Roxbury crime

Date Type Street
3/27/15 - 6:40 pm Cop shot in face during Roxbury traffic stop; suspect shot dead Shooting Humboldt Ave. and Ruthven St.
3/21/15 - 3:56 pm Gunfire on Ruggles Street Gunfire 290 Ruggles St.
3/18/15 - 1:00 pm Daylight shooting in Roxbury sends one to the hospital Shooting Humboldt Ave. and Hutchings St.
3/17/15 - 2:20 pm Knifepoint robbery behind the O'Bryant School Armed robbery 55 Malcolm X Blvd.
3/14/15 - 3:45 pm Man shot to death in possible road-rage incident on Dudley Street Murder 571 Dudley St.
3/14/15 - 2:15 pm Police: Panhandler displayed gun when rebuffed at Roxbury Crossing; says he was just joshing Armed robbery Tremont St. and Columbus Ave.
3/13/15 - 9:20 pm Windows shot at Columbus and Amory Gunfire Columbus Ave. and Amory St.
3/3/15 - 7:13 pm Minister who was also administrator at two BPS schools charged with shooting teen Shooting 100 Magazine St.
2/10/15 - 8:30 pm Man shot in Dorchester; cops find possible weapon, then follow fresh footprints in snow to another Shooting Normandy St. and Intervale St.
2/4/15 - 7:40 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting 368 Warren St.
1/26/15 - 8:55 pm Man stabbed to death in Roxbury Murder 8 Shetland St.
1/22/15 - 7:30 pm Two shot in Roxbury Shooting Ziegler St. and Bethune St.
1/20/15 - 11:05 am Doctor shot at Brigham and Women's; suspect found dead Murder 70 Francis St.
1/10/15 - 4:05 pm Victim, witnesses keeping mum on near-fatal stabbing outside Newmarket Square chicken-and-waffle joint Stabbing 1033 Massachusetts Ave.
1/8/15 - 10:46 pm Four in car in Roxbury shot; one dead Murder 104 Harrishof St.
12/29/14 - 11:55 am DA: Seven teens beat officers serving a warrant Assault and battery Wayne St.
12/27/14 - 11:31 am After gunfire in Roxbury, man in Mercedes SUV arrested on gun charges Gunfire 64 Moreland St.
12/26/14 - 10:55 pm Gunfire erupts in middle of Roxbury intersection Gunfire Blue Hill Ave. and Washington St.
12/21/14 - 4:30 am One dead in triple stabbing at Blue Hill Avenue house party Murder 568 Blue Hill Ave.
12/14/14 - 5:15 am Car shot up; two guys inside not injured Gunfire 21 Albion St.
12/3/14 - 7:25 pm Man shot in the chest in Roxbury Shooting 18 Hartwell St.
12/3/14 - 12:30 am Man shot in the stomach in Roxbury Shooting 73 Moreland St.
11/25/14 - 2:10 pm Student stabbed at the O'Bryant School Stabbing 55 Malcolm X. Blvd.
11/24/14 - 12:55 pm Woman shot in Roxbury building Shooting 625 Shawmut
11/19/14 - 6:45 am Police: Roxbury woman wakes up to find intruder in her bedroom Break-in Warren St. and Ziegler St.
11/8/14 - 10:10 pm Police: Young guys with guns in stolen car try to outrace police only to get stuck in traffic Illegal gun possession Walnut Park and Walnut Ave.
11/4/14 - 3:50 pm Man shot in stomach at Roxbury bus stop Shooting Homestead St. and Humboldt Avenue
11/1/14 - 5:22 am Woman shot to death in Roxbury Murder 18 Lattimore Ct.
10/30/14 - 2:39 pm Police say man on moped pointed what appeared to be a gun at a T driver Illegal gun possession Blue Hill Avenue and Dudley Street
10/26/14 - 7:48 am Two shot in Roxbury Shooting Blue Hill Ave. and Ingleside St.
10/26/14 - 3:43 am Man stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue near Seaver Stabbing Blue Hill Ave. and Seaver St.
10/22/14 - 2:50 pm Police hunt guy who tried pulling young teen into car in Roxbury Attempted kidnapping Warren St. and Moreland St.
10/17/14 - 2:00 am Woman shot in Newmarket Square Shooting 1033 Massachusetts Ave.
10/10/14 - 9:00 pm Man found dead at Roxbury fire had been stabbed repeatedly, police say Murder 104 WInthrop St.
10/7/14 - 2:20 pm Guy on bicycle fires at least eight rounds into car at Humboldt and Ruthven, driver hit, drives away Shooting Humboldt Ave. and Ruthven St.
10/5/14 - 6:05 pm Shots fired in Roxbury Gunfire 97 Dale St.
10/4/14 - 2:30 pm Two arrested for tying man up in Franklin Park robbery Armed robbery 1 Circuit Dr.
10/2/14 - 1:30 pm Armed home invasion in Roxbury Armed home invasion 17 Stafford St.
9/29/14 - 7:50 pm Person stabbed in Jackson Square Stabbing Columbus Ave. and Centre St.
9/25/14 - 7:55 pm Man sought for indecent attack at Mass. Ave. T stop Indecent assault and battery 380 Massachusetts Ave.
9/19/14 - 2:00 am Man shot in Roxbury Shooting Montana St. and Georgia St.
9/7/14 - 11:55 pm Man shot in Ramsay Park Shooting Washington St. and Ball St.
9/7/14 - 12:25 am Man shot on Homestead Street in Roxbury Shooting 71 Homestead St.
9/6/14 - 12:35 am Teen shot near Egleston Square, in what is becoming a daily occurrence Murder 17 Wardman St.
9/5/14 - 8:20 pm Man stabbed in Roxbury Stabbing 76 Perrin St.
9/4/14 - 5:20 pm Box truck shot at in Roxbury Gunfire Westminster Ave. and Walnut Ave.
9/2/14 - 10:00 pm Man shot at from a white mini-van in Roxbury Gunfire Academy Rd. and Weaver Way
8/20/14 - 9:25 pm Man shot in barrage of bullets in Roxbury Shooting 43 Copeland St.
8/15/14 - 7:35 pm Man shot outside Roxbury Marshalls Shooting 280 Martin Luther King Blvd.
8/9/14 - 6:45 pm Teens steal phone, sneakers at knifepoint in Roxbury Armed robbery Schuyler St. and Elm Hill Ave.
8/8/14 - 9:30 pm Shots fired on Roxbury street Gunfire 56 Brunswick St.
8/7/14 - 7:50 am Woman stabbed in Dudley Square Stabbing Dudley St and Warren St.
8/1/14 - 8:30 pm Shots fired outside Mass. Ave. T stop Gunfire 393 Massachusetts Ave.
8/1/14 - 3:00 pm Man shot in what might have been a gunfight in Roxbury Shooting Burton Ave. and Copeland St.
7/29/14 - 12:50 am Two shot in Roxbury Shooting Elm Hill Ave. and Seaver St.
7/27/14 - 7:15 pm Man shot at in Roxbury; two suspects run away, one drives away Gunfire 185 Cabot St.
7/18/14 - 3:20 pm Woman choked, robbed at gunpoint in Roxbury Armed robbery 58 Annunciation Rd.
7/13/14 - 6:00 pm Body found off Columbus Avenue near Jackson Square Body found Centre St. and Columbus Ave.
7/13/14 - 6:00 pm New Yorker charged with murdering artist whose body was found in Jackson Square woods Murder 1542 Columbus Ave.
7/13/14 - 12:30 am Man shot in the head in Roxbury Shooting 19 Burrell St.
7/12/14 - 4:00 pm Man charged with sexually assaulting woman on an Orange Line train Attempted rape 1400 Tremont St.
7/3/14 - 12:20 am Man shot in the chest in Roxbury Shooting Moreland St.
7/1/14 - 10:30 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting Wakullah St.
6/29/14 - 6:40 pm Man shot in the stomach on Ruggles Street Shooting 15 Ruggles St.
6/19/14 - 10:20 pm Man shows up at hospital with gunshot wound, possibly inflicted on Annunciation Road Shooting 50 Annunciation Rd.
6/8/14 - 11:30 pm Man shot to death in H-Block drive-by, suspects crash car a mile away Murder 131 Harold St.
6/8/14 - 12:43 pm Man shot on Akron Street in Roxbury Shooting Akron St. and Regent St.
5/26/14 - 4:10 pm Shots fired on Roxbury street, car hit Gunfire Cheney St. and Maple St.
5/24/14 - 8:30 am Woman hit in face with rock in purse snatch Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Tremont St. and Camden St.
5/23/14 - 1:10 pm Shots fired in Roxbury Gunfire Dunreath St. and Montrose St.
5/22/14 - 2:59 pm Gridlock in the South End as shots fired on Mass. Ave. Gunfire 367 Massachusetts Ave.
5/20/14 - 11:23 pm Man answers door in Roxbury, is shot Shooting 67 Maywood St.
5/20/14 - 10:20 pm Shots fired on Roxbury street, cars hit, no people Gunfire 90 Devon St.
5/18/14 - 4:27 am Man shot to death at Tremont and Camden Murder Tremont St. and Camden St.
5/14/14 - 8:20 pm 16-year-old stabbed in the face in Roxbury Stabbing 99 Charlame St.
4/27/14 - 8:30 pm Fight sends two to local hospitals with bloody wounds Stabbing 3 Howland St.
4/27/14 - 12:05 am Woman shot in apparent Egleston drive-by Shooting 38 Walnut Park
4/22/14 - 3:00 am Second Tremont Street shooting sends man to the hospital with chest wounds Shooting Tremont St. and Camden St.
4/20/14 - 9:20 pm Man found stabbed Stabbing Lenox St. and Washington St.
4/20/14 - 6:30 am Early morning back stabbing in Roxbury Stabbing 8 Coventry St.
4/14/14 - 1:00 am Man shot to death in Roxbury Murder Dabney St. and Regent St.
4/12/14 - 8:14 pm Gunfire behind police headquarters Gunfire Albert St.
4/11/14 - 8:55 pm Gunfire erupts in Roxbury Armed robbery Ruggles St. and Annunication St.
4/9/14 - 10:05 am Knife-wielding robbers attack Roxbury barbers, who fight back with fists and a well aimed padlock Armed robbery 605 Blue Hill Ave.
4/3/14 - 4:45 pm Police looking for shooter and victim in car-to-car gunfire Gunfire Circuit St. and Walnut Ave.
3/25/14 - 12:55 am Woman stabbed in Roxbury Stabbed 16 Akron St.
3/19/14 - 3:50 pm Somebody in one car fires shots at somebody in another car in Roxbury Gunfire Crawford St. and Warren St.
3/19/14 - 6:00 am Pedestrian struck in hit and run outside Mass. Ave. T stop Hit and run 380 Massachusetts Ave.
2/14/14 - 8:45 pm Two shot at Ruggles station Shooting Melnea Cass Blvd. and Columbus Ave.
2/5/14 - 8:55 pm Two teens charged with stealing hot subs at gunpoint; two more sought Armed robbery Waverly St. and Copeland St.
2/2/14 - 5:05 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting Howland St. and Warren St.
2/1/14 - 10:15 am Man shot in Roxbury Shooting Dudley St. and Greenville St.
1/29/14 - 11:00 pm DA: You can run but you can't hide when you steal an iPhone while wearing a GPS monitor Armed home invasion 36 Maple St.
1/27/14 - 8:45 pm Stabbing victim walks a few blocks to the hospital Stabbing Gerard St.
1/17/14 - 8:10 pm Two shot in Roxbury Shooting 48 Bower St.
1/15/14 - 11:00 pm Home invaders pistol whip residents, steal wide-screen TV Armed home invasion 369 Blue Hill Ave.
1/14/14 - 5:57 pm Barber murdered in Tremont Street shop Murder 996 Tremont St.
1/12/14 - 7:25 pm Man shot from behind on Blue Hill Avenue Shooting Blue Hill Ave. and Wayne St.
1/10/14 - 10:50 pm Police: Allegedly loud rappers try to silence critic with a knife at Mass. Ave. T stop Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 380 Massachusetts Ave.
1/7/14 - 6:10 pm Man with violent past who is best known for the way his young son died is one of two charged with Roxbury market holdup Armed robbery 394 Warren St.