Police investigating two bodies in Dorchester; at least one death not believed suspicious

A body found near the Columbia Road offramp of I-93 around 10 a.m. has been identified as a 24-year-old Billerica man whose death does not appear suspicious, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Based on observations of the remains and the scene, investigators are currently investigating the death as a non-homicide; this is a preliminary determination, however, and does not rule out other findings after an autopsy by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Boston Police, meanwhile, are continuing to investigate how another body, at 74 W. Cottage St. came to be there.



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      i read theres a ton of bad

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      i read theres a ton of bad heroin going around. that overpass always has homeless junkies around it

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      I think you're onto it

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      I commented recently on the cash snatching kid with the dog story that the beggars there are pretty obviously using heroin so I would imagine that one of them just checked out that way.

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