By - 11/22/16 - 4:57 pm
Inspiring note at the Park Street MBTA station

Jason noticed this note at the Park Street T stop today:

I love this. We could all use some kindness these days.

By - 11/19/16 - 11:23 pm

Boston Police report two officers suffered head and knee injuries while trying to arrest a man they first stopped to talk to because he was smoking on the Common, which is illegal. Read more.

By - 11/18/16 - 11:33 am

Scott Kirsner reports that Michael Dell, yes, that Michael Dell, has purchased a condo in Millennium Tower and actually plans to live in it.

By - 11/17/16 - 1:21 pm

For at least the third time today, a Red Line train (probably not the same one, but who knows?) has flat lined, this time near South Station. Or as Yung Carl Jung puts it:

I'm on #RedLine Braintree bound train #01868 rn & it's stuck in a tunnel. what the eff is going on?

By - 11/16/16 - 2:53 pm

The CBC reports the province treats the tree not just as thanks, but as tourism and seafood promotion. And that includes paying WCVB $75,000 to broadcast the tree getting lit on the Common each year - and $41,000 to the city of Boston.

By - 11/15/16 - 11:42 am

Mark Novak shows us the morning king tide at Long Wharf. Read more.

By - 11/14/16 - 5:12 pm

People who really are opposed to the Trump presidency are warning other people away from an alleged anti-Trump rally Friday night on the Common. No, don't show up at the Common prepared for "an intimidating show of force" in which to "smash the fascists."

UPDATE: Now the page is for a neo-Nazi pep rally.

By - 11/14/16 - 9:35 am

Like most of us, Natalia remembers when Filene's was replaced with the Filene's Memorial Hole. When it started getting filled in with a building, she started taking pictures of Millennium Tower getting built.

Since I worked in downtown and generally carried my camera with me everywhere I went, I decided to start documenting the progress of the tower.

By - 11/13/16 - 10:51 am

The Herald reports on the boos Wanda Sykes got at last night's Comics Come Home cancer benefit at the Garden when she started insulting our impending commander in chief.

The Herald doesn't report on the walkouts that happened after she was followed by our own Triumph the Insult Human, Nick DiPaolo: Read more.

By - 11/12/16 - 12:06 am
Writing on the wall at Park Street station

When Venita Subramanian heard about some artists in New York who put out markers and sticky notes so subway riders could write up inspirational messages on a station wall, she thought Boston should do the same thing. Read more.

By - 11/11/16 - 7:15 pm
Immigrant family on Boston Common

Jake went to the vigil and protest on Boston Common today.

By - 11/10/16 - 6:57 pm

A few weeks after antenna problems waylaid WBZ over the air, Emerson's WERS is reporting antenna problems that is knocking it off the air. The Emerson station reports, however, its online livestream is working fine.

By - 11/9/16 - 6:47 pm
Protest balloons at Sam Adams grave in Boston

Suzanne McDaniel noticed the black balloons tied to our local Revolutionary's grave.

By - 11/9/16 - 10:39 am

Horn's Jeweler, 339 Washington St., will change its name so nobody will confuse it with E.B. Horn, which has been operating in downtown Boston since 1839. Read more.

By - 11/8/16 - 3:15 pm

The election therapist IS IN, outside Park Street station, Louise Miller discovers.

By - 11/4/16 - 1:50 pm
People standing in lines in Boston

Three photos of Bostonians standing in lines today. Can you guess which one is different from the other two? Answer (and photo credits) in the comments.

By - 11/3/16 - 12:57 pm
Levnthal Park in downtown Boston

Adam Castiglioni admired the foliage today in Leventhal Park in Post Office Square.

By - 11/2/16 - 11:57 pm
New doors at Downtown Crossing

Mr. Kappus wondered about all the new doors being installed throughout the Downtown Crossing T station. The T replies:

These are fire/smoke partitions that are being installed as part of the DTX elevator project. Upon fire alarm, those doors will close to create a point of safety for people as they egress.

By - 11/2/16 - 6:22 pm
Line to vote early at Boston City Hall

Jocelyn reports that around 6 p.m., the line to vote at Boston City Hall went way outside onto City Hall Plaza and around the building.