By - 2/10/05 - 6:12 pm

Go back to New Jersey!

Atlantic Avenue, near South Station.

By - 2/6/05 - 4:15 pm

Oh, brother

It's the cone that really brings this ensemble together and so we're pleased to present this week's award for Best Use of Crap to Save a Boston Parking Space to the "owner" of this space on Belgrade Avenue in West Roxbury.

By - 2/6/05 - 4:13 pm

It used to be "guy who kills his parents then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he's an orphan. Lis says Gov. Romney has redefined the term by firing the head of the state department responsible for plowing on the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury because those four kids got hit by a car, even though the department's budget has been cut 37% since 2001 and it has more roads to plow AND he used part of the department's limited funds for that Super Bowl rally last week:

By - 2/5/05 - 11:56 am

Apparently, lots of Cantabridgians wait until the absolute last minute to get a new Cambridge parking sticker (and apparently, Cambridge doesn't let you get one online like its more enlightened neighbor across the river):

By - 2/3/05 - 7:34 pm

Chris proposes a way to end all the cone/chair battles:

[F]rom late December to mid-March, create assigned spaces. Such spaces could be adjudicated in whatever way seems appropriate - through a lottery, through a market-rate fixed cost, or tied to units and property tax payments. Those without space to park would need to find alternate arrangements. ... It may not be a perfect solution but would keep people from beating each other up over plastic cones.

By - 2/3/05 - 5:29 pm

In a Globe report on the Traffic Tieup from Hell, Carpundit notes this snippet:

"Josh Resnek, 55, editor of the Chelsea Record, said it took him 1½ hours to drive from North Station to Mass. General, where his wife was in surgery."

To which Carpundit adds:

Josh, you can walk it in ten minutes. Park the car.

By - 1/28/05 - 8:55 am

Frecklegirl tries the Warp-Factor-9 approach to getting into her re-snowed-in on-street parking space in Cambridge and, of course, gets stuck in a snowbank and blocks traffic:

I jumped out of the car, grabbed my trusty little shovel and start trying to get my car out. I do a little dorky wave to the disgruntled Harvard guys and they look at me like I am the stupidest girl on the planet. Which, of course, I am.

Then, out of nowhere, my savior comes! Even weighed down with a gigantic backpack, he shovels like a madman!

Another guy jumps out of one of those F3000 trucks and helped push me out of the devil space with the help of Backpack guy.

By - 1/25/05 - 5:21 pm

Shelley owns up:

... This morning I left a blue recycling bin to reserve the parking space I painstakingly cleared the other day. I have never "hosied" a space before, but I defy anyone else to enjoy the fruits of my hard labor whilst I cruise the neighborhood looking for parking tonight, muttering expletives all the while.

By - 1/24/05 - 4:35 pm


How to save a parking space, Roslindale style (although what would've been really cool is if they'd run an extension cord out to the lamp).

By - 1/20/05 - 10:14 pm

Michael gets pulled over near his BU office for running a yellow light and gets an earful from the cop: