South Boston crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
5/21/16 - 11:38 am Police: When guy's friends picked him up in their car in the South End, they didn't realize he'd just robbed a bank Bank robbery 1320 Washington St.
5/1/16 - 9:30 pm South Boston market held up at knifepoint Armed robbery 473 W. Broadway
3/22/16 - 8:55 am Police: South Boston bank robber tries to make getaway in cab, fails Bank robbery 441 W. Broadway
3/20/16 - 3:30 pm DA: Man was trying to sell drugs to passengers on a T bus after the parade when his loaded gun fell out of his pants Illegal gun possession Summer St. and E. 1 St.
3/4/16 - 8:44 am Mole man robs East Boston Savings Bank in South Boston Bank robbery 708 E. Broadway
2/27/16 - 9:26 am Man in black holds up South Boston bank Bank robbery 430 W. Broadway
2/15/16 - 6:00 pm Several hundred bags of heroin and cocaine and ammunition seized in South Boston raids Illegal drug possession 433 Old Colony Ave.
2/6/16 - 11:13 pm Police: Guy smashes bottle across man's head at one bar, calmly walks down street to another bar Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 658 E. Broadway
12/5/15 - 8:25 pm Man shot repeatedly in South Boston, dies Murder 425 Old Colony Ave.
11/6/15 - 9:07 am Police say 11-year-old girl indecently attacked in South Boston by apologetic man Indecent assault and battery 1 Gavin Way
11/2/15 - 2:50 pm Criminal pro tip: If you've nicked yourself shaving, you might want to put off that bank robbery you'd been planning Bank robbery 441 W. Broadway
10/16/15 - 10:20 pm Car shot up in South Boston Gunfire 19 Gavin Way
9/25/15 - 10:10 pm Shots fired in South Boston Gunfire 64 Dalessio Ct.
9/21/15 - 8:25 pm Shots fired in South Boston Gunfire W 7 St. and C St.
9/16/15 - 1:17 am Another woman attacked at intersection near Edward Everett Square Indecent assault and battery Boston St. and Mayhew St.
9/5/15 - 3:00 am Groper on the loose in Dorchester, South Boston Indecent assault and battery Boston St. and Mayhew St.
7/30/15 - 3:00 pm Man stabbed in South Boston Stabbing Patterson Way
7/6/15 - 3:30 am Man shot in South Boston armed robbery Shooting 100 Msgr. William O'Callaghan Way
6/21/15 - 4:30 pm Police: Man went berserk with a hammer in South Boston until a cop took aim at him with a beanbag gun Assault with a dangerous weapon 838 E. Broadway
6/11/15 - 1:00 am Local radio personality charged with OUI, attacking trooper
5/25/15 - 1:15 am Couple of guys fire guns in South Boston; guns recovered, guys still at large Illegal gun possession 28 Gavin Way
5/9/15 - 11:34 am Pack of droogs hunted for weekend attack in South Boston Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon K St. and Emerson St.
2/23/15 - 9:28 am Man only robs banks on West Broadway between F and Dorchester streets Bank robbery 470 W. Broadway
1/4/15 - 2:45 am Off-duty Boston cop charged with beating Uber driver, stealing his car Assault and battery E. 1 St and Farragut Rd.
10/25/14 - 3:30 am Double stabbing in South Boston Stabbing Old Colony Ave. and D St.
9/24/14 - 8:05 pm Man shot in South Boston Shooting 40 W. 7 St.
8/30/14 - 2:13 am How you gonna keep 'em down in the Seaport? Assault and battery 1 Marina Park Dr.
8/27/14 - 4:00 pm Guns come out on West 7 Street: One shot, one arrested with shotgun in separate incidents minutes apart Shooting 40 W. 7 St.
8/10/14 - 2:25 pm Yet another woman attacked by a man on a bicycle, this time in South Boston Sexual assault W 2 St. and E St.
8/3/14 - 9:00 pm Fight in Andrew Square ends with three stabbed Stabbing Dorchester Ave. and Preble St.
8/1/14 - 6:40 am Body covered in blood found in Moakley Park Murder Joe Moakley Park, Columbia Rd.
7/30/14 - 11:57 pm Person shot in South Boston Shooting 28 Logan Way
6/24/14 - 9:30 pm Man in car shot on Old Colony Avenue near Moakley Park Shooting Old Colony Ave. and Gavin Way
6/22/14 - 1:00 am Livery driver charged with raping passenger he picked up in the Seaport Rape 270 Northern Ave.
5/24/14 - 9:00 pm Man shot in stomach in South Boston Shooting 88 W. 7 St.
5/14/14 - 5:00 pm Police: South Boston teen caught with loaded gun also had an assault rifle at home Illegal gun possession 71 B St.
4/8/14 - 2:00 pm Alleged drunk charged with punching, kicking, yelling at disabled man on Red Line train Assault and battery Dorchester Ave. and Dorchester St.
3/29/14 - 9:15 pm Police: Failed Southie home invader caught flatfooted after jumping from second-story window Attempted home invasion 325 E. 8 St.
3/6/14 - 11:00 am Teller asks would-be bank robber to remove his hood and he does Bank robbery 470 W. Broadway
2/18/14 - 9:30 am West Broadway bank held up Bank robbery 470 W. Broadway
2/9/14 - 10:54 pm Southie man charged with Cumbie's holdup Armed robbery 628 E. 5 St.
1/23/14 - 11:00 am Andrew Square bank robbed Bank robbery 501 Southampton St.
1/4/14 - 11:00 pm Police: Punk grabs disabled man's cane at Andrew station, then beats him with it Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Dorchester Ave. and Dorchester St.
1/2/14 - 9:50 pm South Boston gas station held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 57 L St.