By - 3/18/09 - 9:54 am

The skeptics were right, although the Hook family wants to lease space in whatever gets built:

Hook burns down

By - 3/16/09 - 9:18 am

Paul Demers shows just how much somebody misses the old Filene's.

Czsz, meanwhile, discusses how sad the Financial District was on a Sunday walk:

... Not a single car drove by, and not a single other person walked down the sidewalk. Granted, it was Sunday, but what a wasted space this felt like.

I turned the corner to Franklin St. The Boston Stock Exchange was boarded up. The London Harness Company was shuttered for the day only, but signs announced it was going out of business.

Even the Propagation of the Faith Store is giving up.

By - 3/15/09 - 10:19 pm

Boston Police report the man who plunged to the ground from a parking garage at 20 Clinton St. around 1:30 p.m. today was pronounced dead at Mass. General and that homicide detectives are now on the case.

Police say the man had no identification, but did have numerous tattoos which they hope somebody can recognize. He's described as a white Hispanic male, between 25 and 30, about 5'7", with dark brown hair and brown eyes and:

Right Bicep: Two Hands Clasped as in Prayer with "Marielle 4-23-03" Written above the Hands, and "Cuidalo Senor" Written Below the Hands.
Right Hand: "13:69" Tattooed on the Back of the Hands.
The victim has numerous other tattoos on his body.

Sound familiar? Contact homicide detectives at (617) 343-4470. You can also forward anonymous tips by calling the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1-800-494-TIPs or texting 'TIP' to CRIME (27463).

By - 3/15/09 - 2:21 pm

Severely injured in fall from 20 Clinton St. around 1:30 p.m., Boston Police tweet.

UPDATE: Homicide detectives are now investigating his fatal fall.

By - 3/15/09 - 1:57 pm

Drink Boston tallies up all the weird drink things going on these days, from egg-based drinks to whiskey brands hiring women to hand out shoe polish, to the fact that bars seem to be doing booming business these days and wonders what's going on in this crazy mixed-up economy of ours:

... It warms my heart (and my liver) that good bars are doing good business. But I can't help but wonder sometimes: Is this the Manic Party Hour before last call?

Ah, never mind. Have a whiskey-and-egg drink.

By - 3/15/09 - 12:21 pm

So, you read recently about light-transmitting concrete?

... Filled with optical fibers that run from one end of a poured piece of concrete to the other, these prefabricated blocks and panels effectively transmit light from one side to the other. Colors and light remain remarkably consistent from end to end, but with a natural variation from the pouring process that actually softens the effects considerably. ...

On archBoston, Lurker comes up with a great plan for this new material:

Maybe they should try using this stuff to replicate the geometry while replacing some of the existing surfaces at City Hall?

Egress stairs and fire doors made of concrete could open up a world of day-lighting possibilities.

By - 3/13/09 - 3:27 pm

Boston Police report arresting Harjeet Singh, 50, on charges he blew through a red light around 6:50 p.m. yesterday and knocked down a woman crossing the street at West Street.

The woman, being cared for by a U.S. Park Ranger when police arrived, was taken to Tufts Medical Center and is expected to survive, police say.

Police say that when Singh stumbled out of his car, an empty liquor bottle fell out with him.

Innocent, etc.

By - 3/13/09 - 2:56 pm

Boston Police report officers today arrested a Chelsea man for selling sausages on Causeway Street without a permit. Still, they say officers didn't relish arresting the man; they even gave him a chance to roll his cart away first, but he refused.

So Michael Scoppa, 36, now faces charges of the sale and storage of merchandise without a permit and peddling without a license.

Frankly, he's innocent until proven guilty.

By - 3/13/09 - 2:22 pm

Boston Police report arresting a Randolph man - and are looking for a relative - in connection with a couple of wads of counterfeit 20s they allegedly used to buy drinks at District, 180 Lincoln St., early this morning:

Upon officers arrival, they were greeted by the manager who informed them that a customer was purchasing drinks with counterfeit Twenty-Dollar-Bills. She went on to state that the customer would order several drinks at a time and pay with, what appeared to be counterfeit bills. The customer would then receive change back in the form of legitimate United States Currency.

The suspect was pointed out to officers and he was accompanied to the kitchen area to be interviewed. While walking to the kitchen, the suspect dropped a stack of counterfeit Twenty-Dollar-Bills to the ground.

Daniel Mondesir, 24, of Randolph, was charged with counterfeiting and uttering a fraudulent document and was allegedly found with "in excess" of 24 of the bogus bills. Later, police say, officers returned to the bar to pick up another stack of bills a worker found on the floor - that stack came with a license belonging to Evans Mondesir, 28, of Boston, who was nowhere to be found.

Innocent, etc.

By - 3/13/09 - 2:14 pm

Is there some competition this week for worst restaurant press release? First we had the A-Roid Cocktail. Now there's this.

By - 3/11/09 - 10:38 pm
Tibetan flag

16WadeSt. attended a Tibetan flag-raising ceremony at City Hall yesterday.

Copyright 16WadeSt. Posted in the Universal Hub pool.

By - 3/11/09 - 11:04 am

J.J. Leslie details the origins of Mottley's Comedy Club near Quincy Market:

... Going in, Tim McIntire had a list of twelve mandatory things the new venue had to meet. "I spent the better part of three years looking for a space in Boston," says McIntire. "Some of it was as simple: did the club or restaurant have a separate function room? I did not want to do comedy in a bar with the televisions on, a guy screaming at the Keno screen, and someone messing with the jukebox. Another was a focus on the restaurant. I did not want a comedy show to clash with the rest of the entertainment or ambience of the place. Nor, was I looking for a place where the comedy was squeezed between karaoke and trivia nights. ...

By - 3/10/09 - 6:38 am

The Herald reported Friday that a 225-seat 1960s-themed diner is planned for Downtown Crossing.

The ubiquitous sources with no names say the restaurant will be in the ground floor of a Suffolk University-owned building.

A restaurant planned for a year out wouldn't be such news, except for the Downtown Crossing angle.

By - 3/9/09 - 3:50 pm

UPDATE: Or maybe not. Sam got a bum tip.

Sam Baltrusis reports he has the real location of the "secret" concert.

By - 3/9/09 - 11:58 am

Enough with the edifice complex. Mike Mennonno details how to revive Downtown Crossing:

... The problem with Downtown Crossing is partly the muddled vision of a Mayor whose solution for urban blight is always the same: luxury high-rises that remain mostly empty, and high-end retail shopping. But if the vision for Downtown Crossing were more reflective of the cross-section of Boston that actually passes through it every day, more reflective of their practical needs, the shopping district would be thriving.

One of the best ideas I heard when Menino started on about "re-branding" Downtown Crossing, was to bring a supermarket in. A Super Target was mentioned. And while that brought a squeak of protest from those who fear an invasion of Big Box retailers, a supermarket is precisely the type of anchor the area needs. People obviously have other options for high-end retail, and discounters like Marshall's and T.J. Maxx have the low-end covered.

The city could also do much, much more to encourage small businesses like bakeries, butchers, diners and cafes, even (gasp) pubs -- practical shopping for a transport hub, a convenient location to hang out, grab some groceries and head home -- by offering merchants tax breaks or subsidies. ...

By - 3/9/09 - 9:17 am

The Globe interviews the person who held that poor woman's hand as she died at State Street station.

By - 3/9/09 - 5:09 am

The Globe reports all the way from Chicago, "Chicago's pedestrian mall solution: traffic."

The article seems to try to make a case against Downtown Crossing as a pedestrian mall.

By - 3/7/09 - 10:26 am

Mike Mennonno gets to thinking about rage after a lunchtime encounter yesterday with a man who erupted into one on the Common:

... When he went rabid, everyone sort of skittered away from him instinctively, careful to avert their eyes and avoid any jerky motions that might cause him to lunge at them, too. No one was harmed. The rage zombie -- he was just like one of the infected in 28 Days Later -- raged on some more but kept moving down the path.

There was a collective nervous chuckle when we'd reached a safe distance, like, WTF? Like when you pass someone walking a big dog on a leash, and the dog looks perfectly under control, but lunges at you suddenly as you pass close by, barking and snarling and going crazy for no apparent reason. Only better: this guy wasn't on a leash. That adrenaline rush puts some pep in your step. Better than a Red Bull.

All the rest of the way to work, it played over and over in my head. That poor sod a few paces in front of me. What if the rageoid hadn't just barked at him? What if he'd taken a bite? ...

By - 3/6/09 - 9:27 am

Hybernaut captures him at Park Street. You know what would be cool? A mashup with him and Spare Change Guy. No?