By - 1/1/14 - 7:17 pm

Carl Stevens at WBZ is tweeting that one woman really got clipped outside of a New Year's party at 12 Arcadia St. in Dorchester's Field Corner early this morning: An angry "friend" bit off half of one of her toes in a fight, sending her to the hospital.

... Read more
By - 12/31/13 - 10:53 pm

Transit and Boston Police and EMTs responded to the busway at JFK/UMass around 10:40 p.m., where a man showed up sliced in the throat and chest, although not life-threateningly so. Transit Police report he was stabbed off T property, but wound up there.

By - 12/31/13 - 11:56 am
Firefighters on I-93 in Boston

Sonia photographed Boston firefighters on the side of I-93 awaiting the passage of the hearse carrying the body of Sgt. Daniel Vasselian back to his hometown of Abington for burial this morning.

By - 12/30/13 - 10:59 pm

Around 10:15 p.m. at 124 Devon St. Expected to survive.

By - 12/30/13 - 8:46 pm

Jeff Boudreau reports the UMass Boston station is ending the Grateful Dead Hour on Jan. 12.

By - 12/30/13 - 5:13 pm
American Legion Highway fire

The Boston Fire Department reports a Christmas tree being moved to a porch at 86 American Legion Highway flicked on a gas burner, which set the tree on fire, causing a blaze that did an estimated $250,000 in damage.

One resident was injured in the two-alarm fire, reported shortly after noon. The bulk of the damage was confined to one apartment, but several... Read more

By - 12/29/13 - 5:43 pm

Boston Police are looking for a couple who put a gun in a guy's face at Leedsville and Adams streets in Dorchester around 5 p.m, then took off in a crappy car, possibly headed south on the Expressway.

He's described as white, about 6' and 180 lbs., with blond hair and beard and wearing a black and white hoodie.

She's described as white, about... Read more

By - 12/29/13 - 2:24 pm

Boston Police report officers responding to an Upham Corner woman's call about her angry and newly ex-boyfriend threatening to show up at her place with a gun yesterday evening found the guy in a car near her apartment.

Fearing the presence of a firearm, officers with their guns drawn approached the suspect’s car and instructed him to vacate the vehicle. However, as officers

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By - 12/27/13 - 9:45 am

Around 9:30 a.m. in a first-floor kitchen at 41 Intervale St.. EMS was checking out one resident for a possible injury.

By - 12/26/13 - 7:03 pm
Brim Beanie Bandit

The FBI reports it's looking for a guy who has robbed or tried to rob five banks in the Boston area this month, including a Bank of America branch on Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester and a Braintree Cooperative Bank branch in Braintree.

The G-Men have dubbed him the Brim Beanie Bandit because of the style of hats he seems to prefer and because... Read more

By - 12/26/13 - 11:22 am

Stanley Staco reports a resident of a rooming house at 101 Evans St. was stabbed around 10:55 a.m. by one of three men who broke into the building. The victim, he reports, escaped through an open window.... Read more

By - 12/25/13 - 10:19 am

Stanley Staco reports a man was shot around 4:30 a.m. at a party at 92 Wales St. Boston Police report the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Herald reports a woman was injured by flying glass from a car that was shot at outside the party.... Read more

By - 12/24/13 - 6:45 pm

Police are investigating how somebody shot on Geneva Avenue near Bowdoin wound up nearly two miles away at Mass. Ave. and Allstate Road around 6:40 p.m.

They were looking for a white Chevy, likely filled with blood, with one window shot out, seen leaving the scene - it wound up on River Street in Mattapan.

By - 12/23/13 - 2:03 pm
93 Slow

Joel Barciauskas is stuck trying to get onto the Southeast Distressway by South Bay.

By - 12/22/13 - 11:18 pm

Around 10:50 p.m. at 167 Welles Ave. The shooters may have jumped into a black Honda and sped away.

By - 12/22/13 - 9:14 am

Stanley Staco report police found a man with a knife still in his neck around 12:20 a.m. at Blue Hill Avenue and Charlotte Street.

Police are looking for two men and a woman last seen running down Esmond Street.... Read more

By - 12/21/13 - 4:32 pm

Boston Police report the postal employee was working in his truck, parked on Bailey Street around 6 p.m. when a masked man jumped in and demanded "the draw."

Police say that when the worker asked "what draw?" the robber beat him in the forehead with a gun, shot him in the wrist and ordered him out of his uniform. And then, police say, the... Read more

By - 12/20/13 - 6:59 pm

Shortly after 6 p.m. on Bailey Street, per Alertnewengland.

The T shut all bus and subway service to and from Ashmont; police also shut the roads around the shooting scene.

By - 12/20/13 - 12:45 pm

The race to succeed Mayor-Elect Marty Walsh as the 13th Suffolk District State Representative has begun. Boston Police Officer Tony Dang, a Big-Time organizer for Marty Walsh in both the Vietnamese Communities and all of Dorchester in Walsh's triumphant candidacy to become Boston's Mayor succeeding Tom Menino, has entered the race.

Dang, 32, will face Dan Hunt whose father and brother both ran for... Read more

By - 12/19/13 - 11:04 am

The Boston Fire Department reports a fire caused by "careless disposal of a cigarette" shortly after 7 p.m. yesterday did an estimated $50,000 in damage to the three decker at 90 Hancock St.

Although the fire was confined to a single room, because that room was on the third floor, the other two floors suffered water damage, the department says.

The American... Read more