By - 5/3/13 - 3:14 pm

Boston Bites Back at Fenway Park on May 15. Tickets are $211.99 and $1039.95 for food from 100 local chefs.

By - 4/29/13 - 4:00 pm

The mayor's office now says people near Landmark Center can expect to hear three explosions between 1 and 3 p.m. tomorrow as contractors use the sound waves to test pilings and other underground structures near the Muddy River reclamation project.

The sound will last approximately one second each time. Seven police details will be on site during the testing to stop vehicles briefly on nearby

... Read more
By - 4/28/13 - 1:57 pm

Bagel truck

Michal Skrzypek wonders what the cinnamon raisin d'etre is for the bagelful (and rollful) pickup he spotted this afternoon.... Read more

By - 4/26/13 - 8:18 am

A construction company working on the Muddy River reclamation project plans to set off a series of explosions along the river next week to help test the strength of pilings and other underground structures, the state alerts us.

These tests sound very much like cannon blasts or very loud gunshots.

Lovely. But try not to be too alarmed if you hear explosions between 9:30... Read more

By - 4/22/13 - 9:46 am

Huntington and Gainsborough during shutdown. Photo by Keith Foley.Huntington and Gainsborough during shutdown. Photo by Keith Foley.

Police shut down the intersection of Huntington Avenue and Gainsborough Street and evacuated the New England Conservatory after a suspicious package was... Read more

By - 4/22/13 - 8:30 am

Boston Police are making a concerted effort to find a man who broke into Rutman's Violins on Mass. Ave. and stole a cello around 7:30 a.m.

The suspect, a white man in jeans, was last spotted going down Westland, holding the cello, before he went into haydn. He was balding, with light brown/reddish hair, possibly with a goatee.

By - 4/21/13 - 11:33 pm

Around 5 p.m. outside 320 Huntington Avenue, where somebody stopped by police floored it, at least until he hit the open door of a Boston cruiser. A couple of guys bailed, ran into the Northeastern campus and appeared to ditch something along the way, Bosfiddle reports. Both were arrested.

By - 4/20/13 - 3:45 pm

Later, Neil Diamond took the field to lead the singing of "Sweet Caroline."

Don't even think of complaining to the FCC. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski tweeted after the game:

David Ortiz spoke from the heart at today's Red Sox game. I stand with Big Papi and the people of Boston.

... Read more
By - 4/20/13 - 12:34 pm

Yep, things are quickly returning to normal. Around 12:30 p.m., Charles O'Brien reported:

East bound Storrow Drive, truck can't clear BU footbridge. Major back up.

By - 4/19/13 - 7:00 pm
Celebrating on the Common. Photo by Brig Dauber.Celebrating the capture on the Common. Photo by Brig Dauber. At 8:41 p.m., a police commander at 67 Franklin St. in Watertown announced, "Subject in custody." Kip Lange tweets:
North End streets just erupted... Read more
By - 4/18/13 - 9:07 am

Giant B Love

Nathaniel Jewett captured the building across from Symphony Hall last night.... Read more

By - 4/16/13 - 11:17 am

Both the Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Art are opening their doors at no charge today. The MFA says:

We hope the Museum will be a place of respite for our community.

The ICA says:

We hope the museum will offer a place of community & reflection.

By - 4/15/13 - 8:30 pm

Grief, shock

Photographynatalia was in Kenmore Square this afternoon to photograph runners when the bombs went off. A shocked runner reacted to the news of the explosions.

Copyright Photographynatalia. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.... Read more

By - 4/12/13 - 9:01 am

David Bernstein reports that with Councilor Mike Ross (Mission Hill, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway) running for mayor, Joshua Zakim, now running Joshua Dawson's campaign to replace Marty Walz in the House of Representatives, will be running to replace Ross. Phew. And yes, Zakim is the son of the late Leonard Zakim, as in the bridge.

He'll be running in District 8 against Greg... Read more

By - 4/8/13 - 9:55 am

Drivers this morning were not prepared for yesterday's shutdown of the overpass on the Cambridge side of the BU Bridge - although they'll now have six months to get used to it.

Kathy reports traffic was tied up in knots on the Boston side. Nikki reports from on board a bus:

Driver of the CT2 is freaking out screaming obscenities at

... Read more
By - 4/4/13 - 8:11 pm
Fens on fire

>Flamey Fens. Photo by Jonathan Berk.

For the second time in less than a week, the Fens behind the Boston Fire Department fire-alarm center caught fire, shortly after 7:15 p.m. today. As with the last fire, firefighters made quick work of the flaming reeds, although unlike last time, firefighters didn't find somebody floating in the water past the reeds. However, the department did call in its arson investigators to help... Read more

By - 4/4/13 - 8:57 am

For the last week or so, people who live or work along Boylston Street have reported an annoying sulfur smell - possibly caused by construction of the street's latest big project hitting either sulfur pockets or a hellmouth.

Drew Starr tweets:

The sulfur smells bad, but isn't toxic at those levels. Cost of building in the Fens. Better after digging stops.

That... Read more

By - 3/31/13 - 5:55 pm

The Berkeley Community Garden reports on a faucet theft sometime yesterday or early today:

The gates were found locked in the morning, so we're assuming someone hopped over the Alley fence to do the damage. Every tap except the two near tremont were removed - we assume visibility kept them from those taps. There wasn't much metal in the plumbing (minimal copper and brass),

... Read more
By - 3/30/13 - 6:29 pm

Firefighters move victim to ambulance. Photo copyright T.S. MillerFirefighters move victim to ambulance. Photo copyright T.S. Miller. More photos.

What seemed like your basic springtime Fens fire this evening took on a more somber tone when firefighters pulled... Read more