Mattapan crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
4/19/17 - 4:55 pm Man stabbed in Mattapan Stabbing Alpine St. and River St.
4/14/17 - 2:25 pm Shots fired on Edgewater Drive in Mattapan Gunfire 47 Edgewater Dr.
4/5/17 - 9:20 pm Police: Officers free woman forced into prostitution in Dorchester, arrest pimp and gun-toting pal Illegal gun possession 204 Norfolk St.
3/31/17 - 5:45 pm Mattapan brothers arrested before on drug charges arrested again on drug charges Illegal drug possession 1670 Blue Hill Ave.
3/28/17 - 2:30 pm 15-year-old arrested, loaded gun seized in Mattapan gang investigation Illegal gun possession Norfolk St.
3/27/17 - 12:00 pm Vineyard duo's mainland trip ends in arrest outside a Mattapan drug house, police say Illegal drug possession Osprey Way
3/16/17 - 5:50 pm Driver hits kid in Mattapan, keeps on going, but doesn't get far Hit and run Blue Hill Avenue and Fessenden Street
1/20/17 - 10:25 pm Shots fired in Mattapan park Gunfire Hunt Playground
1/18/17 - 9:50 pm Mattapan market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 1300 Blue Hill Ave.
1/13/17 - 11:55 am Car shot up in Mattapan Gunfire 765 Morton St.
12/12/16 - 9:55 pm Gunfire in Mattapan leaves street strewn with shell casings Gunfire Topalian St. and River St.
12/9/16 - 7:00 pm Two arrested for gunpoint robbery of pizza delivery person in Mattapan Armed robbery 19 Hiawatha Rd.
12/3/16 - 12:12 am Man found fatally shot after his car crashes into Mattapan house Murder Tileston St. and Rosemont St.
12/2/16 - 1:25 pm Person shot on West Selden Street, Mattapan Shooting 134 West Selden St.
11/18/16 - 2:12 pm Occupants of two SUVs fire guns at each other in Mattapan Gunfire Norfolk St. and Clarkwood St.
11/11/16 - 5:20 pm Teen shot on Milton/Mattapan line Shooting River St. and Central Ave.
11/8/16 - 10:50 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan Murder 148 Savannah Ave.
10/9/16 - 3:32 am Person shot in Mattapan; three arrested Shooting 156 Standard St.
9/21/16 - 9:20 pm Person shot in Mattapan Shooting Cedard St. and Sanford St.
9/3/16 - 10:30 pm Driver slams into woman on Morton Street, killing her, then speeds away Hit and run Morton St and Canterbury St.
8/25/16 - 3:40 pm Bank on Hyde Park/Mattapan line held up Bank robbery 860 River St.
8/18/16 - 10:20 pm Man shot in the back in Mattapan Shooting 10 Orlando St.
7/26/16 - 11:55 pm Three shot in Mattapan Shooting 115 Babson St.
7/22/16 - 11:30 pm Shots fired in Mattapan Gunfire 26 Evelyn St.
7/22/16 - 9:40 pm Person shot at strip mall on River Street in Mattapan Shooting 90 River St.
7/11/16 - 5:30 am Woman shot in Mattapan; 14-year-old charged Shooting 563 Norfolk St.
6/24/16 - 3:25 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan Murder 17 Doone Ave.
6/18/16 - 11:10 pm Man fatally shot in the head in Mattapan Murder 62 Astoria St.
6/14/16 - 12:20 pm Man fatally shot in the head across street from Blue Hill Avenue police station Murder 1186 Blue Hill Ave.
5/28/16 - 11:20 pm Man shot in the leg in Mattapan Shooting Walk Hill St. and Fottler Rd.
5/26/16 - 8:00 pm Man shot in Mattapan Square Shooting Blue Hill Ave. and Rexford St.
5/25/16 - 12:10 am Woman sexually attacked in Mattapan Rape Rosewood St. and Cummins Highway
5/24/16 - 1:00 pm SpongeBob CrackPants: Two arrested on drug charges after Mattapan Square struggle, police say Illegal drug possession 1641 Blue Hill Ave.
4/26/16 - 10:00 pm Pizza guy robbed at knifepoint, his car stolen in Mattapan Armed robbery 20 Almont St.
4/17/16 - 11:45 pm Food delivery guy robbed at knifepoint in Mattapan Armed robbery 70 Tennis Rd.
4/15/16 - 9:50 pm Man shot in Mattapan Shooting River St. and Rector Rd.
3/27/16 - 2:10 am One man shot to death, another stabbed in Mattapan incident Murder 227 River St.
3/9/16 - 6:00 pm Gunfire erupts in Mattapan Gunfire W. Selden St. and Morton St.
2/13/16 - 12:05 am A girl gets bleach thrown in her face; now Mattapan roller rink is in hot water Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Rhoades St. and Blue Hill Ave.
1/14/16 - 10:40 pm Police: Man tries to emphasize a point in a Mattapan argument by waving a loaded gun around Illegal gun possession Seminole St.
12/29/15 - 8:47 am Two shot in Mattapan, one dead Murder 23 Wilmore St.
12/27/15 - 8:30 pm Person shot in the chest in Mattapan Shooting 63 Rosewood St.
11/17/15 - 3:00 pm Woman stabbed in Mattapan apartment building Stabbing 435 River St.
11/12/15 - 9:00 am Mattapan man charged as fentanyl dealer Illegal drug possession 20 Regis Rd.
11/8/15 - 7:00 pm Police: Officers dragged 100 yards by car driven by man they'd just pulled over in Dorchester Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Stratton St. and Westview St.
10/17/15 - 10:45 pm Food-delivery guy robbed at gunpoint in Mattapan Armed robbery Orchard St. and Vanderbilt St.
9/9/15 - 9:45 pm Two arrested for string of armed robberies from Mattapan to Brookline Armed robbery 547 Washington St.
9/2/15 - 11:50 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint at Mattapan/Milton line Armed robbery 82 River St.
8/29/15 - 1:45 am Man shot in the face in Mattapan Shooting Blue Hill Ave. and Woodhaven St.
8/25/15 - 5:55 pm Houses strafed in Mattapan Gunfire Evelyn St. and Norfolk St.
8/12/15 - 10:15 pm Three shot in Mattapan, one dead Murder 41 Hosmer St.
8/5/15 - 1:30 pm Man stabbed in Mattapan apartment Stabbing 3 Mulvey St.
7/30/15 - 9:00 pm Three robbed by men with a shotgun in Dorchester, Mattapan Armed robbery Mariposa St. and Sefton St.
7/30/15 - 9:00 pm Three robbed by men with a shotgun in Dorchester, Mattapan Armed robbery 911 Blue Hill Ave.
7/27/15 - 12:10 am Three shot in Mattapan Shooting 17 Elizabeth St.
7/21/15 - 1:00 pm Shots fired outside Morton Street train station Gunfire 875 Morton St.
7/14/15 - 7:40 pm Officer suffers head trauma in Mattapan incident Assault and battery 85 Hiawatha Rd.
7/14/15 - 6:50 pm Person shot in Mattapan church parking lot Shooting 1500 Blue Hill Ave.
7/6/15 - 10:40 pm Person stabbed on MBTA bus in Mattapan Stabbing Blue Hill Ave. and Walk Hill St.
7/1/15 - 2:05 pm Man shot in Mattapan; suspect nabbed Shooting Fessenden St. and Norfolk St.
5/23/15 - 10:50 pm Police: Tip leads to arrest of man with loaded gun outside Mattapan liquor store Illegal gun possession 1633 Blue Hill Ave.
5/21/15 - 9:00 pm Teen shot in the hand near Mattapan Square; car also shot up Shooting 67 Rexford St.
4/28/15 - 5:55 pm Teen shot on River Street in Mattapan Shooting 130 River St.
4/24/15 - 11:15 pm Man shot several times in Mattapan Shooting River St. and Groveland St.
3/27/15 - 8:25 am Police: Motorist stops to confront man who seemed to have just fired a gun in Mattapan Illegal gun possession 5 Elizabeth St.
3/13/15 - 11:35 pm Car, apartment building come under fire in Mattapan Gunfire Babson St. and Fremont St.
3/12/15 - 9:55 pm Man stabbed in Mattapan Square Stabbing 1633 Blue Hill Ave.
2/27/15 - 9:00 am Police: Raids, arrests in Dorchester, Mattapan bust up citywide drug ring Illegal drug possession 108 Greenfield Rd.
2/7/15 - 7:32 pm Police: Mattapan shooting suspect opens fire as officers chase him, doesn't hit anybody Shooting 1670 Blue Hill Ave.
1/24/15 - 10:20 pm Police looking for driver who hit a man in Mattapan, then sped away Hit and run 890 Morton St.
1/16/15 - 2:30 am Man shot in Morton Street drive-by Shooting Morton St. and W. Selden St.
1/2/15 - 3:13 pm Shots fired near Morton Street Gunfire Nelson St and Selden St.