Police say they arrested two drug dealers using Chinatown building

Spirakis and BumbacaSpirakis and BumbacaBoston Police report an ongoing investigation of drug sales at 88 Kingston St. netted a couple of dealers yesterday evening.

Marino Spirakis, 35, of Peabody, was arrested on Rte. 1 in Revere after allegedly being spotted exchanging drugs for money with Jesse Bumbaca, 33, of Waltham, who was himself arrested off O'Brien Highway in Cambridge. Police tailed both men after they allegedly conducted their business around 7 p.m.

Police say officers watched Bumbaca hand a black box to Spirakis and that when police stopped Spirakis in his Mercedes, they found the box, with $52,000 in it, and that when they stopped Bumbaca in his Cadillac, they found a backpack with more than 950 Oxycodone pills in it - and another $8,000.

Spirakis was charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws and possession of Class E drugs. Bumbaca was charged with trafficking more than 100 grams of Class B drugs and conspiracy to violate drug laws. Both pleaded innocent in Boston Municipal Court. Spirakis's bail was released on $15,000 bail; bail for Bumbaca was set at $50,000, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Longtime observers of the Boston criminal scene will note that Spirakis was represented by Gary Zerola, a former assistant Suffolk County District Attorney who was acquitted twice on charges of rape and attempted rape and against whom Miami prosecutors dropped a similar case (in 2008, he was also acquitted on charges of urinating in public and assault and battery on a police officer for an incident during celebrations of the Celtics' win in the NBA finals). In 2008, Boston Magazine reported that Bumbaca testified at one of Zerola's trials - he allegedly met up with Zerola and one of the women at Zerola's apartment.

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During the traffic stop, officers found a black backpack containing over 950 Oxycodone pills


OxyContin is Purdue Pharma's brand for time-release single-ingredient oxycodone oral medication. The manufacturing rights to generic oxycodone time-release are under dispute.

Instances of recreational use and diversion of OxyContin have increased in the U.S. beginning in the late 1990s.[73] The slang term hillbilly heroin for OxyContin refers to the occurrence of the "earliest reported cases of Oxycontin abuse" in the U.S. in rural areas such as Appalachia.[74] Diversion of OxyContin in the U.S. may occur through "fraudulent prescriptions, doctor shopping, over-prescribing, and pharmacy theft."[73]

One investigation in Boston found that oxycontin was a "gateway" drug for heroin, which addicts turned to as cheaper alternative.[77]

The Williamson Daily News - PCFC receives update on Oxycontin lawsuit:

In 2007, the drug-maker and three executives pleaded guilty in federal court in Virginia to criminal charges for misleading regulators, doctors and consumers about the addictive risks of Oxycontin. Purdue and its parent company agreed to pay $634 million in fines, the third-highest amount ever paid by a drug-maker for this type of violation.

"I'm going to jail" vs. "Yeah, whatever"

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I love the contrast between the two.

The guy caught with all the drugs has a total "OH. SHIT. I'm going to JAIL" look.

The other dude has a "Whatever, I'll be out in an hour and my attorney is going to fix this" look.


For the record, one of Gary Zerola's Boston trials centered on a charge of "attempted rape." I covered that trial and wrote the Boston article you reference in the last paragraph of your post.


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Bumbuca sure sounds like a winner....

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That evening at Zerola's condo, the woman met his acquaintance Jesse Bumbaca. According to Bumbaca's later testimony, at one point, while the woman was in the bathroom, Zerola told him, "I'm going to bang this girl." (Zerola denied the allegation during the January trial.) The couple then visited two nightclubs, Saint and Mantra; Zerola snorted cocaine and swallowed Vicodins throughout the night, according to the prosecution. (Zerola denied the charge.) The woman did drugs as well.

Early the next morning, they returned to Zerola's place, where he allegedly asked the woman to "take another Vic." She grew nervous. According to her account, Zerola then got on top of her, held down her arms, ripped off her dress, and slammed her head into a wall. She ran into the hallway naked but he caught up with her, covered her mouth, and dragged her back inside. As the alleged assault continued, Zerola said, "I just want to play," according to the prosecution. The woman alleges he let her go when he noticed blue lights flashing outside his window.

That's the Lafayette Lofts building

Oh, that's not good. That's the location of the Lafayette Lofts condo building. Neither of the gentlemen's names appear on the public record as currently owning condos there - so who were they meeting inside?

BPD blog entry says the police stopped the car on Museum Way which by coincidence is also a condo building, the Regatta.

Welcome home!


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Although ONE of the accused gentleman DOES actually have friends in BOTH buildings, he resides at NEITHER of them....So you can RELAX! He will NOT be at any of your condo-association meetings! Although I'm pretty sure he'D bring the best party favors!
His Girlfriend!

His Girlfriend!

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Quoting His Girlfriend! "Although I'm pretty sure he'D bring the best party favors!"

I am not certain what your objective was in writing on this message board, however, your comment is not helping your boyfriend. You've just stated that you know that Jesse carries drugs, and that he carries more than one type of drug and that you are aware of this.

I am sure that you realize that you could more than likely be facing charges of your own, especially seeing as he had been under surveillance.

The facts are still premature and emerging. The extensive surveillance may have included you, you may have been revealed as a co conspirator because of the interception of phone calls, surveillance, witnesses and those that will more than likely turn State's witness.

You, can and more than likely will be named and a warrant can be issued for your arrest, which likely lead to a plea deal whereby you testify against your "boyfriend" and avoid jail time.

So, unless this is you intended outcome, you should be very careful what you say, for your boyfriend, it may just be too late. Based on his charges, he's facing a minimum sentence of ten years in prison.

I hope that the lifestyle his "party favors" afforded you was worth the the very real potential that you may both go to jail, and him for a very long time.

I wonder what his

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I wonder what his girlfriend's boyfriend thinks.