Gun battle leaves one suspect dead, two officers shot

Boston Police report two officers were shot at Dorchester Avenue and Shepton Street in a gun battle in which one of two suspects is now dead.

Both officers are expected to survive, the department says.

Brian D'Amico and AlertNewEngland report the shootings were around 1:45 p.m.

Police say they are looking for a second suspect, described as black, thin, with braided hair and wearing a maroon shirt with stripes.

Dorchester Avenue is shut between Talbot Avenue and Shepton Street.



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Just brought the kiddos

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Just brought the kiddos inside! Police are swarming. Many helicopters overhead and an officer on every corner. Surreal. I hope they get the guy!

Herald (YAYAYA)

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reporting 3 shot.. 2 cops and a suspect.

The swat team just busted

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The swat team just busted down the door at a house on Lydon Way and Florida and went in with guns drawn!


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Police report he's dead.

The apprehension at Wellsley

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The apprehension at Wellsley Park wasn't the second shooter, neighborhoods still goin apeshit right now

So what happened on Wellesly Park?

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The helicopters and police were all over Wellesley Park. Was this connected to the shootings on Dot Ave or something else?

Very good

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The city just saved itself many millions in emergency medical care and incarceration costs, not to mention potentially a life or two if that upstanding young fella got out early on good behavior. Let's hope the other one puts his gun to a good use and blows his head off when the swat team shows up at his door.