By - 4/12/13 - 9:01 am

David Bernstein reports that with Councilor Mike Ross (Mission Hill, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway) running for mayor, Joshua Zakim, now running Joshua Dawson's campaign to replace Marty Walz in the House of Representatives, will be running to replace Ross. Phew. And yes, Zakim is the son of the late Leonard Zakim, as in the bridge.

He'll be running in District 8 against Greg Timilty, whose own father is also well known in these parts: Former City Councilor, State Senator and mayoral candidate Joseph Timilty.

By - 4/8/13 - 9:55 am

Drivers this morning were not prepared for yesterday's shutdown of the overpass on the Cambridge side of the BU Bridge - although they'll now have six months to get used to it.

Kathy reports traffic was tied up in knots on the Boston side. Nikki reports from on board a bus:

Driver of the CT2 is freaking out screaming obscenities at other drivers in this INSANE traffic by BU bridge.

By - 4/8/13 - 6:40 am

Opening Day, 1937: Gov. Hurley throws out opening pitch as managers Joe Cronin (l) and Joe McCarthy watch.Opening Day, 1937: Gov. Charles Hurley throws out the first pitch, flanked by managers Joe Cronin of the Red Sox (l.) and Joe McCarthy of the Yankees.

Over the decades, news photographer Leslie Jones spent quite a bit of time at Fenway, including on Opening Day.

In 1963, the Red Sox opened the home season while the Prudential tower was still under construction (see it larger):

By - 4/4/13 - 8:11 pm
Fens on fire

>Flamey Fens. Photo by Jonathan Berk.

For the second time in less than a week, the Fens behind the Boston Fire Department fire-alarm center caught fire, shortly after 7:15 p.m. today. As with the last fire, firefighters made quick work of the flaming reeds, although unlike last time, firefighters didn't find somebody floating in the water past the reeds. However, the department did call in its arson investigators to help figure out what caused the fire.

Fire closer up. Photo by Masstreehugger.Fire closer up. Photo by Masstreehugger.

Meanwhile, BFD spokesman Steve MacDonald reports the man pulled out of the water after the Saturday fire has died. Both the cause of his death and the fire remain under investigation.

By - 4/4/13 - 8:57 am

For the last week or so, people who live or work along Boylston Street have reported an annoying sulfur smell - possibly caused by construction of the street's latest big project hitting either sulfur pockets or a hellmouth.

Drew Starr tweets:

The sulfur smells bad, but isn't toxic at those levels. Cost of building in the Fens. Better after digging stops.

By - 3/31/13 - 5:55 pm

The Berkeley Community Garden reports on a faucet theft sometime yesterday or early today:

The gates were found locked in the morning, so we're assuming someone hopped over the Alley fence to do the damage. Every tap except the two near tremont were removed - we assume visibility kept them from those taps. There wasn't much metal in the plumbing (minimal copper and brass), but scrap value is the only motive we can think of. This looks like more than just vandalism. Nothing else in the garden appears damaged.

By - 3/30/13 - 6:29 pm

Firefighters move victim to ambulance. Photo copyright T.S. MillerFirefighters move victim to ambulance. Photo copyright T.S. Miller. More photos.

What seemed like your basic springtime Fens fire this evening took on a more somber tone when firefighters pulled a badly burned man out from the water behind the Fire Department's fire-alarm building.

By - 3/29/13 - 9:52 am

No clue if this is the downtown turkey, or just some fly-in from Brookline (although it doesn't seem particularly mean), but here's a turkey at the New England Conservatory off Huntington Avenue in the Fenway on Tuesday (note to conservatory students: flip your phone 90 degrees when taking videos of fast-moving fowl).

By - 3/25/13 - 2:14 pm

The Herald reports the supermarket chain will open up shop in Landmark Center.

By - 3/22/13 - 8:06 am

Boston University yesterday sued Samsung for patent infringement, alleging it holds the rights to the way Samsung is making LEDs and similar electronic components.

By - 3/18/13 - 2:11 pm

Stolen: La Sortie de Pesage by Degas. More.Stolen: La Sortie de Pesage by Degas. More.

SuspectsSuspectsThe FBI and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum today announced a $5 million reward for the return of the paintings stolen in 1990, in the hopes the money will shake loose information about the whereabouts of the paintings.

In a press conference today - the 23rd anniversary of the heist - the FBI said it now knows who stole the paintings - a mid-Atlantic crime syndicate - but that it doesn't know what happened to the collection, which includes Rembrandt and Vermeer paintings, after it was moved to Connecticut and then Philadelphia:

By - 3/15/13 - 9:53 am

The Herald reports the BRA last night approved plans for a $305-million, 350-apartment complex on the site of an old McDonald's on Boylston Street.

By - 3/5/13 - 5:08 pm

Hugo Chavez dead.

Michael Patrick Brady wonders:

Will the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square go dark for Hugo Chavez tonight?

By - 3/1/13 - 1:54 pm

Join Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders at our annual Summer Party held outside in the heart of Provincetown, MA on Saturday, July 27 from 4:00-7:00PM. Enjoy the view of the harbor, mingle with other GLAD supporters and learn more about our ground-breaking cases.

Tickets are $75 online | $85 on site | $30 student
Purchase at www.glad.org/events.

Don't miss our amazing auction and celebrity auctioneer Kate Clinton. You don't have to be present to win. Travel packages, restaurants, massages, and much more - something for everyone!

By - 2/28/13 - 7:33 am

The Huntington News reports Northeastern police officers came running when a college worker reported "a man in the Smith Hall laundry room standing still in a strange position for several hours" - with his head stuck in a drier. Turns out he had good reason for standing still: He was a mannequin.

By - 2/24/13 - 8:42 am

John Carroll runs the numbers on an auction of art the MFA no longer wanted.

By - 2/22/13 - 12:22 pm

Jerry Remy's on Bolyston Street goes before the Boston Licensing Board next week for permission to keep its season-old roof deck open until midnight seven days a week. The restaurant currently has to start ushering guests off the roof by 11 p.m. when it's open.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room at City Hall.