By - 12/15/09 - 8:10 pm

There's just something weird about all the posters of perfect-skinned models in the poorly lit, dismal tunnel on the Forest Hills side of the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing - more disconcerting even than the chef pushing Diet Coke on the walls of Back Bay station.

By - 12/15/09 - 3:31 pm

Far from being a desolate wasteland today, Downtown Crossing was actually kind of lively, even if nowhere near as crowded as it might once have been just ten days before Christmas. This guy had set up an easel on Washington Street and was busy painting away.

There was one sad sight on Summer Street, though: A clearly emaciated Santa being forced to lay down beats to try to raise money for food:

By - 12/15/09 - 2:31 pm

A panhandler was sitting outside the Bertucci's on Merchants Row (near Faneuil Hall) at lunchtime with a sign reading:

Spare change for
Seafood and

Maybe sitting outside the Union Oyster House might make more sense with a sign like that?

By - 12/15/09 - 12:44 pm

An "alcohol-fueled" mass of brawling executives formed an impenetrable ball of trouble at the entrance to a downtown bar that ultimately led to five arrests and police using pepper spray to disperse the crowd early on Nov. 28, police and a bar attorney said today.

The melee was the latest in a string of incidents that have landed Mantra, 52 Temple Pl., before the Boston Licensing Board in recent months. The board will vote Thursday on what action, if any, to take on the latest incident, although of the three board members, only Chairman Daniel Pokaski attended today's hearing.

By - 12/14/09 - 10:40 pm

John Keith reports a bill by state Reps. Marty Walz, D-Back Bay, and Byron Rushing, D-Roxbury/South End, would effectively block all new development in parts of downtown, the North End and the Back Bay.

H.R. 853 goes before the Joint Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture for a hearing tomorrow (Dec. 15), at 11 a.m. in State House Room A2.

By - 12/12/09 - 12:47 pm

16WadeSt captures the scene in Downtown Crossing, looking down Washington Street.

Copyright 16WadeSt. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 12/11/09 - 5:09 pm

Not a street artist's older brotherNot a street artist's older brotherMBTA Transit Police charged a homeless man responded to a Spare Change vendor's offer of some coffee this afternoon by throwing the hot beverage in his face and then rifling through his pockets.

According to a police report, the victim was at the bottom of the escalator on the Garden side selling the papers when Frank Mangini asked him for some spare change. The victim instead gave him a cup of hot coffee. After the victim recovered from the shock of having it thrown in his face and having his pockets rifled, police say:

By - 12/7/09 - 2:03 pm

Boston Police have posted surveillance photos of a guy they say broke into Splash, 150 Kneeland St., and stole a laptop on Nov. 24. The photos show him looking up, apparently at a surveillance camera - just not the one taking the photos police posted.

By - 12/7/09 - 1:57 pm


Photo of the governor and MassDOT Secretary Jeff Mullan checking out Twitter on the Blue Line on the way to Government Center today. By Eugena Ossi/Governor's Office.

Another photo of the current governor at the Governor Center Blue Line stop (on the way back from Wonderland).

When the previous governor rode the T.

Photo posted under this Creative Commons license.

By - 12/5/09 - 11:28 am

It will look something like this (assuming, of course, it's moved to one of the refilled canals):

Shaukat posts an interesting photo of the Financial District.

Copyright Shaukat. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 12/4/09 - 5:24 pm

It's the MBTA anti-hero workers! The day before a hero Orange Line driver managed to keep her train from slicing up a drunk on the tracks, two Red Line workers did nothing as their train started out of South Station with a woman still attached on the platform. The Globe reports the attendant on the train has been fired; the operator suspended. Channel 25 posts the video:

By - 12/3/09 - 2:00 pm

Librarian on the Run photographs somebody at the Downtown Crossing Macy's pulling a container of human bone marrow.

By - 12/2/09 - 2:29 pm

One of our roving photographers spotted the following sign while strolling through the Langham Hotel this morning (Humana is a large for-profit hospital chain):

By - 12/2/09 - 9:19 am

The Accidental Fiddler reports how she made some money yesterday for a Jewish anti-hunger group thanks to those deranged loons from out in the Midwest somewhere who show up here every so often (you know the ones):

By - 11/30/09 - 7:16 pm

Boston Police tweet an officer was hit by a car at 1 International Place late this afternoon and had to be taken to the hospital. No word on his condition. The incident happened only a few hours after a motorcycle cop was sent flying in a collision on Corey Street in West Roxbury.

By - 11/28/09 - 6:01 pm

Boston Police tweet nobody was injured when a fire broke out in an elevator shaft at the Hyatt Regency on Avenue de Lafayette late this afternoon.

By - 11/25/09 - 12:27 pm

By - 11/24/09 - 8:01 pm

Stephen Heuser acknowledges the Central Artery had to come down, but, darnit, he misses the muscular exurberance of infrastructure that wasn't afraid to admit it was infrastructure. Yes, really.

Via Commonwealth Unbound.