By - 2/4/14 - 1:17 pm
Snowman on Boston Common

Fortunately, this girl and her mom were able to fill that need early this afternoon.

By - 2/4/14 - 1:10 pm
Giant tooth on Tremont Street

All I was able to extract from him was that he was advertising a new dental office on Tremont Street downtown.

By - 2/3/14 - 1:08 pm

Father Tim Schenk at St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Hingham could contain his feelings no more: He just cannot abide the nautilus that now tops the Cathedral Church of St. Paul on Tremont Street:

The nautilus is supposed to be a metaphor for spiritual growth, based on an Oliver Wendell Holmes’ poem titled The Chambered Nautilus. I actually don’t mind

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By - 1/31/14 - 1:23 pm

The Boston Business Journal brings us the story of the hapless ne'er-do-well who seemed to think he could pick up a few things in the Winter Street office of Dunwello.

In the video, you can watch the guy come out, then listen into the dialog between him and Dunwello founder Matt Lauzon around 1:35.

H/t Adam Castiglioni.... Read more

By - 1/31/14 - 9:11 am

The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force is looking for a man who held up the Santander Bank branch on Winter Street around 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday.

He's described as white, 25 to 30, 5'6" to 6' tall, thin, with a goatee.

By - 1/30/14 - 1:17 pm

Boston Metro reports a transportation financing bill now wending through the legislature would rename the terminal the Governor Michael S. Dukakis Transportation Center at South Station.

It would be a fitting tribute for the former trolley-riding governor and one-time Amtrak board member, both for his longstanding support for public transit in general and because, as governor, he stopped the BRA from tearing down... Read more

By - 1/30/14 - 9:09 am

At 8:41 a.m., State Police reported:

RT 90 EB, east of Prudential Tunnel, 2 MBTA buses collide.One driver injured, right lane closed.Traffic delays

In addition to the driver, three passengers were taken to Tufts Medical Center, State Police say. Uninjured passengers were transferred to another bus for the rest of their journey.

The T reports the crash is responsible for minor delays on the... Read more

By - 1/29/14 - 3:17 pm
Inside Boston City Hall

If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to be trapped at the bottom of a giant concrete well with no hope of ever escaping, climb up the large steps inside City Hall, then look way up.

Whatever demonspawn put you in that hell at least was thoughtful enough to provide a piano on which to bang your head.

By - 1/28/14 - 3:30 pm

Tango asks:

Anybody know anywhere near Downtown that I can buy chocolate covered espresso beans?

By - 1/27/14 - 6:26 pm

Stuck at West and Washington streets (they're supposed to go down Temple)

By - 1/27/14 - 1:35 pm

A fire near Exit 23 around 12:45 p.m. led to the complete closure of the northbound side of I-93. State Police report one lane was re-opened around 1:15.

By - 1/27/14 - 7:37 am

A trolley decided Park Street was a good place to push up some daisies around 7:10 this morning. Or as A.P. Blake puts it:

My Green Line died in the worst possible spot. Blocking the mainline and Park St loop. Inspectors entering tunnel. All of the MBTA Green Line is at a halt downtown. Train needed to push mine.

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By - 1/23/14 - 10:11 pm

Between Haymarket and Government Center around 10 p.m. The Orange Line is being suggested as an alternative in either direction.

UPDATE, Friday a.m.: Appears to have been fixed.

By - 1/23/14 - 7:53 am

Transit Police report arresting Raymond Castillo, 34, on charges he's the man seen on video attacking a woman in a passageway at the Haymarket T stop on Jan. 6 - and getting away with all of $2.

Boston Municipal Court Judge Annette Forde imposed $25,000 bail at Castillo's arraignment on charges of armed robbery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, the... Read more

By - 1/22/14 - 5:00 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports on a Koreanish/tacoish place that's opened on Bedford Street in the Financial District. "K-tacos, which have bulgogi or spicy chicken placed in corn tortillas," anyone?

Place has possibly the least descriptive name ever, though: InBoston.

By - 1/22/14 - 10:47 am

Transit Police report a Mainer headed for New York City by way of South Station was packing a Ruger 9-mm gun and a Taurus .22-caliber. gun - and a magazine containing 15 rounds of 9-mm ammunition.

Transit Police officers, alerted by law enforcement in Hancock County, Maine, were waiting for Christopher Loucks, 28, and promptly put him under arrest after he got off the... Read more

By - 1/19/14 - 12:26 pm
Proposed Poe statue

The Boston Poe Foundation reports that it's nearing its fundraising goal to have a life-sized bronze statue of Edgar Allan Poe and a particularly menacing raven cast and installed at Boylston and Charles streets this summer.

By - 1/18/14 - 1:22 pm

An Ohio woman is suing the Marriott Long Wharf for what she says was permanent colon damage caused by a toothpick in a hamburger she ordered through room service during a 2010 stay.

In her lawsuit, originally filed in Suffolk Superior Court but transferred this week to US District Court, Rebecca Robinson-Brown of Columbus, OH, says she ordered a burger and kettle fries on Dec.... Read more

By - 1/18/14 - 10:43 am

Boston Police report workers at the Greatest Bar, 262 Friend St., trying to break up a brawl on the third floor around 1:15 a.m. found themselves under attack.

One was stabbed repeatedly by a man who jumped him from behind, police say.

The victim stated to officers he was attempting to break up a fight when the suspect jumped on his back and began

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