Roxbury crime

Date Type Street
4/14/14 - 1:00 am Man shot to death in Roxbury Murder Dabney St. and Regent St.
4/12/14 - 8:14 pm Gunfire behind police headquarters Gunfire Albert St.
4/11/14 - 8:55 pm Gunfire erupts in Roxbury Armed robbery Ruggles St. and Annunication St.
4/9/14 - 10:05 am Knife-wielding robbers attack Roxbury barbers, who fight back with fists and a well aimed padlock Armed robbery 605 Blue Hill Ave.
4/3/14 - 4:45 pm Police looking for shooter and victim in car-to-car gunfire Gunfire Circuit St. and Walnut Ave.
3/25/14 - 12:55 am Woman stabbed in Roxbury Stabbed 16 Akron St.
3/19/14 - 3:50 pm Somebody in one car fires shots at somebody in another car in Roxbury Gunfire Crawford St. and Warren St.
3/19/14 - 6:00 am Pedestrian struck in hit and run outside Mass. Ave. T stop Hit and run 380 Massachusetts Ave.
2/14/14 - 8:45 pm Two shot at Ruggles station Shooting Melnea Cass Blvd. and Columbus Ave.
2/5/14 - 8:55 pm Two teens charged with stealing hot subs at gunpoint; two more sought Armed robbery Waverly St. and Copeland St.
2/2/14 - 5:05 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting Howland St. and Warren St.
2/1/14 - 10:15 am Man shot in Roxbury Shooting Dudley St. and Greenville St.
1/29/14 - 11:00 pm DA: You can run but you can't hide when you steal an iPhone while wearing a GPS monitor Armed home invasion 36 Maple St.
1/27/14 - 8:45 pm Stabbing victim walks a few blocks to the hospital Stabbing Gerard St.
1/17/14 - 8:10 pm Two shot in Roxbury Shooting 48 Bower St.
1/15/14 - 11:00 pm Home invaders pistol whip residents, steal wide-screen TV Armed home invasion 369 Blue Hill Ave.
1/14/14 - 5:57 pm Barber murdered in Tremont Street shop Murder 996 Tremont St.
1/12/14 - 7:25 pm Man shot from behind on Blue Hill Avenue Shooting Blue Hill Ave. and Wayne St.
1/10/14 - 10:50 pm Police: Allegedly loud rappers try to silence critic with a knife at Mass. Ave. T stop Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 380 Massachusetts Ave.
1/7/14 - 6:10 pm Man with violent past who is best known for the way his young son died is one of two charged with Roxbury market holdup Armed robbery 394 Warren St.
12/28/13 - 6:45 pm Two shot in area of Ruggles and Tremont Shooting Ruggles St. and Tremont St.
12/26/13 - 2:30 am Roslindale teen charged with early morning stabbing in Roxbury Stabbing 95 Hammond St.
12/19/13 - 11:55 pm Woman carjacked at knifepoint Carjacking 791 Tremont St.
12/18/13 - 5:50 pm Man stabbed in the chest at Ruggles T stop Stabbing Ruggles St. and Tremont St.
12/17/13 - 2:51 pm Bystanders grab guy attacking a pregnant woman, hold him for police Assault and battery Harrison Ave. and Thorndike St.
12/11/13 - 9:35 am DA: Drunken off-duty cop pointed gun at neighbors Assault with a dangerous weapon 62 Forest St.
12/7/13 - 12:50 am Drive-by shooting at Columbia and Blue Hill Avenue sends one to the hospital Shooting Blue Hill Ave. and Columbia Rd.
11/15/13 - 7:45 pm Drive-by shooting on Annunciation Road, but was anybody hit? Gunfire 58 Annunciation Rd.
11/3/13 - 3:00 am Somebody slashed tires on more than a dozen cars on one Egleston street Tires slashed Westminster Ave.
10/31/13 - 9:40 pm Person shot in Roxbury Shooting 124 Eustis St.
10/19/13 - 4:50 pm Two shot in Grove Hall Shooting 21 Hartwell St.
10/17/13 - 9:28 pm Man shot to death in SUV in Roxbury Murder 280 Humboldt Ave.
10/13/13 - 2:00 pm Man charged with Dudley Square beating that left woman bleeding and barely conscious Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Washington St. and Roxbury St.
10/12/13 - 9:34 pm Northeastern student robbed by escapee from juvie detention Armed robbery 376 Huntington Ave.
10/5/13 - 10:00 pm Northeastern students robbed of phones at knifepoint Armed robbery 50 Leon St.
10/2/13 - 10:15 pm Man shot in the head in Roxbury, dies Murder 26 Albion St.
9/28/13 - 12:50 am Man stabbed in Roxbury Stabbing Normandy St. and Seaver St.
9/28/13 - 12:20 am H-Block fusillade ends with woman shot Shooting Harold St. and Harrishof St.
9/20/13 - 11:30 pm Malden man charged with stomping T worker at Roxbury Crossing Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Tremont St. and Columbus Ave.
9/19/13 - 1:30 pm Police: Cup of soda helps woman fends off daylight kidnapping attempt Attempted kidnapping Southampton St. and Atkinson St.
9/18/13 - 3:00 pm Mission Hill bank robbed Bank robbery 1628 Tremont St.
9/14/13 - 1:01 pm Afternoon shootings in Roxbury send two to the hospital Shooting 71 Elm Hill Ave.
9/14/13 - 12:40 am Two shot near Roxbury Crossing T stop Shooting 32 McGreevey Way
9/9/13 - 9:30 pm Man found with multiple stab wounds at Dudley Street building Stabbing 144 Dudley St.
9/9/13 - 12:00 pm Woman charged with stabbing elderly man to death in Roxbury apartment last month Murder 2311 Washington St.
9/5/13 - 8:59 pm Dorchester woman charged with killing South End pedestrian in hit and run Hit and run Washington St. and Northampton St.
8/28/13 - 2:45 pm Another Sovereign branch held up, this time in Egleston Square Bank robbery 3060 Washington St.
8/27/13 - 4:10 pm Roxbury bank held up Bank robbery 2343 Washington St.
8/19/13 - 10:00 pm Two women shot in Roxbury Shooting 79 Elm Hill Ave.
8/14/13 - 8:20 pm Alleged naked pot dealer arrested, along with the man charged with beating him in a home invasion Armed home invasion 10 Williams St.
8/14/13 - 2:37 pm Police probe man's death in Roxbury Body 2311 Washington St.
8/11/13 - 11:30 pm Two shot on Lenox Street, possibly by somebody who fled in a Zipcar Shooting 71 Lenox St.
8/10/13 - 4:41 am Pink-shirted teen with arm in a cast and pal charged with trying to kill three men in a car Attempted murder 67 Burrell St.
8/3/13 - 8:45 pm Man stabbed in Roxbury Stabbing 42 St. James St.
7/31/13 - 1:30 pm Man shot dead near Ruggles Murder 1053 Tremont St.
7/23/13 - 12:40 pm Midday shooting in Roxbury sends one to the hospital Shooting 94 Crawford St.
7/20/13 - 1:45 am Shots fired in two Roxbury locations; one resident's bedroom gets a bullet hole Gunfire Adams St. and Norfolk St.
7/20/13 - 1:40 am Man shot near Timilty School in Roxbury; gets self to hospital Shooting 205 Roxbury St.
7/20/13 - 1:30 am Two shot in Roxbury, one dead Murder 131 Harrishof St.
7/19/13 - 12:30 pm Mid-day shootout: Occupants of two cars open fire on each other at Roxbury intersection Gunfire Hartwell St. and Cheney St.
7/14/13 - 9:03 pm Police: Roxbury man duct-taped in home invasion Armed home invasion 51 Fenwood Rd.
7/11/13 - 12:01 am Another shooting on tiny Fenno Street, Roxbury Shooting 24 Fenno St.
6/28/13 - 8:00 pm Man shot in Roxbury, in bad shape Shooting 8 Fenno St.
6/25/13 - 9:20 pm Man found shot in the leg on Columbus Avenue Shooting 796 Columbus Ave.
6/24/13 - 1:10 am Parker Street in Roxbury shot up twice by gunmen in cars Gunfire 661 Parker St.
6/19/13 - 11:00 pm Woman shot in the shoulder in Roxbury Shooting 12 Wheatley Way
6/15/13 - 12:30 pm Man shot on Mission Hill, taken away in bad shape Shooting 15 McGreevey Way
6/15/13 - 4:00 am Two women sexually assaulted, stabbed on Mission Hill Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Huntington Ave. and Vancouver St
6/15/13 - 4:00 am Two women sexually assaulted, stabbed on Mission Hill Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Huntington Ave. and Parker Hill St.
6/11/13 - 10:08 pm Roxbury store robbed at gunpoint; thief takes entire cash register Armed robbery Blue Hill Ave. and Maywood St.
6/9/13 - 2:00 am Police: Woman throws bleach in man's face during robbery on a T bus Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 517 Blue Hill Ave.
6/1/13 - 3:22 pm Two shot, one dead in Egleston Square Murder Columbus Ave. and Washington St.
5/29/13 - 10:20 pm Mass. Ave. McDonald's held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 820 Massachusetts Ave.
5/27/13 - 8:27 pm Man shot dead near Seaver Street Murder 125 Elm Hill Ave.
5/26/13 - 12:02 am Man shot in the leg in Roxbury Shooting 1140 Harrison Ave.
5/21/13 - 9:19 pm Egleston Square McDonald's held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 3064 Washington St.
5/16/13 - 8:25 pm Man stabbed several times on Blue Hill Avenue Stabbing Blue Hill Ave. and Woodcliff St.
5/15/13 - 1:30 am Four sought for early morning Mission Hill home invasion, kidnapping Armed home invasion 43 New Whitney St.
5/11/13 - 5:15 pm Residents tied up with zip ties in Mission Hill home invasion Armed home invasion 142 St. Alphonsus St.
5/3/13 - 1:45 pm Two shot to death in parking lot of Roxbury drug store Murder 416 Warren St.
5/3/13 - 12:45 am Two shot in Roxbury, one dead Murder 41 Prentiss St.
4/29/13 - 9:10 pm Two shot in Roxbury, one taken to hospital in bad shape Shooting 65 Beech Glen St.
4/27/13 - 11:34 am Police: Child runs into side of moving car, child's family then attacks driver and her child Assault with a dangerous weapon 34 Schuyler St.
4/26/13 - 9:35 pm Gunfire in Roxbury; not long after, man shows up at hospital with gunshot wounds to the leg Shooting 90 Regent St.
4/20/13 - 1:35 am Man shot to death in Roxbury Murder 52 Copeland St.
4/17/13 - 8:35 pm Man shot near Dudley Square, dies Murder 237 Dudley St.
4/16/13 - 2:30 pm Three shot on Martin Luther King Boulevard Shooting Mayfair St. and Martin Luther King Blvd.
3/31/13 - 1:30 am Man shot in the stomach on Ruggles Street Shooting 300 Ruggles St.
3/28/13 - 4:15 pm Gunfire in Dudley Square; nobody hit Gunfire 2343 Washington St.
3/26/13 - 2:56 pm Several blocks shut off in Roxbury as police investigate shootout Shooting Waverly St. and Perrin St.
3/21/13 - 11:02 pm DA: Holdup, beating at Mission Hill ATM ends when victim pulls out box cutter and carves up attacker Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 1628 Tremont St.
3/19/13 - 8:05 pm Man stabbed in the side in Roxbury Stabbing 190 Ruggles St.
3/19/13 - 7:15 pm Two under arrest after armed robbery in Roxbury Armed robbery 306 Dudley St.
3/8/13 - 7:40 pm H Block vs. Heath Street? Man shot on Holworthy Street, suspect arrested on Heath Street Shooting 41 Holworthy St.
3/5/13 - 3:00 pm Body found in car on Roxbury street Body found 47 Langdon St.
3/3/13 - 9:54 pm Man stabbed in the neck in Roxbury; homicide unit called in Stabbing 129 Harrishof St.
3/1/13 - 11:30 pm Two stabbed in Brigham Circle Stabbing Tremont St. and Huntington Ave.
2/28/13 - 9:45 pm Man shot to death at Dudley station Murder 14 Ziegler St.
2/28/13 - 4:50 pm Shooting in Egleston Square Shooting Weld Ave. and Columbus Ave.
2/23/13 - 11:36 am Police say man who isn't very good at robbing banks arrested after failed Dudley Square robbery Bank robery 2343 Washington St.
2/3/13 - 7:51 am Police: Man chats up women in Egleston Square, then rapes them Rape 2900 Washington St.
1/27/13 - 7:45 pm SUV taken at gunpoint on Mission Hill Carjacking 75 St. Alphonsus St.
1/20/13 - 9:50 pm Man shows up at hospital with gunshot wound to the neck Shooting Warren St. and Walnut St.
1/11/13 - 7:10 pm 13-year-old shot in Roxbury; homicide unit summoned Shooting Humboldt Ave. and Homestead St.
1/4/13 - 9:55 pm Man shot in the leg on Seaver Street Shooting 331 Seaver St.
1/3/13 - 7:27 am Police: Robbery suspect had blood pouring from mouth from where he chomped on victim's hand Assault and battery 333 Martin Luther King Blvd.