Boston crime

Date Type Street Neighborhood
5/25/16 - 11:20 pm Woman shot in LoPresti Park in East Boston Shooting 33 Sumner St. East Boston
5/25/16 - 12:10 am Woman sexually attacked in Mattapan Rape Rosewood St. and Cummins Highway Mattapan
5/24/16 - 1:00 pm SpongeBob CrackPants: Two arrested on drug charges after Mattapan Square struggle, police say Illegal drug possession 1641 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
5/22/16 - 6:45 am Two stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Johnson Terrace Dorchester
5/21/16 - 10:45 pm Person shot on Broad Street downtown Shooting 101 Broad St. Boston
5/21/16 - 11:38 am Police: When guy's friends picked him up in their car in the South End, they didn't realize he'd just robbed a bank Bank robbery 1320 Washington St. South End
5/20/16 - 7:00 am Police came for the gun and ammo, stayed for the dirt bikes Illegal gun possession 7 Speedwell St. Dorchester
5/19/16 - 9:15 pm Another person shot in Codman Square, this time fatally Murder 87 Southern Ave. Dorchester
5/19/16 - 5:55 pm Police: Hyde Park teen nabbed with a gun near scene of recent double shooting in the South End Illegal gun possession W. Newton St. and San Juan St. South End
5/19/16 - 5:10 pm Two shot in Grove Hall Shooting 469 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
5/17/16 - 10:15 pm Two shot on Shawmut at West Newton in the South End Shooting Shawmut Ave. and W. Newton St. South End
5/16/16 - 2:40 pm Gunfire erupts at Centre and Highland in Roxbury Gunfire Centre St. and Highland Ave. Roxbury
5/15/16 - 11:15 pm Woman shot in the arm near Codman Square Shooting 3 Walton St. Dorchester
5/15/16 - 2:40 pm Man charged with punching out bus window in fit of road rage, showering driver with glass shards Assault and battery 240 Western Ave. Allston
5/14/16 - 11:55 pm Shots fired into Jamaica Plain building Gunfire 12 Metcalf Ct. Jamaica Plain
5/14/16 - 10:50 pm Person shot in the leg at Humboldt and Seaver in Roxbury Shooting Humboldt Ave. and Seaver St. Roxbury
5/14/16 - 9:57 pm Person shot in the leg on Cabot Street, Roxbury Shooting 185 Cabot St. Roxbury
5/14/16 - 8:20 pm Person shot in arm at Columbia and Quincy, Dorchester Shooting 387 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
5/13/16 - 6:40 pm Woman leaving church grazed by bullet in Codman Square Shooting 651 Washington St. Dorchester
5/12/16 - 10:20 pm Shots fired in Codman Square Gunfire 310 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
5/12/16 - 6:05 pm Roslindale market robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 229 Florence St. Roslindale
5/12/16 - 7:15 am Mother in critical condition after attack while walking daughter to school in Roxbury Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Waumbeck St. Roxbury
5/11/16 - 6:30 pm Dorchester foot chase involving man with gun ends with officers using pepper spray to disperse crowd Illegal gun possession 14 Ronan St. Dorchester
5/11/16 - 2:00 pm Couple robs Newbury Street store together, then takes turns robbing the same Downtown Crossing bank Bank robbery 24 Winter St. Boston
5/10/16 - 9:20 pm Two charged with armed robbery of Codman Square market Armed robbery 542 Washington St. Dorchester
5/9/16 - 3:50 pm Man shot in the leg in Roxbury Shooting Georgia St. and Hartwell St. Roxbury
5/8/16 - 4:55 pm Person stabbed, seriously injured in Mattapan Stabbing 551 Norfolk St. Mattapan
5/7/16 - 2:00 am Dorchester stabbing may have been revenge for rape several years earlier Stabbing 70 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
5/7/16 - 12:25 am Gunfire at East Cottage and Leyland streets Gunfire E. Cottage St. and Leyland St. Dorchter
5/6/16 - 11:55 pm Several shots fired into car off Morton Street in Dorchester Gunfire Wildwood St. and Middleton St. Dorchester
5/6/16 - 10:53 pm Man threatening to shoot someone in the South End arrested before he could, police say Illegal gun possession 100 W. Dedham St. South End
5/5/16 - 5:00 pm Man sought for Roslindale bank robbery Bank robbery 777 South St. Roslindale
5/5/16 - 2:00 pm Back Bay bank held up Bank robbery 61 Arlington St. Back Bay
5/5/16 - 7:20 am Woman stabbed in Blue Hill Avenue apartment building Stabbing 484 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
5/3/16 - 9:50 pm Two shot in Ashmont Shooting Bailey St. and Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
5/2/16 - 3:00 pm Guys in hoodies rob Copley Square bank Bank robbery 533 Boylston St. Back Bay
5/1/16 - 10:55 pm Three masked men with guns burst into apartment just up street from C-11 police station Armed home invasion 10 Gibson St. Dorchester
5/1/16 - 9:30 pm South Boston market held up at knifepoint Armed robbery 473 W. Broadway South Boston
5/1/16 - 2:20 pm Person shot in Uphams Corner Shooting 726 Dudley St. Dorchester
5/1/16 - 1:05 am Man remains in induced coma three weeks after brutal attack at Fenway bar Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 1270 Boylston St. Fenway
4/30/16 - 11:30 am Police charge Blue Hill Avenue market was selling more than just milk and bread Illegal drug possession 734 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
4/30/16 - 10:30 am Man disappointed with refrigerator delivery gets out rifle and orders delivery guys to leave, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon 2 Folsom Ave.
4/27/16 - 11:00 pm Person shows up shot at local ER; may have happened on Walnut Park near Egleston Square Shooting 30 Walnut Park Roxbury
4/27/16 - 8:00 pm Man already charged with attacking woman on the T now charged with attacking teen at T stop Indecent assault and battery Washington St. and Winter St. Boston
4/26/16 - 10:25 pm Knifepoint robbery in the South End Armed robbery 145 W. Concord St. South End
4/26/16 - 10:00 pm Pizza guy robbed at knifepoint, his car stolen in Mattapan Armed robbery 20 Almont St. Mattapan
4/26/16 - 8:50 pm Car taken at gunpoint in Brighton Carjacking N. Beacon St. and Market St. Brighton
4/26/16 - 8:00 pm Man stabbed on Burrell Street in Roxbury Shooting 19 Burrell St. Roxbury
4/25/16 - 12:00 pm Two BPD officers injured in Copley Square library; man in custody Assault and battery Dartmouth St. and Boylston St Back Bay
4/24/16 - 6:45 pm Police: Man spits at bus driver, tries to fend off cops with a shopping cart Assault and battery Warren St. and Moreland St. Roxbury
4/24/16 - 4:50 pm Roxbury shoe store held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 2189 Washington St. Roxbury
4/24/16 - 12:04 pm Gunfire near Madison Park basketball courts Gunfire Kerr Way and Ruggles St. Roxbury
4/22/16 - 11:15 pm Man shot in Archdale project in Roslindale Shooting 95 Archdale Rd. Roslindale
4/22/16 - 3:50 pm Jamaica Plain bank held up Bank robbery 515 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
4/21/16 - 9:30 pm Man shot in Charlestown Shooting 10 McNulty Ct. Charlestown
4/21/16 - 2:05 pm Hyde Park bank held up Bank robbery 1065 Truman Parkway Hyde Park
4/20/16 - 5:25 pm Shots exchanged near Madison Park Gunfire DeWitt Dr. and Estabrook Rd. Roxbury
4/20/16 - 11:15 am One shot near Egleston Square Shooting 42 Walnut Park Roxbury
4/20/16 - 11:00 am Woman, teen charged with armed home invasion in Dorchester Armed home invasion Trescott St. Dorchester
4/19/16 - 10:15 pm Shots fired in Roxbury Gunfire 33 Bethune Way Roxbury
4/18/16 - 9:10 pm Woman stabbed in the arm on MLK Boulevard Stabbing 330 Martin Luther King Blvd. Roxbury
4/17/16 - 11:45 pm Food delivery guy robbed at knifepoint in Mattapan Armed robbery 70 Tennis Rd. Mattapan
4/17/16 - 4:48 pm Police hunt woman they say pushed toddler to the ground after cursing at her in the Public Garden Assault and battery Charles St. and Beacon St. Beacon Hill
4/17/16 - 11:30 am Dorchester man who keeps getting arrested on gun charges gets arrested on gun charges Illegal gun possession 6 Castlegate Rd. Dorchester
4/17/16 - 3:00 am Quincy man dies while trying to break up fight in front of Dorchester tavern Murder 780 Adams St. Dorchester
4/15/16 - 9:50 pm Man shot in Mattapan Shooting River St. and Rector Rd. Mattapan
4/14/16 - 3:36 pm Three arrested after gunfire on Ashmont Street Illegal gun possession 11 Ashmont St. Dorchester
4/11/16 - 3:00 pm West Roxbury bank held up Bank robbery 1905 Centre St. West Roxbury
4/9/16 - 10:45 am Blue Hill Avenue market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 696 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
4/6/16 - 8:30 am Student stabbed at West Roxbury high school; another student charged Stabbing 1205 VFW Parkway West Roxbury
4/5/16 - 8:30 am Dorchester driver charged with hitting three cars, knocking down woman and running over her foot Leaving the scene of a personal-injury accident Ellington St. and Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
4/2/16 - 10:30 pm Drive-by shooters miss woman but hit her car in Newmarket Square Gunfire 870 Massachusetts Ave. South End
4/2/16 - 10:00 pm Armed robbery in Chinatown by man in a skull mask Armed robbery Washington St. and Beach St. Chinatown
4/1/16 - 11:25 am Man robs Grove Hall bank, but may not have gotten far - suspect grabbed after short foot chase Bank robbery 648 Warren St. Dorchester
3/31/16 - 9:45 pm Man stomped outside Mission Hill market Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 680 Parker St. Mission Hill
3/31/16 - 9:10 pm Two stabbed in the Leather District Stabbing Beach St. and Lincoln St. Chinatown
3/31/16 - 6:15 pm Shots fired in Roxbury Gunfire Blue Hill Ave. and Dudley St. Roxbury
3/31/16 - 5:30 pm DA: Serial drug dealer arrested because somebody thought it odd a guy would be climbing scaffolding while holding a gun Illegal gun possession 692 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
3/31/16 - 12:45 pm Citizens Bank downtown robbed Bank robbery 73 Tremont St. Boston
3/31/16 - 9:35 am Man tries to rob Kenmore Square bank; fails Bank robbery 560 Commonwealth Ave. Boston
3/30/16 - 12:00 pm Noon gunfire on Roxbury street Gunfire Clarence St. and Dudley St. Roxbury
3/27/16 - 9:30 pm Calm after Lenox Street sweep didn't last long: Multiple shots fired near Ramsay Park Gunfire Shawmut Ave. and Kendal St. Roxbury
3/27/16 - 2:10 am One man shot to death, another stabbed in Mattapan incident Murder 227 River St. Mattapan
3/26/16 - 3:41 am Gunfire erupts overnight in Roslindale Gunfire 44 Kittredge St. Roslindale
3/26/16 - 12:30 am Man attacks woman at Ashmont and Florida streets in Dorchester Indecent assault and battery Ashmont St. and Florida St. Dorchester
3/24/16 - 1:00 pm Man in car shot in hand Shooting 121 Devon St. Dorchester
3/23/16 - 3:30 pm Man arrested after midday gunfire in Roxbury Gunfire 47 Nazing St Roxbury
3/22/16 - 11:35 pm Two shot in Egleston Square Shooting 127 School St. Jamaica Plain
3/22/16 - 10:30 pm Man shot to death in East Boston Murder 7 Wordsworth St. East Boston
3/22/16 - 8:55 am Police: South Boston bank robber tries to make getaway in cab, fails Bank robbery 441 W. Broadway South Boston
3/21/16 - 9:35 pm Pizza delivery guy held up at gunpoint in Roslindale Armed robbery 115 Brookway Rd. Roslindale
3/21/16 - 1:15 pm Police charge man as Green Line masturbator Open and gross behavior Arlington St. and Boylston St. Back Bay
3/21/16 - 3:00 am Women sexually attacked after getting into vehicles they thought were from a ride-share company Sexual attack 2 Center Plaza Boston
3/21/16 - 3:00 am Two shot, one dead in Roxbury Murder 66 Humboldt Ave. Roxbury
3/20/16 - 3:30 pm DA: Man was trying to sell drugs to passengers on a T bus after the parade when his loaded gun fell out of his pants Illegal gun possession Summer St. and E. 1 St. South Boston
3/17/16 - 5:25 pm Man shot, car hit in hail of gunfire on Blue Hill Avenue near Floyd Street Shooting 998 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
3/17/16 - 3:20 pm Police hunt man for knifepoint robbery at Sullivan Square T stop Armed robbery 1 Cambridge St. Charlestown
3/14/16 - 10:24 am Woman indecently attacked on Jamaica Plain street this morning, police say Indecent assault and battery 127 Chestnut Ave. Jamaica Plain
3/11/16 - 4:45 pm Multiple shots fired on a Dorchester street Gunfire Trull St. and Glen St. Dorchester
3/10/16 - 8:42 pm Two teens arrested for armed robbery in East Boston; third suspect at large Armed robbery 44 Brooks St. East Boston