Fires in Boston

Date Street Neighborhood
Fire at 31 Harlem St in Dorchester 11/27/16 - 12:40 pm Four-alarm fire tears through Dorchester two-family house 31 Harlem St. Dorchester
Read of 36 Hall St. in Jamaica Plain after fire 11/23/16 - 4:22 am Another smoker sets a house on fire, this time in Jamaica Plain 36 Hall St. Jamaica Plain
George Street fire 11/5/16 - 8:40 am One dead, one seriously injured as abandoned Roxbury house burns to the ground 94 George St. Roxbury
Boston firefighters at Nixon Street fire 11/4/16 - 10:38 pm No injuries in Dorchester three-decker fire 48 Nixon St. Dorchester
Newbury Street fire 10/16/16 - 6:18 pm Two-alarm fire on Newbury Street 228 Newbury St. Back Bay
10/12/16 - 1:15 pm Mattapan house catches fire 11 Ormond St. Mattapan
Scene on Chauncy Street in downtown Boston 10/3/16 - 1:00 pm Firefighters evacuate some residents of Chinatown building as top two floors fill with smoke 115 Chauncy St. Boston
Figs on fire 10/3/16 - 12:30 pm Another Todd English restaurant catches on fire 42 Charles St. Beacon Hill
9/25/16 - 3:55 am Three-alarm fire displaces nine in Roxbury 24 Elm Hill Park Roxbury
73 Rutland St. in the South End 9/13/16 - 3:33 pm South End roof goes up in flames 73 Rutland St. South End
9/4/16 - 2:40 pm Another large brush fire erupts in West Roxbury bird streets Willett St. West Roxbury
Fire scene on Walter Street, Roslindale 9/3/16 - 11:50 pm Roslindale house catches on fire 139 Walter St. Roslindale
Fire on Myrick Street in Allston 8/31/16 - 12:25 am Four-alarm fire racks Allston house 30 Myrick St. Allston
8/30/16 - 2:20 pm Another brush fire for the birds in West Roxbury 1 Eagle St. West Roxbury
Smoke visible from West Roxbury brush fire on other side of quarry 8/20/16 - 6:30 pm Brush fires erupt in West Roxbury, Needham Eagle St. West Roxbury
Fire on River Street in Hyde Park 8/18/16 - 3:35 pm Big fire in Hyde Park 1044 River St. Hyde Park
8/14/16 - 6:25 pm Fire erupts in Mattapan house 18 Alabama St. Mattapan
Fire on East 4 Street in South Boston 8/8/16 - 10:25 pm Fire rips through South Boston homes 797 E. 4 St. South Boston
8/2/16 - 12:20 pm Orange Line service in a rut, smoke at Mass. Ave. gets it shut
8/1/16 - 9:20 pm Kitchen fire causes extensive damage to Brighton apartment building 116 Warren St. Brighton
87 Sawyer St fire in Dorchester 7/26/16 - 12:55 pm Careless smoker starts four-alarm fire in Dorchester 87 Sawyer Ave. Dorchester
Fire at 69 Walnut Park in Roxbury. <a href="">Photo by BFD</a>. 7/26/16 - 1:30 am Fire burns boarded-up house in Roxbury 69 Walnut Park Roxbury
Fire on Chelsea Street in East Boston 7/22/16 - 7:23 pm Building next to Santarpio's in East Boston goes up in flames 107 Chelsea St. East Boston
Fire at 284 Bunker Hill St. in Charlestown 7/21/16 - 1:45 pm Six-alarm fire rips through Charlestown homes 284 Bunker Hill St. Charlestown
Fire on Sudan Street in Dorchester 7/21/16 - 11:00 am Fire damages two Dorchester three deckers 45-47 Sudan St. Dorchester
7/13/16 - 3:55 pm Fire erupts at top of East Boston triple decker 294 Chelsea St. East Boston
Fire at 10 Hazelmere Road in Roslindale 7/7/16 - 1:25 am Short circuit starts two-alarm fire in Roslindale home 10 Hazelmere Rd. Roslindale
Fire at 750 Hyde Park Ave. in Hyde Park. 7/3/16 - 5:00 am Hyde Park auto repair shop goes up in flames 749 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
Fire on Linden Street in Allston 6/26/16 - 7:11 pm Allston triple decker goes up in flames 27 Linden St. Allston
Fire in Hyde Park 6/25/16 - 6:00 pm Five-alarm fire destroys Hyde Park warehouse, forces evacuation of nearby homes Grantley St. Hyde Park
6/22/16 - 7:11 pm Two-alarm roof-deck fire damages Beacon Hill condo building 32 Hancock St. Beacon Hill
Aftermath of fire on Saratoga Street in East Boston 6/20/16 - 11:40 pm Porches erupt in flames in East Boston 784 Saratoga St. East Boston
6/17/16 - 2:35 pm Fire erupts in East Boston house 447 Frankfort St. East Boston
93 Park St. fire in Dorchester 6/8/16 - 1:30 pm Firefighters battle blaze in Fields Corner three decker 93 Park St. Dorchester
212 Austin St. fire damage in Hyde Park 6/8/16 - 10:07 am Four-alarm fire displaces six in Hyde Park 212 Austin St. Hyde Park
5/29/16 - 8:30 pm Mission Hill house erupts in flames 43 Iroquois St. Mission Hill
5/25/16 - 1:50 pm Fire breaks out at Roxbury charter school 58 Circuit St. Roxbury
5/23/16 - 9:50 pm Roslindale school playground destroyed in arson fire 15 Basile St. Roslindale
Firefighters on the roof of 57 W. 7 St. in South Boston 5/23/16 - 11:47 am Yutz who used a rooftop planter for an ashtray sparked a fire that damaged three buildings in South Boston 57 W. 7 St. South Boston
5/20/16 - 1:46 am Smoker sets another building on fire 28 Parmenter St. North End
Fire on Raymond Street in Allston 5/18/16 - 1:46 am Two-alarm fire displaces four in Allston; firefighters pulled when live ammo starts going off 42 Raymond St. Allston
5/8/16 - 9:03 pm Hoverboard sets Hanover Street building on fire 406 Hanover St. North End
Boston firefighters at 11 Capen Pl. in Dorchester 5/4/16 - 11:30 am Short circuit sparks two-alarm fire in Dorchester 11 Capen Pl. Dorchester
Boston firefighters at 11 Temple St. on Beacon Hill 5/1/16 - 12:10 am Three-alarm fire races through floor in Beacon Hill apartment building 11 Temple St. Beacon Hill
Fire hit this building on Montello Street in Dorchester 4/30/16 - 8:00 pm Three-alarm fire takes out rear porches on Dorchester three decker 8 Montello St. Dorchester
Fire on Dacia Street in Dorchester 4/30/16 - 7:00 pm Fire erupts on Dacia Street in Dorchester; 22 displaced 52 Dacia St. Dorchester
Fens on fire 4/28/16 - 2:15 pm Fens on fire again
Residents wait for all clear at 770 Boylston St. in the Back Bay 4/25/16 - 12:00 am Chute and ladders: Trash fire erupts in Pru Center apartment building 770 Boylston St. Back Bay
Flaming Fenway fens 4/22/16 - 12:10 pm Fens catch on fire, as is their wont Boylston St. and Park Dr. Fenway
4/21/16 - 4:05 pm Shed fire spreads to house in South Boston, goes to two alarms 291 Silver St. South Boston
Stockton Street fire 4/21/16 - 3:55 pm Two-alarm fire in Dorchester 21 Stockton St. Dorchester
Blue Hill Avenue fire scene 4/21/16 - 12:55 pm Man burned in Roxbury fire 42 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
Firefighter at fire on Brookledge Street in Roxbury 4/20/16 - 4:35 am Fire forces seven from Roxbury home 21 Brookledge St. Roxbury
4/16/16 - 11:40 am Fire erupts in Hyde Park house 11 Ellis St. Hyde Park
4/14/16 - 9:30 pm Burning bed brings firefighters to the Parker House 60 School St. Boston
4/1/16 - 3:00 pm Fire in Uphams Corner house 6 Monadnock St. Dorchester
3/27/16 - 8:30 pm Car goes up in flames in the Back Bay Massachusetts Ave. and Commonwealth Ave. Back Bay
Fire at BU building 3/25/16 - 8:50 am Fire in a BU recording studio goes to three alarms 640 Commonwealth Ave. Boston
Fire on WInthrop Street in Roxbury as seen from the Back Bay 3/24/16 - 11:40 am Boat bursts into flames, sets fire to house in Roxbury 41 Winthrop St. Roxbury
Dump truck on fire in Jackson Square 3/16/16 - 12:55 pm Firefighters douse a flaming dump truck in Jackson Square Ritchie St. and Columbus Ave. Roxbury
3/12/16 - 6:15 am Woman dies in South End apartment fire 109 E. Canton St. South End
Two cars on fire on Lagrange Street in Chinatown 3/7/16 - 9:45 am A couple of people probably aren't going to be happy when they get out of work Lagrange St. Chinatown
3/6/16 - 6:00 pm Fire breaks out in Readville 1830 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
Fire scene at 380 Talbot Ave. in Dorchester 3/5/16 - 3:50 am Woman dies in Codman Square fire 380 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
3/1/16 - 9:00 am Dorchester house on fire 50 Barry St. Dorchester
Fire at 175 Florence St. in Roslindale 2/23/16 - 4:20 pm Fire damages Roslindale house 175 Florence St. Roslindale
Perthshire Road fire in Brighton. 2/19/16 - 7:10 pm Careless smoker blamed for fire that ripped through Brighton house 72 Perthshire St. Brighton
2/16/16 - 9:45 am Short sparks two-alarm fire in Fields Corner senior complex 25 Ditson St. Dorchester
2/15/16 - 1:50 pm Fire erupts in Uphams Corner three decker 57 Woodford St. Dorchester
1/26/16 - 2:10 pm Manhole bursts into flames in Brighton Lake St. and Lake Shore Rd. Brighton
1/22/16 - 9:35 am Car fire inside auto-body garage forces evacuation of senior day center 10 Frontenac St. Mattapan
14 Beechcroft St in Brighton on fire. 1/21/16 - 6:10 pm Two-alarm fire displaces six in Brighton 14 Beechcroft St. Brighton
1/20/16 - 9:15 am Two-alarm fire erupts in East Boston garage 86 Condor St. East Boston
Fire scene on Harrison Street in Roslindale 1/16/16 - 6:17 am Careless smoker starts three-alarm fire that displaces 14 in Roslindale 36 Harrison St. Roslindale
Car on fire on Green Street in Jamaica Plain 1/15/16 - 8:40 am Car self-immolates in Jamaica Plain Green St. and Amory St. Jamaica Plain
Fire at 849 Cummins Highway 1/12/16 - 6:30 pm Mattapan house fire displaces seven, injures firefighter 849 Cummins Highway Mattapan
Babson Street fire 1/11/16 - 4:05 pm Fire sparked by dental equipment sets Mattapan house on fire; two residents, one firefighter hurt 130 Babson St. Mattapan
1/11/16 - 1:35 pm Brighton porch bursts into flames 5 Harriet St. Brighton
560 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain 1/9/16 - 10:05 pm Fire erupts in apartment building on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain 560 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
Fire at 22 Bellvista Rd. in Brighton 1/8/16 - 8:00 pm Fire rips through Brighton condo 22 Bellvista Rd. Brighton
1/7/16 - 3:11 am Two-alarm fire displaces three in Roxbury 60 Gaston St. Roxbury
1/6/16 - 3:40 am Two-alarm fire in the South End injures firefighter 39 Greenwich Park South End
Three-decker house on fire in Dorchester 12/26/15 - 5:43 pm Four-alarm fire displaces 16 in Dorchester 25 Alpha Rd. Dorchester
Fire on Revere Street on Beacon Hill 12/23/15 - 8:00 pm Two dogs die in Beacon Hill fire 80 Revere St. Beacon Hill
Former MDC barracks in Brighton after fire 12/22/15 - 3:00 am Historic MDC barracks in Brighton burst into flames Western Ave. and Leo M. Birmingham Pkwy Brighton
Seaverns Avenue chimney fire 12/20/15 - 7:35 pm Chimney fire shuts Seaverns Avenue in Jamaica Plain 67 Seaverns Ave. Jamaica Plain
Damage from a two-alarm fire in Roxbury 12/19/15 - 10:00 pm Two-alarm fire rips through vacant Roxbury triple decker 32 Edgewood St. Roxbury
Thornton Street fire scene 12/14/15 - 11:30 am Fire erupts in Roxbury house 5 Thornton Pl. Roxbury
Fire in Roxbury 12/3/15 - 5:47 am Two-alarm fire displaces eight in Roxbury 16 E. Cottage St. Roxbury
10 Post Office Square 11/24/15 - 9:48 pm Smoky two-alarm fire forces evacuation of Post Office Square building 10 Post Office Sq. Boston
11/24/15 - 9:17 pm Plumber sets East Boston triple decker on fire 217 Lexington St. East Boston
Fire at 9 Greenwood Ave. in Hyde Park 11/21/15 - 5:30 pm Hyde Park fire sends seven to the hospital; worsens when natural-gas line into basement gives way 9 Greenwood Ave. Hyde Park
11/20/15 - 1:30 am Fire rips through Oak Square triple decker; 11 displaced 40 Champeney St. Brighton
Burned roof on Columbia Road in Dorchester 11/16/15 - 4:08 pm Two-alarm fire erupts on Dorchester apartment-building roof 137 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
Firetrucks at 100 Widett Circle cold-storage fire 11/16/15 - 8:30 am Fire, hazmat situation in Widett Circle 100 Widett Circle South Boston
Firefighters on L Street in South Boston 11/1/15 - 5:10 pm Careless smoker causes two-alarm fire in South Boston that sends three to the hospital 120 L St. South Boston
FIrefighters working to put out fire on Kittredge Street in Roslindale 10/28/15 - 6:15 pm Two-alarm fire rips through third floor of Roslindale house 314 Kittredge St. Roslindale
Fire in Boston's Chinatown 10/19/15 - 8:45 pm Chinatown fire injures two, displaces dozens 84 Harrison Ave. Chinatown
10/17/15 - 3:00 pm Ten made homeless by Dorchester fire 35 Harbor View St. Dorchester
10/17/15 - 2:30 am Early morning one-alarm fire rousts residents of two-family house in Lower Mills 123 Richmond St. Dorchester