shooting Winslow St. and Zeigler St. Roxbury
10/14/16 - 4:00 pm Serial bank robber strikes again - robs same Brigham Circle bank he robbed last month Bank robbery 6 Francis St. Mission Hill
10/13/16 - 9:40 pm Woman robbed at knifepoint in the Fens Armed robbery Agassiz Rd. Fenway
10/12/16 - 11:05 pm Two cops shot in East Boston gun battle; suspect dead Shooting 136 Gladstone St. East Boston
10/12/16 - 3:00 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint in Mission Hill park Armed robbery Bucknam St. and Fisher Ave. Mission Hill
10/12/16 - 2:40 pm Boylston Street bank held up Bank robbery 575 Boylston St. Back Bay