Roslindale crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
1/26/18 - 9:10 am Man who was wanted for shooting four in Newmarket Square last month arrested in Roslindale parking lot Illegal gun possession 950 American Legion Highway
1/24/18 - 11:54 pm Man robbed at knifepoint in Roslindale by guy wearing 'Everett Casino' hoodie Armed robbery Poplar St. and Heathcote St.
12/31/17 - 9:25 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint in Roslindale Armed robbery Basile St. and Washington St.
12/28/17 - 11:30 pm Three men shot while sitting in a car in Roslindale Shooting 32 Florian St.
12/23/17 - 6:42 pm Person shot on Washington Street in Roslindale Shooting Washington St. and West Roxbury Parkway
11/18/17 - 12:10 am Person shoots relative in Roslindale, then kills self Shooting 4410 Washington St.
11/8/17 - 10:15 pm Person found shot on Washington Street in Roslindale Shooting 105 Brookway Rd.
11/7/17 - 9:30 pm Another Roslindale market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 165 Belgrade Ave.
11/4/17 - 10:25 pm Roslindale, Hyde Park markets held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 892 South St.
10/25/17 - 10:00 pm Man jumped, robbed while walking up Roslindale street Unarmed robbery Canterbury St. and Pinedale Rd.
9/9/17 - 9:25 pm Pizza delivery driver attacked, robbed in Roslindale Assault and battery Florence St. and Firth Rd.
7/22/17 - 6:50 pm Roslindale market held up at gunpoint; suspect arrested inside store Armed robbery 4355 Washington St.
7/4/17 - 8:15 pm Police: Man with gun chased after somebody he claimed owed him money in Roslindale Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Mt. Hope St. and American Legion Highway
6/8/17 - 4:45 pm Clerk hit with gun in armed robbery at Roslindale phone store Armed robbery 4525 Washington St.
4/16/17 - 7:00 pm Man slashed in the neck with a broken bottle at Roslindale soccer field Stabbing 347 Hyde Park Ave.
4/13/17 - 5:45 pm Two stabbed, one in the chest, at Roslindale park Stabbing Walworth St. and Tyndale St.
3/31/17 - 10:00 am Roslindale father and son face variety of gun, drug charges Illegal gun possession 158 Fawndale Rd.
1/9/17 - 8:30 pm Officer breaks up armed-robbery attempt at Roslindale gas station; suspects on the run, his gun goes off Armed robbery 4139 Washington St.
12/28/16 - 6:40 pm Two stabbed in Roslindale Stabbing 3936 Washington St.
12/4/16 - 5:10 pm Shot fired into Roslindale home's window Gunfire 699 Hyde Park Ave.
10/4/16 - 4:45 pm Both suspects in Roslindale gun battle now in custody Gunfire 37 Newburg St.
9/13/16 - 2:15 pm Shots fired in Roslindale Gunfire Washington St. and Granfield Ave.
7/24/16 - 12:30 am Mob rushes, robs Roslindale gas station Robbery Washington St. and South St.
6/15/16 - 11:30 pm Roslindale Burger King held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 4590 Washington St.
5/27/16 - 2:00 pm Man sought for Roslindale bank robbery Bank robbery 29 Corinth St.
5/12/16 - 6:05 pm Roslindale market robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 229 Florence St.
5/5/16 - 5:00 pm Man sought for Roslindale bank robbery Bank robbery 777 South St.
4/22/16 - 11:15 pm Man shot in Archdale project in Roslindale Shooting 95 Archdale Rd.
3/26/16 - 3:41 am Gunfire erupts overnight in Roslindale Gunfire 44 Kittredge St.
3/21/16 - 9:35 pm Pizza delivery guy held up at gunpoint in Roslindale Armed robbery 115 Brookway Rd.
2/27/16 - 4:30 pm Two shots fired into car in Roslindale Gunfire 30 Sherwood St.
2/18/16 - 5:30 pm Barricaded man forces shutdown of major Roslindale intersection at rush hour Barricaded person American Legion Highway and Stella Road
1/28/16 - 4:03 pm Police seize more drugs, sawed off shotgun in Roslindale Illegal gun possession 127 Brown Ave.
1/28/16 - 3:00 pm Resident of Roslindale apartment building for the elderly and disabled charged with gun, heroin possession Illegal gun possession 1 Cliffmont St.
1/28/16 - 12:51 pm Man shot at twice in Roslindale robbery attempt Armed robbery 950 American Legion Highway
1/20/16 - 10:00 am Roslindale man who keeps getting arrested on drug and weapons charges gets arrested on drug and weapons charges Illegal gun possession 48 Colberg Ave.