By - 1/21/06 - 4:10 am

Two black males wanted.

American Legion Highway and Blue Hill Ave.

More info.

By - 1/20/06 - 5:48 pm

22-year-old taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment of multiple gunshot wounds.

Ballou Ave. and Mascot St.

More info.

By - 1/18/06 - 8:28 pm

On the City Record and Boston News-Letter, Charles Swift discusses an interesting, what-if project to extend the Emerald Necklace into Dorchester:

By - 1/18/06 - 5:33 pm

Pair robbed man of cash and jewelry; arrested soon after on Bailey Street - no weapon recovered.

172 Ashmont St.

More info.

By - 1/17/06 - 11:29 pm

Three armed, masked suspects sought: Victim claims one hit him in face with gun, demanded money and drugs.

40 Willis St.

More info.

By - 1/15/06 - 4:50 pm

Allegedly shot in right arm from car with a group of males inside. Injuries not life threatening.

248 Bowdoin St.

More info.

By - 1/11/06 - 10:30 pm

Man says he was walking on E. Cottage St. when he was shot. Injury not life threatening.

E. Cottage St near Pleasant St.

More info.

By - 1/8/06 - 8:04 pm

Man reports being shot at; police found ballistic evidence and windows apparently broken by bullets.

10 Wilcock St.

More info.

By - 1/8/06 - 5:15 am

Man says he was slashed in the arm when he told would-be robber he had no wallet.

Ditson Street

More info.

By - 1/6/06 - 11:21 pm

Man tells police six youths put a gun to his head and demanded money. Made off with $80.

1768 Dorchester Ave.

More info.

By - 1/6/06 - 8:26 pm

Several bullet holes found in and near front door; some rounds actually found in walls inside house. No injuries reported.

Trull Street (near Glen)

More info.

By - 1/5/06 - 9:20 pm

Antonio Brown 34, of Dorchester arrested for Assault with Intent to Murder for stabbing 33 year-old male victim from Dorchester. Victim treated at Boston Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.

12 Standish St.

More info.

By - 1/5/06 - 9:35 am

Student at Jeremiah Burke High School served DYS warrant resisted, began to struggle. After cuffing him, officers recovered a knife and a loaded handgun.

60 Washington St.

More info.

By - 1/3/06 - 8:26 pm

Victim not hurt; State police pick up one suspect in Milton, other at large.

459 Columbia Rd.

More info.

By - 1/1/06 - 4:46 pm

An unknown white male, armed with a firearm, robed the victim at Harry's Laundry of an undisclosed amount; fled on foot toward the Ashmont T stop.

1866 Dorchester Ave.

More info.

By - 1/1/06 - 1:41 pm

The victim reports while walking on Whitfield Street he was approached by two black males who shot him. Viictim transported to Brigham and Womens. No arrests made.

2 Thane St.

More info.

By - 12/19/05 - 9:00 am

Strangely, though, the correction to the story that alleged Boston police had detained two people in connection with the Dorchester quadruple slaying did not run on page 1. The Herald writes today:

While saying certain aspects of the story were inaccurate, police sources acknowledged others "were not beyond the realm of probability."

By - 12/18/05 - 1:37 pm

The Herald today reports: POLICE NAB TWO - BREAK IN MASSACRE MYSTERY. Sergeant Detective Thomas Sexton, commander of the Boston PD's Office of Media Relations, uses the department's new blog to say the story is absolutely incorrect:

The "sources" are not credible. THE STORY IS NOT TRUE.

By - 12/17/05 - 11:24 am

Relatives of the four men murdered in Dorchester are outraged that nobody with information seems to be coming forward. The feds have joined the search for their murderers (Commissioner O'Toole says people should not read anything into that except that Boston and the feds have a close working relationship).

By - 12/15/05 - 10:43 am

On Save Hip Hop, Bobo calls for the re-establishment of the hip-hop based Massachusetts Anti Violence:

The violence is getting worse folks. Can you imagine Christmas for these families? Plus someone is probably going to spend the holidays in jail. Fortunate enough, at this moment, I can say I know no one involved. However someone out there does. This is tragic on so many levels. We cannot let hip hop be the scapegoat for this one, however it will. ...

Globe: Dead mourned; hunt is launched and Dorchester oasis faces trouble in neighborhood

Herald: Massive manhunt for gutless gunmen: Four men blown away in studio. Also: Atrocity doesn’t fit mold and Violence may send fearful residents packing

Adrian Walker suggests local preachers are out of touch with today's murdering thugs.