Downtown Crossing

By - 12/15/13 - 3:55 pm

After performing quite well during the storm last night (except for that little fire at Aquarium on the Blue Line), the T is struggling this afternoon:

On the Green Line, something went horribly awry with a switch and now there are supposedly shuttle buses from Kenmore to points inbound. At 3:20 p.m., Sam H. tweeted:

Shuttles replacing B, C, and D inbound at Kenmore but no buses to be seen, most walking.

By - 12/5/13 - 7:22 am

A T alert went out around 6:50 a.m. for a dead Red Line train at Downtown Crossing.

By - 11/30/13 - 10:57 pm
Celebrating 105 years of the Washington Street tunnel

A.P. Blake captures authors Jeremy Fox (l) and Andrew Elder at Downtown Crossing today, celebrating the 105th anniversary of the Washington Street tunnel, which today forms the downtown core of the Orange Line (they're holding a copy of their new book about the Orange Line).

By - 11/5/13 - 10:05 am
Wanted for larceny.

Transit Police report they are looking for a guy who helped himself to $20 from the wallet of a person in a wheelchair at the Downtown Crossing T stop on Oct. 17.

He's described as Hispanic, with black and grey hair, about 5’8" and 165 lbs.

If you know him, contact Transit Police detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous tip to 873873.

By - 10/19/13 - 11:08 am

Jess was one of the people who helped that woman who fell on the Red Line tracks at Downtown Crossing this past Tuesday (she's the one with the big purse in the video). She recounts the difficulty of pulling somebody up from the tracks, and says that while several people rushed to help, many more just stood there, even as she yelled for help:

By - 10/18/13 - 11:20 pm

Women falls in Pit 101513

The T today released this video of bystanders helped the woman up after she took a pitfall at Downtown Crossing Tuesday morning.

Via WBZ.

By - 10/10/13 - 2:38 pm

And refuse to call 911 because, um, NSA or Donnie Wahlberg or something.

By - 10/9/13 - 9:02 am
New two-way Avenue de Lafayette

The change caught some drivers unaware, and, yes, they got tickets. Photo by Sarah K.

Boston Police alert us that Avenue de Lafaytte is now a two-way street between Chauncy and Harrison Avenue Extension:

New traffic signal equipment, signs and pavement markings will be in place to help drivers to navigate the new traffic pattern. The change is expected to reduce the number of vehicles that inadvertently enter the Downtown Crossing pedestrian only zone, and provide easier access from Downtown Crossing to the highway system, the Greenway and Chauncy Street.

By - 10/1/13 - 9:20 pm

Transit Police report arresting a man they say beat a woman on a Red Line platform at Downtown Crossing last month "sim5ply because she wanted to sit down in a location that was in close proximity to her attacker and asked if he could move over slightly."

Steven Colla, 51 and white, also used a racial epithet during his beating of the black woman around 3 p.m. on Sept. 15, police say.

By - 9/28/13 - 9:43 pm
Running of the bridesmaids

Photographynatalia watched the Globe's running of the bridesmaids through Downtown Crossing today.

Copyright Photographynatalia. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 9/27/13 - 10:05 am

The Globe reports the BRA yesteday approved the Yawkey Way deal with the Sox.

By - 9/17/13 - 2:40 pm

The Herald reports Roche Bros. will open a luxostore (ed. note: Sounds like the West Roxbury store, only without all the boring bread and soda aisles) and that Arnold Worldwide will take a chunk of the office space in the skyscraper for which ground was formally broken today.

No word if Walgreens will get a retroactive tax break for opening a luxostore down the street or if the Roche Bros. will have workers push shoppers' carts to their condos and dorm rooms.

By - 9/16/13 - 9:24 pm

The Globe reports on the proposed tax breaks for companies that move into the ritzy tower being built atop the Hole in Downtown Crossing.

By - 9/9/13 - 3:39 pm

Boston Police report arresting a pair of suburban guys on charges of selling crystal meth in front of the Downtown Crossing Macy's yesterday afternoon.

Jake Decker, 26, of Melrose, and Andrew Dreyer, 30, of Lexington, were nabbed after allegedly selling the drugs to a couple of undercover officers, as part of an ongoing meth investigation, police say.

By - 8/23/13 - 9:51 am

A Red Line train sighed its last, gave up the ghost, kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, put its other foot in the grave, went the way of all flesh (metal?), cashed in its chips, went pining for the fjords, bit the big one, cashed out and just generally passed over to the other side at Downtown Crossing this morning. A T spokesman says:

Subway personnel had to couple it with another train in order to move it out of the way. This took about 25 minutes.

At 9:17, Alyssa Twomey tweeted:

By - 8/13/13 - 10:04 am

No more Filene's corner

Roving UHub photographer Jed Hresko noticed this morning that the remnants of the Filene's building on the Franklin Street side are now completely gone.

By - 7/19/13 - 10:03 am

WantedTransit Police report they are looking for this guy for an attack on a mailman on an Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing.

Police say the mailman was in uniform and minding his own business around 6:40 p.m. on July 10 when he tried entering the Orange Line. Police say Mr. Low Pants Guy tried to piggyback behind him and grew incensed when the letter carrier wouldn't let him.

The suspect then piggybacked behind another rider, found the mailman and began hitting him in the face, causing injuries serious enough to require a trip to Mass. General, police say.

If he looks familiar, contact Transit Police detectives at 617-222-1050, or send an anonymous tip to 873873.

In May, the MBTA launched a PSA campaign to remind riders it's illegal to punch or spit at T workers.

By - 7/16/13 - 11:16 pm

Shortly after 10 p.m. outside the Rainbow shop on Winter Street - victim was attacked by 10 to 15 people.

Update: Transit Police, who first happened on the attack, release brief statement, say victim was taken to MGH for treatment, incident still under investigation.