Pats player charged with groping woman at Back Bay bar


UPDATE, 12/15: The charge has been dropped for lack of sufficient evidence.

UPDATE: Released on personal recognizance, ordered to stay away from woman, due back in court on Jan. 10.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is scheduled for arraignment in Boston Municipal Court this morning on a charge of indecent assault and battery for an incident at Storyville on Exeter Street around 1:30 a.m., the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Innocent, etc.



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    ooo boy

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    Called for holding!....Actually his buddy had been hitting on the woman so it was pass interference! She got pissed off and it was hands to the face! Unsportsman-like conduct! Excessive celebration?

    I'm not even a football fan...where are the punny jocks?

    I was gonna say...

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    Insert your own "wide receiver" joke here.

    I thought that Belichick had

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    I thought that Belichick had a much stronger hold (no pun intended) on his players off field behavior.

    He must be slipping.

    Totally understandable

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    He probably felt he needed to be a bit more, shall we say, "proactive" at the club because his number hasn't been called ON the field either!


    I've never even heard of that place. Sheesh, that's a worse bar name than Liquor Store.


    was a legendary nightclub for decades. The name was recently brought back.


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    It was a jazz club named after an area of New Orleans by the same name. Looks like they're using the name to bring back the same speakeasy feel to the scene.


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    That's Storyland. It'd be unfortunate to mix up those two.

    you havent inquired about a

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    you havent inquired about a trivia jockey position yet? might have missed your chance...

    Aw, crap.

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    Aw, crap. I was hoping that Storyville would be a viable option for craft cocktails in the Back Bay. Crossed off my list.


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    its funny, i drove by there yesterday and was thinking about all the incidents that had happened there over the years with professional atheletes, both boston guys and visting players. i think it was more of a bruins place than anything.

    edelman looks like he could use a gatorade in that picture.

    No, Monday nights used to be

    what they would call "celebrity night". Usually because that's where players from all of our major sports teams would go for what one player in the back seat termed "ea-c pickins'"

    Sox too

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    Nomar, Lou Merloni and Derek Lowe used to go coed hunting there as well.