By - 5/5/10 - 5:13 pm

Matt Conti reports on a group of North End, Beacon Hill, West End and downtown parents to get a new public elementary school to serve those neighborhoods. The Coalition for Public Education recently met with the mayor and school superintendent to press their case now that it no longer seems they'll get a school as part of the proposed mega-replacement for the Government Center garage.

By - 5/5/10 - 10:07 am

Nowhere near as bad as the Red Line fire the other day, though. A cable behind a wall on the outbound Orange Line platform at State Street began to smoulder around 9:40 a.m.

By - 5/4/10 - 12:48 pm

Grid stretchers

That giant ventilation thing in the middle of the Greenway by South Station isn't just for tunnel degassing anymore - it provides a handy place to do stretching exercises.

By - 5/3/10 - 1:18 pm

Your mama

Or maybe not. Matthew Cote snapped the photo outside the Garden.


By - 5/3/10 - 9:36 am

Desperate times call for desperate measures
Desperate times call for desperate measures: As Julie Gendrano demonstrates.

From the folks manning the Twitter and Universal Hub Aquapocalypse desks:

Back Bay: Dunkin' Donuts in the Prudential Center; Finagle-a-Bagel, 536 Boylston St.

Beacon Hill: Capitol Coffee House, Bowdoin Street, next to the State House.

Cambridge: Pretty much every single place that normally serves coffee, because they're special.

Chinatown: Au Bon Pain at New England Medical Center.

Dorchester: Sugar Bowl Cafe on Dot. Ave. near JFK/UMass (cash only); Flat Black Coffee has iced coffee available at Dorchester Lower Mills and Ashmont stores.

Downtown: Mulligans on Canal Street; Cosi at South Station (trucked in from Cambridge); Plaza Deli, second floor, 2 Center Plaza; City Hall Deli, eighth floor, Boston City Hall; Max's on Milk Street; the Milk Street Cafe; Flat Black Coffee on Broad Street has hot and iced espresso drinks; Finagle-a-Bagel in Government Center; Sip Cafe in Post Office Square Park; Grassroots Cafe, 101 Arch St.

Hyde Park: TC's, Fairmount Avenue.

Jamaica Plain: Dunkin' Donuts, Centre Street (across from the fire station).

Longwood Medical Area: All the hospitals have their own water supply, so everything should be running. Au Naturals at Brigham and Women's for example.

Milton: Dunkin' Donuts, East Milton Square.

North End: Boston Common on Salem Street. All out, but will have more Tuesday morning.

Roslindale: Select Cafe, Roslindale Square (across from the train station).

Roxbury: Peet's at Northeastern International Village, 1175 Tremont. No espresso, though.

Somerville: Mr. Crepe in Davis Square; Blue Shirt Cafe, Davis Square; Aroma Cafe (formerly Cafe Rossini and Cafe Lola), on Highland Ave. just past Cedar St.; The Biscuit, 406 Washington St.

South Boston: Doughboy Donuts, 220 Dorchester Ave.; Flour by the Children's Museum.

South End:: Dunkin' Donuts at Mass. Ave. and Columbus Ave.; Mohr & McPherson Cafe, 460 Harrison Ave.; Mike's City Diner on Washington Street (closes at 3).

Watertown: Joe's Variety, Orchard Street.

Across the area: Au Bon Pain shops have coffee; except the one at the Pru.


By - 5/2/10 - 11:50 pm

Matt Conti outlines the BRA's latest draft guidelines for development along the Greenway.

By - 5/1/10 - 2:24 pm

Arizona protest

Sup3rmark happened across the protest against Arizona's new "papers please" immigration law, which briefly shut down Tremont Street this afternoon.

By - 4/30/10 - 4:51 pm

MBTA General Manager Richard Davey reports the T had budgeted $37 million in the fiscal year that starts July 1 to replace antiquated wires and circuit breakers along the Red and Orange Lines - including the stretch that caused last night's smokey fire that shut three subway lines downtown.

By - 4/30/10 - 11:57 am

Paula was on a Green Line trolley that pulled into Park Street around 10:10 last night - then just sat there for at least five minutes with the doors shut - until the most rancid, horrible smell you can imagine rolled in:

... All of the sudden, the doors fly open, there are cops and MBTA officials shouting at us, "GET OUT! EVERYBODY OUT! UP THE STAIRS! EVACUATE! GET OUT! GET OUT!"

By - 4/29/10 - 10:11 pm

Smoke billowing out of Downtown Crossing tonight. By Steve LanielSmoke billowing out of the Filene's Basement entrance to Downtown Crossing tonight. By Steve Laniel.

By - 4/29/10 - 2:50 pm

Boston Police tweet a fire in the basement of Burritos Express, 86 Bedford St., caused a traffic mess around 1:40 p.m. with nearby roads shut so firefighters could take care of the fire.

By - 4/26/10 - 9:26 pm

Fireworks: Jon Day shot them from Piers Park in East Boston.Fireworks: Jon Day shot them from Piers Park in East Boston. More.

Those were "mini-fireworks" over the harbor, paid for by Liberty Mutual, and audible as far away as Newton, Norwood and Milton.

Hat tip to Jenn Martinelli for answering the question that lit up the local Twit-o-sphere like a switchboard back in the days when you could light up a switchboard.

Photo copyright Jon Day. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

By - 4/23/10 - 9:29 am


Chris Devers took in yesterday's free concert by They Might Be Giants on the Rose Kennedy Greenway by Rowes Wharf.

Copyright Chris Devers. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 4/23/10 - 9:02 am

Tiny Urban Kitchen posts photos of the baked Alaska at the Oceanaire Seafood Room on Court Street (which is part of a Midwestern chain - imagine if the Hilltop opened a restaurant in Kansas City).

By - 4/23/10 - 8:25 am

Ed Cherubino has the details on the start of Jazz Week.

By - 4/21/10 - 1:41 pm

Was there a John Locke look-a-like contest in town?Was there a John Locke look-a-like contest in town?Thomas Fitzpatrick of Dorchester and Daniel Campbell, of no place in particular, were arrested outside the Garden last night when an MBTA inspector spotted them taking money and directing Celtics fans to spaces in a parking lot meant for T workers, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Despite numerous "No Event Parking" and "Orange Line Employees Only" signs, at least on person got taken and another was about to be when police arrived, the DA's office says:

One of them had paid the men $30 for a parking space, and the other was about to do so. As the officers were speaking with one of the victims, Fitzpatrick apparently overheard someone say that they had been charging $35, to which he allegedly exclaimed, "We only charged $30!"

The two were ordered held in lieu of $1,000 at their arraignment in Boston Municipal Court today, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.

By - 4/15/10 - 10:38 pm

Conor White-Sullivan reports that when his train pulled into Park Street today, some punk grabbed his iPhone and ran out the door:

... So I take off running after him, screaming my head off, cussing like a sailor. I chase him down the platform and fling the Chinese food I had in my hand at his back. Hits him... and probably a few other people because it went flying everywhere... and he throws the phone into the wall. ...

And the phone was fine.

By - 4/15/10 - 9:50 am

Boston Police are investigating how the woman's body came to be in Boston Harbor at Fort Point Channel around 5:30 this morning.

By - 4/14/10 - 9:49 pm

Martin Solomon fills us in on the arrest of an anti-Israel protester for getting in the faces of people remembering the deaths of six million people after a couple of requests from police to back off.

By - 4/14/10 - 1:20 pm

A group of genteel ladies and gentlemen held their own tea party on Boston Common today - with real tea, watercress and egg-salad sandwiches and cookies.

Gentleman illustrates the correct way to savor a cup of tea. Note the proper pinky extension: