East Boston

By - 10/30/13 - 7:34 am

The morning starts with a dead train at Wellington on the Orange Line, a dead Green Line trolley somewhere on Huntington or South Huntington and a dead train outbound at Maverick on the Blue Line (say, aren't those the T's newest and freshest subway trains?).

By - 10/29/13 - 9:15 pm

In one of their final debates, mayoral candidates John Connolly and Marty Walsh clashed on negative campaigning and negotiating with city unions, but otherwise continued to push similar ideas for a post-Menino world.

Both candidates, for example, said they would return vocational training to all city high schools, would make it a priority to find a qualified minority candidate for police commissioner and work to... Read more

By - 10/29/13 - 10:42 am

Suffolk Downs officials said today they were shocked to learn of the issues raised by a state investigation into operations at their proposed casino operator earlier this month - especially after learning state investigators had started asking questions about them several months earlier.

Meanwhile, officials said they are talking to a number of new possible casino operators, but can't guarantee they'll have one selected by... Read more

By - 10/25/13 - 6:34 pm

Around 6:10 p.m., Stanley Staco reports.

By - 10/25/13 - 6:05 am

Stanley Stacos reports a man was shot around 1:50 a.m. outside the Cabana Grill, 254 Bennington St.

By - 10/24/13 - 11:11 pm
Globe Direct

A disgusted citizen reports from Orleans Street in East Boston:

Globe Direct mailers strewn across the sidewalk, picture does not illustrate the dozens of plastic wrapped advertisements littering the entire sidewalk block. These mailings promote littering and are an environmental hazard.

UPDATE: The city reports:

Ticket was issued on 10-25-13 by officer clougher.

Globe Direct Sucks.... Read more

By - 10/23/13 - 4:47 pm

The state Gaming Commission today released a redacted copy of the 558-page investigative report that led Suffolk Downs to drop Caesars Entertainment as manager of its proposed casino last week.

In addition to concerns about possible Russian-mob ties to an investor in a company with which Caesars was doing business on a Nevada project and one Caesars executives past in Internet gambling,... Read more

By - 10/22/13 - 8:24 pm

Several times around 7:45 p.m. at 106 Falcon St. The victim walked to Webster Street in Jeffries Point. His injuries are not considered life threatening.

By - 10/21/13 - 8:33 pm

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission today, Caesars Entertainment said Massachusetts gaming investigators raised red flags over three issues related to its proposed involvement in the Suffolk Downs project: One executive's past "employment by public companies in the internet gaming industry," the company's overall financial health, but most important, a "business relationship related to a license agreement for branding of a... Read more

By - 10/21/13 - 2:33 pm

The Globe reports Secretary of State William Galvin says East Boston and Revere residents will vote Nov. 5 on whether to approve a Suffolk Downs casino even if Suffolk Downs doesn't have a new manager for the facility in place by then.

On Friday, Suffolk Downs said it was booting Caesars because of concerns raised in a state report due out on Wednesday.

Over... Read more

By - 10/20/13 - 10:51 am

WBUR reports the mayor might look at trying to delay the vote if Suffolk Downs doesn't have a managing company now that Caesars is out.

A no vote on Nov. 5 would kill the casino proposal, which also needs the approval of the state gaming commission.

By - 10/19/13 - 3:59 pm

Unless, of course, somebody at the gaming commission leaks a copy of its Caesars report to the Globe first. In a statement today, the commission has this to say about the report by its investigators that caused Suffolk Downs to decide not to have Caesars run its proposed casino:

Due to the content of recent media reports and the impending Host Community Agreement referenda

... Read more
By - 10/18/13 - 11:25 pm

The announcement Friday night that Caesars Entertainment is withdrawing its stake in the Suffolk Downs effort to secure a casino license has been met with shock and wonder.

The shock is simple - how could a giant, worldwide company like Caesars fail to meet or even to exceed the application standards set by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission when it operates under the stringent laws... Read more

By - 10/18/13 - 9:44 pm

Nothing like a little Friday-evening bombshell: Suffolk Downs is giving casino giant Caesars the boot, just weeks before East Boston voters are supposed to decide whether to approve the idea of a $1-billion resort casino next to the racetrack.

In a letter to the casino operator (attached below), Suffolk Downs COO Chip Tuttle said an investigation by the state Gaming Commission's Investigations and Enforcement Bureau... Read more

By - 10/15/13 - 11:32 pm
Chip Tuttle and cops

Tuttle talks while cops keep order.

Suffolk Downs COO Chip Tuttle estimated tonight his company has spent about $1 million trying to convince East Boston residents to vote in favor of a casino at his racetrack. Organizers of No Eastie Casino in turns told members of the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association they have spent less than $30,000 on their campaign against the proposal.

In contrast to a pro-casino... Read more

By - 10/13/13 - 9:27 pm

Terminal C was partially evacuated by State Police due to a suspicious package. A robot was brought in to check it out.

Passengers were told to head to Terminal E for transportation out of the airport. Around 8:50, Michael Ratty, just off a flight, reported:

Logan Airport is a NIGHTMARE right now. Mass confusion outside Terminals C and E.

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By - 10/11/13 - 8:58 am

The Globe reports several black ministers endorsed John Connolly yesterday and notes how dramatic that was given that some of them were comparing him to, gasp, Louise Day Hicks just last year, after he publicly called for School Superintendent Carol Johnson to quit. The Globe says Connolly stopped saying that after meeting with one of the ministers and agreeing to try to work... Read more

By - 10/10/13 - 7:34 pm

The Boston Licensing Board today meted out an unusually stiff four-day suspension to Las Vegas, 964 Saratoga St., after police found bottles of gin, tequila, whiskey and vodka behind the counter of the former King Tacos, which is licensed only to sell beer and wine.

Owner Raul Santos and his manager said the bottles were purely decorative and were not used to serve customers. But... Read more

By - 10/4/13 - 7:31 am

A group of East Boston clamdiggers yesterday sued Massport and a company that gases up jet planes for a fuel spill they say ruined some of the most productive clam beds in Boston Harbor - and possibly jeopardized the future of the clamming in the entire state.

The Boston Clamdiggers Association says that until the Oct. 7, 2010 spill, clam beds on flats next... Read more

By - 10/3/13 - 6:16 pm

If you go to the Yelp page for A-Plus Moving and Storage on Border Street today, you first have to click through a popup that reads:

We caught someone red-handed trying to buy reviews for this business. We weren't fooled, but wanted you to know because buying reviews not only hurts consumers, but also honest businesses who play by the rules.

Attached to that is... Read more