By - 3/25/10 - 11:04 pm

Put up large signs at Downtown Crossing telling them how to get to Filene's Basement in the Back Bay.

This afternoon, I'd just left the Orange Line and was headed upstairs when my way up was blocked by a large knot of not-moving women, all wearing conference badges around their necks identifying themselves as being from the Metro-Nashville school district, all looking around with that lost look only tourists have and all wondering where Filene's Basement was.

By - 3/24/10 - 4:53 pm

Not just any teddy bear: Jacob Cub, who has sat in the window of Jacob Wirth on Stuart Street for the past 23 years:


By - 3/24/10 - 10:59 am

Work's already underway on Temple PlaceWork's already underway on Temple Place
A developer hopes to turn vacant space above the Windsor Button Shop, 29 Temple Pl., into 44 housing units marketed to medical residents and film makers in town for short stays.

Joseph Hanley, lawyer for the Suites at Temple Place, told the Boston Licensing Board the button shop would stay where it is. He emphasized the suites would not be marketed to undergraduates.

Nearby merchants and residents generally spoke in favor of the plan as a way to bring more vitality to the neighborhood, although one resident expressed concern about the building turning into an SRO if the economy continues to sour.

By - 3/21/10 - 2:44 pm


A reminder of a long-gone bank, built into a wall of Center Plaza across from City Hall.

Another reminder of a local bank, now on the side of a Bank of America in West Roxbury.

By - 3/19/10 - 9:10 am

Interesting: Even as the city looks to give one developer a $16-million tax break, it rejects a $50 million offer from another. Of course, one is longtime local stalwart Liberty Mutual, which wants to build its new headquarters in the Back Bay, while the other is Menino foe Don Chiofaro, who wants to put a 59-story tower (and a tinier 40-story one) right on the waterfront.

By - 3/18/10 - 8:00 pm

Enderbean21 passes along this video of a car on fire on Pearl Street downtown this evening.

By - 3/18/10 - 9:38 am

So don't even think of not filling your census form out.

Giant Inflatable Census Form

Hat tip to Dan Wilets for reminding me to post this photo.

By - 3/17/10 - 9:41 am

John Keith reports he's put his condo at the Ritz Carlton back on the market, for $7.9 million, or $1 million less than the first time he tried offloading it - in 2002. Maybe he should sweeten the deal by throwing in a grill.

By - 3/17/10 - 1:00 am

Laura Scannell watched a raging stream at the Arnold Arboretum yesterday. Later, David Schachner took in the view from East Boston. Look at that sky.

Copyright Laura Scannell and David Schachner, respectively. Both posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 3/15/10 - 11:17 pm

Orange umbrella

Jeff Tamagini managed to find quite a bit of color downtown during the storm today.

Copyright Jeff Tamagini.

By - 3/15/10 - 11:02 am

Amid all the flooded-basement and accident calls this morning, the Boston Fire Department also had to send crews out to manhole fires at State Street and Surface Road and

By - 3/14/10 - 6:13 pm

Blake Wexler reports the T set the clocks at Park Street ahead two hours this morning, but adds:

Even with that standard trains are STILL running late.

By - 3/12/10 - 5:10 pm

Matthew Cote snapped this photo of I-93 southbound by the Garden around 4:21 p.m. today - showing the bus that had just rear-ended a car, causing some serious stall-and-crawl activity.

By - 3/10/10 - 9:01 pm

Given all that's happpened over the past five decades between Leverett Circle and Causeway Street, it's kind of amazing that this West End holdover on 900 square feet of land at 42 Lomasney Way behind the Garden is not only still standing but still occupied. And it's mere steps away from the West End memorial wall that few people see, given how it forms part of the ramp from 93 to the circle (the engraving was so big I couldn't fit it all into a single shot - it ends "... of heaven"):

By - 3/8/10 - 9:12 pm

Vincent Price as ruined landmark: Before it was Christoishly covered upVincent Price as ruined landmark: Before the remains were Christoishly covered up.

Steven Roth, the New York real-estate mogul who gave us the Hole, told an audience of Columbia architecture students last week that he deliberately pulled a similar stunt in New York in the hopes of gaining concessions from the city:

Why did I do nothing? Because I was thinking in my own awkward way, that the more the building was a blight, the more the governments would want this to be redeveloped; the more help they would give us when the time came.

And they did.

Of course, nothing gets Tom Menino's Boston up quite like a New York developer pulling stuff like that. The Globe reports Hizzonah has directed the BRA (which, remember, can do pretty much anything it wants) to start looking at taking the whole site over by eminent domain. Sure, the city's supposed to at least have some pretense it's taking the land for some greater good - maybe they can finally build that downtown swimming hole. Wonder what Roth's Boston partner on the deal, John Hynes, thinks?

By - 3/7/10 - 10:49 am

Marjorie Arons-Barron reports on the renovated Washington Street theater's re-opening yesterday:

... The art deco style is drop-dead gorgeous; the sparkling lights on the marquee, a wondrous beckoning. ...

By - 3/4/10 - 6:15 pm

A perpetually grumpy royal lion peers down at you from the old Cunard building on State Street. Maybe he resents the loss of empire.

Like so many other old buildings in the Financial District, the Cunard Building also sports a caduceus. I didn't notice if the snakes are equally put out.

By - 3/2/10 - 10:57 am

Situation over, but area is a mess, Boston_Fireman tweets.

By - 2/25/10 - 10:39 pm

National Grid outages at 11:30 p.m.: Does NStar have something similar?National Grid outages at 11:30 p.m.: Does NStar have something similar?
Reports are coming in of power outages across the area, like mid-Cambridge, Tremont Street downtown and Newton Centre.

And Georgy Cohen reports Somerville Police had to help her and other riders off an 89 bus that hit a downed tree and power line.

Thanks to William Ricker for the link to the National Grid map.