Woman, man found stabbed in Dorchester senior housing complex

Around 11:15 p.m. at 2260 Dorchester Ave. in Dorchester Lower Mills. The woman made it down to the lobby from the seventh floor, where police found the man, with a possible stab wound to the chest.



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Not senior housing

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This used to be a senior housing development but now the "disabled" ie chronically drug addicted adults no matter what the age are also living here. This is a disgrace - the drug addicts terrorize the elderly in the building and then go on to cause blight by hanging around doing NOTHING but drinking and drugging in the neighborhood.

WTF is wrong with this picture?
This is a HUGE PROBLEM IN ALL COMMUNITIES. Why do drug addicts get free housing and MONEY - when all they do is then go out and use the money for more drugs.

Send the drug addicts to a DRUG TREATMENT FACILITY and if they don't come clean and do crime then send them to real jail.
There is no incentive for the addicts to get off the drugs when THEY ACTUALLY GET PAID TO STAY ON THEM!!!!

BHA and Chris Lazama are hurting our seniors!

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It is absolutely time to get the junkies out of the senior living centers. They don't belong there, threatening, thieving from and intimidating our seniors.

I have heard several personal stories from residents of the Lower Mills Apartments about the abysmal management of the facility by Chris Lazama, who has been accused of allowing bullies and junkies to run roughshod over the seniors in the building.

Lazama MUST be fired immediately by Bill McGonnagle of Boston Housing and replaced with someone who has the ability and the will to take charge of the Lower Mills Apartments before it is run completely into the ground.

Not to do so, is to condone the terrible mistreatment of our seniors. It is absolutely unacceptable.

THis happens in cities everywhere, not just Boston

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I go by a large, nice and beautifully located 'elderly' and 'disabled' [HUD financed] apartment building in Cambridge all the time and know the same thing occurs there. They sneakily attached the vague term 'disabled' to elderly. 99% of people hear 'disabled' and think that's OK, they don't realize what who can qualify as being 'disabled'.

Stabbing In Lower Mills Senior Housing.

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Prostitution also has been known to happen there. I read Crime
Reports. This Is Absolutely Unacceptable. Another property 10
Ellet street which is supposed to be senior / disabled housing
has a lot of crime including prostitution, overcrowded apartments, people living there not on the lease . Politics and
money have a way to make citizens complaints go away.