By - 9/8/06 - 11:33 pm

Man, 24, shot in car, falls out of car, gets run over by car. Taken to Mass. General; expected to live. Driver on the loose.

Kneeland and South streets

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By - 9/3/06 - 2:36 am

Taken to Mass. General with serious injuries. Police say three men set upon three other men, who fled into Jose McIntyre's for safety; the suspects then went to the back of the bar and grabbed a man and held him down and stabbed him repeatedly.

Shane Vitkovich, 26, of Roxbury, John Romolo, 31, of Dedham, and Christopher Fischer, 29, of Somerville, arrested on multiple charges....Read more

By - 8/31/06 - 1:30 am

Even with police on the scene, man rushed victim and punched him repeatedly in head and face. Promptly arrested.

126 State St.

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By - 8/26/06 - 3:20 am

Motorist hit from behind; guy gets out of car, smashes victim's rear window, then reaches into driver's side window to stab victim. Treated at Mt. Auburn Hospital for a non-life threatening injury.

Congress and State streets

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By - 8/8/06 - 11:49 pm

That's Single Girl in the City's glum assessment of the increasingly depressing Downtown Crossing:

... There are the strung out meth junkies lying on the sidewalk, rolling around in their own piss, bums begging for booze money, and every punk, hoodlum and loser is finding their way to Downtown Crossing for a little fun.

But it's not fun. It sucks to the point that

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By - 6/28/06 - 7:49 pm

When Macy's pulled the Pride mannequins from its Downtown Crossing store, Sandouri Dean Bey wrote the store to cancel his charge account in protest. He's just gotten a letter from Macy's that basically says homophobes are people, too:

... Unfortunately, while many people share your views about the content of the window display, many others do not. They too, are our customers. I

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By - 6/28/06 - 11:15 am

Who has a posse?

The giant homage to former mayor John Collins is a cool image in a creepy sort of way. The panels move in the wind, making it kind of shimmery, but he's huge and looks down at us like a smiling Big Brother from the Ministry of Peace, um, City Hall.

By - 6/19/06 - 4:04 pm

Victim taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, pronounced dead.

Channel 4 report.

Congress and North streets

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By - 6/19/06 - 2:50 am

Shondel Stoner charged with holding up a man at gunpoint. Loaded .380 handgun recovered.

Tremont and Lenox streets

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By - 6/16/06 - 9:19 pm

The very pregnant Christonicle goes into the Macy's shoe department to get some shoes. A salesman gets her a pair, drops them at her feet, then leaves to go chat with co-workers.

Note to Macy's shoe salesmen: Ready to pop pregnant women can't easily bend down to pick up things.Read more

By - 6/15/06 - 8:21 pm

In Newsweekly reports:

Macy's East Chairman and CEO said that Macy's made a "mistake - unquestionably" when employees removed mannequins from the gay pride display at its downtown Boston location last week.

"Am I regretful that Macy's made a mis-step in this instance? Yes," Ron Klein writes. ...

Via Jesse Kanson-Benanav.

Protesting Macy's decision to can the gay mannequins....Read more

By - 6/11/06 - 11:46 am

Jesse Kanson-Benanav photographs the protest over the pulled gay mannequins at the Downtown Crossing Macy's.

Protesting Macy's decision to can the gay mannequins.Read more

By - 6/9/06 - 2:27 pm

Mark Snyder reports there will be a protest outside the Downtown Crossing Macy's on Sunday to demand the store apologize for removing those mannequins:

... We are calling on Macy's to admit they were wrong and apologize directly to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community for their offensive removal of the queer pride Mannequins and life-saving web addresses. We do not want watered

...Read more
By - 6/2/06 - 10:25 pm

Police are seeking help to identify the man found dead across from the Garden.

Causeway St.

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By - 5/8/06 - 12:41 am

Fight broke out; woman stabbed in hip. Taken to BMC for treatment.

8 Park Plaza

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By - 5/4/06 - 8:01 am

You may recall how some group named City Hall Plaza the worst public space in the entire world. C1tyw0rker, who works in the packing crate Faneuil Hall came in, is determined to find at least one nice thing about City Hall and City Hall Plaza:

... There has to be at least one.

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By - 4/20/06 - 9:54 am

Chris Cagle has an answer to John Keith's crack about alternatives to glass and steel (no, it doesn't involve hay), but says the real Downtown Crossing redevelopment issue is not building facades but people:

... Downtown Crossing actually functions fairly well as a vibrant urban area; it's just the mayor, and some retailers want it upscaled, i.e. with fewer of the poorer, nonwhite

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By - 4/19/06 - 11:43 am

Is glass and steel the new brick? Jay Fitzgerald is getting annoyed at a Boston Redevelopment Authority that seems to think the answer to everything, including a declining Downtown Crossing, is glass and steel:

... I'm not a 'red brick' Bostonian. But I do think the best architecture magically complements its surroundings and then boldly takes off in new directions. All of this

...Read more
By - 4/18/06 - 8:06 pm

Pos7ed couldn't get away from crime scenes today - a co-worker tells him about the shooting near the Chinatown RMV, he watches a fight break out at Downtown Crossing, he gets off the Silver Line in Dudley Square to see yellow police warning tape everywhere, he turns onto Warren - to see yet more crime-scene tape - and then, finally, as he gets near...Read more