By - 11/20/15 - 1:15 pm
Notre Dame matching band in the Fenway

Whitney Wilson watched the Notre Dame matching band practice at Clemente Field today in advance of Notre Dame's "home" game at Fenway Park against, um, Boston College - which, last we checked, was actually slightly closer to Fenway Park than South Bend.

By - 11/19/15 - 9:03 am

The Huntington News reports a Northeastern student narrowly avoided setting his or her dorm on fire by trying to cook a bag of Corn Puffs in an oven.

By - 11/14/15 - 4:19 pm
Graffiti Alley in Central Square in Cambridge

Anulfo Baez spotted Caleb Neelon's tribute to Paris in Central Square this afternoon.

Over in Kenmore Square, Anusha Mookherjee spotted a French flag waving in the brisk breeze:

Read more.

By - 11/13/15 - 10:03 pm

BU Today reports on the impending work to buttress the bridge over the turnpike and train tracks, which is falling apart enough to force the shutdown of the B Line this past summer.

By - 11/12/15 - 7:50 am
Truck stuck on Storrow Drive

Kara Sassone shows us the reason Soldiers Field Road is backed up onto Storrow Drive this morning. Or as she puts it:

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

By - 11/10/15 - 3:05 pm

Outbound trolley halted by protesters.

About 50 Northeastern students protesting in support of higher wages for both adjunct professors and people who make the minimum wage blocked the E Line at Forsyth Street for several speeches and chants this afternoon. Read more.

By - 11/9/15 - 12:37 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports its hazmat unit responded to the Boston Arts Academy, 174 Ipswich St., around 10 a.m. because "a classroom was working with hydrochloric acid and it did not vent properly through the hood system."

A BPS spokesman reports: Read more.

By - 11/5/15 - 3:34 pm

The Boston Licensing Board today approved the city's first Tilted Kilt restaurant, which will feature waitresses in tight tops and short tartan skirts, as well as food and TVs turned to sportsball. Read more.

By - 11/5/15 - 8:52 am

Emmanuel College has filed plans with the BRA for a 19-story, 691-bed dorm on its Longwood Medical Area campus.

The proposal replaces earlier plans, approved by the BRA in 2012, for a shorter dorm with more beds. Read more.

By - 11/4/15 - 11:58 am

The Boston Licensing Board tomorrow decides whether to approve two new restaurants in the Fenway: A Tilted Kilt where Copperfield's is and Tapestry where Church is.

The Tilted Kilt at 96 Brookline Ave. would be the first Boston outlet of a national chain that is sort of like Hooters, except the bonnie lasses wear wee tartan skirts instead of shorts. Read more.

By - 10/30/15 - 9:43 am

Perry Donham alerts us that BU will be doing some drone-filming along Comm. Ave. and the Charles River through 6 p.m.

By - 10/27/15 - 9:58 am

The Herald reports on yesterday's arraignment of Wayne Barber, charged with slashing a woman's throat in a mugging in a Fenway alley early Sunday. He has a lengthy criminal record.

Innocent, etc.

By - 10/27/15 - 7:49 am

The Daily Free Press interviews students who knew Melvin Ramos, a homeless man who became known as "the ambassador of Kenmore Square."

By - 10/26/15 - 11:43 am

UPDATE: BRA agrees they sucked but says they've learned and don't suck anymore.

The state Inspector General's office says the BRA rushed through a deal to give the Red Sox control of Yawkey Way that included "illogical and questionable" methods of figuring out the street's value - based on the somewhat ludicrous premise that Yawkey Way was "blighted."

Inspector General's report.

By - 10/16/15 - 9:28 pm

It's Northeastern's annual underwear run, and thousands of students in their underwear are streaming down Huntington Avenue towards the Pru.

By - 10/11/15 - 10:34 am
Illuminus art

Stevil went to Illuminus on Lansdowne Street last night:

Shadow Hand Another installation had light projected from above - and pressure and shadow impacted the shapes projected on a pad below.

Copyright Stevil. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 10/11/15 - 9:01 am
Prudential lit up for HubBoston and Illuminous

Grace Holley looked up from Illuminus on Lansdowne Street to see the Prudential lit up in honor of both it and HubWeek.

By - 10/8/15 - 3:33 pm

Boston University and the Huntington Theatre Company released a joint press release yesterday announcing they were dissolving their 33-year old partnership. As a result, Huntington will have to vacate their facility at 264 Huntington Ave. BU will immediately list that property for sale, along with the two buildings adjacent. Read more.

By - 10/6/15 - 3:37 pm
Tractor trailer went the wrong way down Hemenway Street in the Fenway

Wrong-way big rig on Hemenway Street

The intersection of Hemenway and Norway streets is shut thanks to the driver of an 18-wheeler, who turned onto Hemenway from Boylston, even though Hemenway is a one-way street into Boylston, then tried to turn onto Norway Street, sideswiping several cars and coming to a halt as police tried to figure out how to get the stuck rig out. Brian the roving UHub photographer shows us the scene.

A heavy-duty tow was summoned around 3:30 p.m.