By - 11/9/09 - 1:58 pm

Still from an MBTA surveillance video just as the train stopped.

The T provided hree separate videos (three? Yes, three) of the woman falling off the platform - looks like one of the people waving at the oncoming train almost fell on the tracks himself.

By - 11/8/09 - 2:39 pm

BostonTweet took some video of a new breed of commuters on City Hall Plaza today:

By - 11/7/09 - 10:21 pm

The Boston Fire Department ordered power shut on the Orange Line between State Street and Downtown Crossing shortly after 10 p.m. when smoke appeared in the State Street station. Power was restored not long after when firefighters discovered the smoke was coming from one particular train, not another track fire, according to Boston Fireman and Local 718.

By - 11/7/09 - 4:37 pm
Steam heat

16WadeSt captures the mystery that steam always seems to bring to city nights, in this case, on School Street.

Copyright 16WadeSt. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 11/7/09 - 11:07 am

Rick Sawyer reports he was on the inbound Orange Line platform at North Station last night when a woman fell on the tracks - just as a train was approaching:

... It was like a movie. The train stopped inches away from the woman's unstirring body, the frontmost part actually hanging over her. For a nauseating moment, we thought she had been killed—by the train or by the third rail. The conductor burst out of the front train compartment, the color draining from her face, repeating "Oh my God." ...

By - 11/6/09 - 9:06 am
What's that big tower there?

The most prominent thing on the Boston Redevelopment Authority's Web site is a Flash package that features Tom Menino standing in front of the Boston skyline - enhanced by the 80-story tower he wants to build at Winthrop Square.

For a building that never got built, Winthrop Square sure gets around:

By - 11/5/09 - 1:43 pm
Maine protest

Tom Wheaton photographed last evening's protest on the Common over the Maine same-sex marriage vote.

Copyright Tom Wheaton. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 11/4/09 - 8:59 am

Naturally, there's a site that collects tacky tourist photos and, yes, of course, one of the entries involves the Red Auerbach statue and some guy's finger. Guess it beats what Harvard students do to poor John Harvard, though.

Via Jay Fitzgerald.

By - 11/3/09 - 8:05 am

Richard Morse is scheduled for arraignment this morning in Boston Municipal Court on charges he tried to carjack a woman on Province Street last night, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

Morse "inflicted some minor injuries with a knife" on the Auburn woman but was caught by nearby valets and Boston Police before he could get away with the car, the DA's office says.

More details in the comments.

Innocent, etc.

By - 10/31/09 - 2:11 pm

He was holding a guitar, but in the short time I listened to him at Downtown Crossing, Fester didn't actually play. Instead, he sang "Yesterday" to a karaoke CD.

In the "kids today" department, as I was walking up to the Forest Hills side from the Oak Grove side, these two teen girls in front of me were talking about Halloween, when one blurted out, "I wanna be a WHORE!" You go, girl!

By - 10/30/09 - 7:52 am

Boston Fire tweets there was a small track fire on the Red Line outbound at Downtown Crossing shortly after midnight. No injuries.

Back in September:
Meltdown on the Red and Orange lines.

By - 10/29/09 - 8:07 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports on a preliminary ruling by the FAA that proposed 40- and 59-story towers on what is now the aquarium parking garage are way too tall too close to Logan. Developer Don Chiofaro basically said "meh" and that the ruling just means closer scrutiny of the project.

By - 10/29/09 - 7:58 am

Floon journeys to Downtown Crossing today to use The Hole as a backdrop for their call to force developers to put up performance bonds before they start digging.

Seems the majority owner of the Hole is sitting on $2.8 billion in cash and is looking for good investments, which apparently Boston isn't.

By - 10/28/09 - 10:02 pm

Some enterprising MBTA worker figured out he could use some stacks of Metros to sop up leaks on the Orange Line inbound platform at Haymarket. I took this photo today, but the leak wasn't due to today's downpours - the T has been using Metros for months now to sop up the same leak at the same location, probably because it's a lot cheaper than trying to fix the problem.

By - 10/28/09 - 10:48 am

UBurger, which already sells fresh burgers and hand-cut fries to BU students from two location, plans to open a third outlet on Tremont Street at Temple Place.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to grant UBurger a license to open between 11 a.m. and midnight seven days a week. At a brief hearing today, the board had no major questions; member Suzanne Ianella, who lives nearby, did ask how much a burger would cost (about $5, depending on toppings, a restaurant lawyer told her).

Meanwhile, out in West Roxbury, the Skara Grill on Centre Street wants to add cordials and liqueurs to its drink menu. The board will also vote on this request tomorrow. The West Roxbury Neighborhood Council and City Councilor John Tobin both say they're in favor.

By - 10/27/09 - 11:23 am

The Living Room, an Atlantic Avenue restaurant, filed suit yesterday against Starwood Hotels, which is about to open a restaurant called the Living Room in its new W hotel on Stuart Street in the Back Bay.

In its suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, the original Living Room says the new Living Room would confuse Boston diners, that it's trademarked the name for use as a restaurant and that it was here first - it opened in 2002. The W Living Room is scheduled to open on Thursday.

Complete Living Room complaint.

Globe story in which the reporter worries we're not hip enough for a W hotel.

The restaurant tomato fight.

By - 10/26/09 - 4:40 pm

Local 718 reports a vent fire on the third floor of 133 Federal St.

Photo from down the street.

By - 10/26/09 - 10:51 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today rejected a lawsuit against the city by a woman who fell on crumbling stairs on City Hall Plaza and suffered "a complex fracture of her wrist" in 2001.

The court held the city was protected from liability by a clause in a state law designed to encourage property owners to open their land - in this case, the plaza - to recreational use. The court ruled the clause applied even though the city admitted the stairs "were crumbling and in need of repair."