South End crime

Date Type Street
9/25/14 - 7:55 pm Man sought for indecent attack at Mass. Ave. T stop Indecent assault and battery 380 Massachusetts Ave.
9/22/14 - 6:16 pm Police: Pack shoplifts from store, then attacks woman trying to leave parking lot Assault and battery 870 Massachusetts Ave.
9/3/14 - 4:15 pm South End market held up Unarmed robbery 563 Columbus Ave.
8/12/14 - 5:30 pm Woman charged with stabbing outside Boston Medical Center Stabbing Massachusetts Ave. and Albany St.
8/1/14 - 8:30 pm Shots fired outside Mass. Ave. T stop Gunfire 393 Massachusetts Ave.
7/27/14 - 1:24 am Cops called to ER when rival gang members show up after shooting Shooting 150 Freeport St.
7/19/14 - 2:44 am Man gunned down by firing squad on wheels in the South End Murder Tremont St. and Aguadilla St.
7/16/14 - 4:55 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint in the South End Armed robbery 11 Concord Sq.
6/29/14 - 1:50 am South End party ends with teen shot in the back of the head Murder 5 Castle Ct.
6/26/14 - 5:57 pm Mattapan shooting leads to gun arrest outside Boston Medical Center Illegal gun possession Albany St. and E. Concord St.
6/12/14 - 7:20 pm Police: Teen was hanging around South End graduation ceremony with two loaded guns Illegal gun possession 90 Warren Ave.
5/22/14 - 2:59 pm Gridlock in the South End as shots fired on Mass. Ave. Gunfire 367 Massachusetts Ave.
5/13/14 - 10:35 am South End bank branch held up at gunpoint Bank robbery 1134 Washington St.
4/21/14 - 9:15 pm Man shot in the South End Shooting Tremont St. and W. Brookline St.
3/19/14 - 6:00 am Pedestrian struck in hit and run outside Mass. Ave. T stop Hit and run 380 Massachusetts Ave.
2/24/14 - 4:44 pm Two out-of-staters charged with sticking up local woman at nail-filepoint Armed robbery Harrison Ave. and Savoy St.
1/16/14 - 3:20 pm Carjacking/kidnapping ends in crash in the South End Carjacking Waltham St.
12/11/13 - 8:15 pm Shots fired in the South End; two arrested Gunfire 435 Shawmut Ave.
11/1/13 - 2:15 am Two shot in the South End Shooting West Newton St. and Tremont St.
9/28/13 - 11:00 pm Man throws woman to the ground, steals her bike in the South End Assault and battery St. Botolph St. and W. Newton St.
9/24/13 - 11:39 am Another South End bank held up Bank robbery 1355 Washington St.
9/23/13 - 10:20 am South End credit union held up Bank robbery 410 Tremont St.
8/25/13 - 10:30 pm Man stabbed in the back outside Boston Medical Center Stabbing Northampton St. and Harrison Ave.
8/12/13 - 10:45 am Two banks blocks away robbed, possibly by same suspect Bank robbery 540 Tremont St.
4/6/13 - 11:07 am Pest-control workers looking for bedbugs find guns instead Illegal gun possession E. Brookline St. and Washington St.
3/24/13 - 7:00 am Body found in front of South End building 148 W. Cantion St.
3/23/13 - 8:35 pm Axe robbers on the loose along the Roxbury/South End line Armed robbery 1820 Washington St.
3/23/13 - 10:50 am Man tries, fails to hold up South End bank Bank robbery 1134 Washington St.
2/25/13 - 9:00 am State Police find body under I-93 in the South End Murder Albany St. and E. Berkeley St.