By - 3/2/07 - 2:27 am

Six Dorchester men arrested on various charges with they refused to disperse; numerous officers had to quell resulting brawl.

Tremont and Winter streets

More info.

By - 2/24/07 - 1:24 am

Showed gun, threatened to kill occupants of other car if they did not cede parking .space. Police staked out space; arrested him an hour later.

Boylston and Charles streets

More info.

By - 2/2/07 - 5:34 pm

Cruising YouTube for the latest Boston-related videos this afternoon, I found one video of Harry Potter going to Boston, where no one knows his name, and roughly 76,000 videos of people ranting about what chuckleheads we all are (I think this guy is the best). For some reason, somebody posted a clip of NBC's Brian Williams introducing a report on BOSTON TERROR SCARE that featured the following backdrop:


My first thought: Man, what'd they do to the Hancock? Look closely, though, and you can see the unmistakable conical hat of one of the International Place towers on the right. So it's downtown Boston, not Back Bay. But, huh? Downtown doesn't have an 80-story skyscraper. Oh, of course! They used a photo of downtown Boston from an artist's rendering of what the area will look like after the Tommy Tower gets built in Winthrop Square (photo via World Architecture News):


So what does Brian Williams know that we don't? Will the mooninites return in 10 or 15 years, after this tower is built? And will one of their first acts be to eat the TV tower on the left side of the building?

By - 1/22/07 - 11:38 pm

Tape watches as some guy follows the add-value instructions on the CharlieCard machine - by tapping his card repeatedly against the screen, displaying a picture of a card - instead of against the actual sensor a couple feed to the right of the screen.

By - 12/31/06 - 4:20 pm

Cushings Fortuna, 20, of Hyde Park, 74th and last homicide victim of 2006. Found with multiple gunshot wounds.

Beach and South streets

More info.

By - 12/22/06 - 8:17 am

With no fanfare whatsoever, the last Steve's Ice Cream location has changed its name to Sprinkles Ice Cream. The store was at the east end of the Quincy Market building. I don't know exactly when the change happened -- some time in the last two or three months.

By - 12/22/06 - 1:15 am

Two people slightly injured at McFadden's Saloon. Police arrived to find people pinning the suspect, Daniel Kenney, to the ground.

Congress and North streets

More info.

By - 12/17/06 - 10:08 am

The Outraged Liberal goes shopping in Downtown Crossing and starts to wonder about Tom Menino:

... Dark storefronts on the second-to-last Saturday before Christmas?

Trash on the sidewalks and uneven rutted streets are the norm through Allston-Brighton, the Back Bay and Downtown. But Tom Menino is focusing is attention on a new City Hall and a monument to his reign.

What happened to the Urban Mechanic? ...

By - 12/14/06 - 9:43 am

Tom Menino need look no further than this brilliant design, which combines a uniquely Boston look with the same attitude the current City Hall expresses toward citizens.

By - 12/13/06 - 10:30 am

Save this!

Jay Fitzgerald: There is indeed something striking about City Hall's iconic exterior that's worth preserving. He proposes gutting the interior and re-doing it and doing something about the damn plaza (Jay: Didn't Menino once propose doing something about the plaza - after which he promptly got shot down by the federal government, which has a veto thanks to the JFK Building? Yes, he did)

John Daley would hate to see the building torn down:

... The fact is that City Hall and its plaza are an icon, a symbol of the city. ...

Calla says the current City Hall's location far outweighs its ugliness:

... A nice view is not worth the agony of all the people who won't be able to get there. ...

Charles Swift would go even further by building an annex on the Congress Street side:

... This annex would not only handle most of the face to face transactions people have with the City of Boston (one of the main complaints of visitors is that the current City Hall is depressing) but also provide space for a new museum of Boston history and National Park Service visitor center at the ground levels. Reconfiguring the walking paths through City Hall Plaza would also make the route to the North End clearer for those coming from Boston Common/Beacon Hill, perhaps by taking cues from the original street layout which ran through Scollay Square before redevelopment. ...

Carpundit wonders: Why now?

... I cannot understand why a mayor of the people like Mumbles Menino would want to move his operation away from the people.

Unless maybe there's some money involved. You don't think he could be setting himself up for a retirement job with the developers, do you? You don't think the corrupt Boston Redevelopment Authority will have a hand in this somewhere? Nah. Not in Boston.

The Outraged Liberal, though, thinks the whole thing is a whacked-out idea from a mayor with an edifice complex:

... I think bringing the Enchanted Village back might be a better legacy. ...

Adam can't wait for the Fortress to be torn down:

... It truly is depressing in a Brave New World way. It is literally across the street from some of the finest colonial architecture in the country, and is a monstrosity and an eyesore that is regularly panned by architects and regular folks alike. ...

What, exactly, did Menino say? Joe Keohane posts a transcript.

By - 12/12/06 - 5:42 pm


Yeah, City Hall sucks and yeah, the South Boston waterfront is just so buildalicious, and yeah, the city might get $300 million for the old building. But a key point of a city hall is accessibility to the people who pay for it. Does a City Hall reachable only by bus meet that criterion?

Tommy Von: haha. E-Z access out there:

I'm sure everyone would be thrilled to take the silver line everyday.

David Bernstein: "But think of the view from the Mayor's office!

Atlrvr might be willing to consider the move if the building became a great public space:

I just have a problem taking city hall out of the center of the city, where it is easily accessible to most everyone, and sticking it somewhat out of the way. It seems like the city is so committed to the South Boston Waterfront (BRA's aggressive entitlement, new courthouse, relocated ICA, new Conventrion Center, etc....) but they fail to take the most basic aspect into account. ACCESSIBILITY!!!! ...

John Keith: Menino hits the bottle, big time.

Matt Margolis can't stand City Hall, but doesn't want to see more waterfront space given over to government buildings.

Bruce wonders why this is news:

Boston City Hall, the Massachusetts State House and the Attorney General's office have been for sale for decades now.

But Ian offers five reasons to move City Hall, including:

Because we will finally be able to get rid of a building which is quite possibly The Worst Example Of Public Archetecture In The Whole Entire World.

By - 12/12/06 - 11:57 am

Apparently, Tom Menino is so taken with the new ICA that he wants to build a new City Hall right next to it and sell off the old City Hall (hmm, would that be the new old City Hall, given that the old old City Hall still exists?). But wouldn't it be cool to hold a lottery for the chance to trigger the implosion that takes the building down?

By - 12/8/06 - 9:17 am

Urban Planet users have been discussing the plans to rename Downtown Crossing. Some aren't buying it:

... The brand name is fine, the place is packed, and the idea of renaming it is like removing tonsils to cure a broken arm. ...

By - 10/23/06 - 11:30 am

Martin Lieberman says he's going to avoid the sidewalk in front of the Downtown Crossing CVS from now on; even if that pigeon poop on his shoulder does mean good luck.

By - 10/13/06 - 11:30 am

Jenny reports she was transferring from the Red to the Orange Line when a man ran into her:

... Not like was "running trying to get by me and accidentally clipped my side but was entirely sorry" - THE MAN CAME UP FROM BEHIND AND FULL ON RAN INTO ME AND SHOVED ME TO THE SIDE SO HE COULD GET BY. Hit me so hard to the point where I made the noise you would imagine you yourself would make if someone ran into you. The kicker? He did NOT even glance back to say "I'm sorry".

By - 9/29/06 - 8:09 am

John Daley likes the idea of a shiny new highrise atop the old Filene's building, but he cautions that that alone won't solve Downtown Crossing's issues, notably crime and homelessness (ed note: See the intersection just outside the new Ritz).

Mike Mennnonno is delighted the city will be helping to end its shortage of luxury condos, but adds:

By - 9/21/06 - 1:06 pm

On BadTransit, Joe Bowden reports witnessing an innovative new way to beat the CharlieGates, although part of the scheme's success involved nobody caring:

... His buddy came in, and no one seemed to care as the buzzer went off indicating that a fare had not been paid. ...

By - 9/14/06 - 10:22 am

Greg Kulaga begins and ends a music video (set to Ween's "So Many People in the Neighborhood") with everybody's favorite panhandler (also features streets scenes from Downtown Crossing and Quincy Market). From January.