Chaos at Back Bay as smoke fills Orange Line train

Passengers on an outbound Orange Line train busted out windows when the train filled with smoke and the doors wouldn't open shortly before 5 p.m.

WBZ reports three people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

The train driver reported a "pop" and some sparks as his train entered the station; possibly due to a motor sparking and setting trash on the tracks on fire.

Commuter-rail and Amtrak service through Back Bay was also halted. Buses that normally stop at Back Bay are being diverted to Copley Square.

The T set up shuttle-bus service between Jackson Square and Copley Square.

Uber pricing went into overdrive. And then some.

The Orange Line halt came just as the Red Line was having its own meltdown.

On Sunday, Red Line service was halted when a trash fire sent smoke into South Station.

This coming Saturday, the T is planning a drill at Alewife station involving smoke filling a subway tunnel and station.

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Man found shot to death in Hyde Park was Weymouth resident, father of three

Boston Police have identified the man found dead of a gunshot wound in a car on Williams Avenue on Fairmount Hill this past Saturday as James Clermont, 24, of South Weymouth.

"Jerz" Clermont leaves two sons and a daughter, aged 6, 3 and 2, according to a GoFundMe page his brother set up to help pay for funeral and burial services this Monday and for a fund for his children.

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Delays on the Red Line once more rife due to a train that died at Alewife

UPDATE: The T now blames signal problems at Alewife for ongoing delays.

Service all along the Red Line has come to a grinding halt due to a train that has left this mortal coil at Alewife.

Meanwhile, the Rockport/Newburyport is once again imitating the Fairmount Line.

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Developers file formal plans for five-story condo building in Roslindale

Developers Charles Gill and Nabil Boghos recently submitted formal plans with the BPDA for a 136-unit, five-story building on Walk Hill Street off American Legion Highway.

The pair say they complied with a request from nearby residents to shrink the size of the project - which they did by reducing the size of units, rather than reducing the number of units. They say this will let them offer the units to Millennials trying to stay in the area.

The proposal also calls for 166 parking spaces, more than originally proposed, but less than required by zoning for the area.

The developers will argue the project does not need as many spaces in part because it is "transit oriented" - although it is about a mile away from the Forest Hills Orange Line station and the only bus line that runs near it, the 14, only runs every 40 minutes, at best. Residents worry about traffic impacts.

In addition to the BPDA, Gill and Boghos will need approvals from the Zoning Board of Appeals because of the building's parking, height and density and because the building would sit in a commercial, rather than a residential, zone.

The two say neighboring cemeteries will buffer most other residents from the project.

Walk Hill Residences project notification form (97M PDF).

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Foul play not suspected in death of elderly man whose body was found in South Boston

A man in his late 70s or early 80s, whose last known address was in Walpole, was found dead this morning near a bench in Marine Park near Castle Island in South Boston, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Neither the man’s body nor the scene showed signs of violence or a struggle, but the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of his death.

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In case you're wondering where your stupid little Prius that you left on Derne Street went to

Bill Brett reports that first firefighters had to get out of their truck yesterday and move the damn thing because they couldn't make the turn since it was parked way too close to the intersection.

Then a tow truck came to pull the Prius C away. The end.

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Man got fair trial for Roxbury revenge murder, gets to spend rest of life in prison, court rules

The Supreme Judicial Court today upheld Joseph Gomes's conviction for the 2007 shooting death of Fausto Sanchez on Maywood Street in Roxbury, concluding that Gomes got a fair trial and that a reasonable person could have found him guilty of murder in the first degree.

Gomes, of Hyde Park, had been charged with killing Sanchez in an attempt to target another man who'd allegedly shot at one of Gomes' relatives earlier in the day on Langdon Street in Roxbury.

According to the court ruling, Gomes and his nephew, Emmanuel Dasilva, drove over to Maywood Street, where the shooter lived, spotted his car and a group of men standing near it and opened fire - fatally hitting Sanchez wounding several other men. Sanchez had nothing to do with the morning's gunfire and the man Gomes was trying to hit was not one of the men who wound up shot or fleeing.

Dasilva was also found guilty of first-degree murder. The state's highest court upheld Dasilva's conviction last year.

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Boston quilt company says it's uncovered a group trying to rip it off

Project Repat, a Jamaica Plain company that takes people's old T-shirts and remakes them into quilts, is suing a Rhode Island company it says stole its trade secrets and customer lists.

Repat charges that American Quilt Co. is actually run by a team of videographers Repat in 2014 to produce promotional videos and handle its online presence - including one person who goes by the alias of Joe McMillan - "an unethical character on the AMC television series 'Halt and Catch Fire,' who steals intellectual property to unfairly compete with his former friends."

In its lawsuit, filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Repat charges the principals of InfoWhip of Providence used their time with Repat to acquire "a wealth of highly confidential information concerning Repat’s advertising strategy and best practices, which were the product of at least three years of trial and error and considerable expense."

Repat, founded by Nathan Rothstein and Ross Lohr, says InfoWhip kept accessing Repat e-mail long after Repat had terminated its contract:

The email tracking software used by Repat, Yesware, indicates that as recently as October 18, 2016, while in Houston, Texas, one or more Defendants accessed a June 2, 2015 email between Repat and IndieWhip that contained Repat’s Trade Secrets, including but not limited to information concerning Repat’s customer acquisition costs.

Repat is asking a judge to make American Quilty knock it off, return all the purloined data and pay unspecified damages.

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The quiet little ballot question that would increase Boston property taxes for affordable housing, parks

In addition to four statewide ballot questions, Boston voters are deciding whether to add a surcharge to property tax bills to pay for more affordable housing and improvements to local parks and historical sites.

Question 5 on the Boston ballot would add a 1% surcharge to the amount property owners have to pay each year - officials estimate the average homeowner would see a $23 annual increase and that the city would collect about $16.5 million in total new revenue. The elderly, people below certain income levels and owners of industrial land would be exempt.

Boston is allowed to seek the surcharge under the state Community Preservation Act - which allows for an up to 3% surcharge.

The City Council approved the ballot question 12-1 earlier this year.

City Councilors Andrea Campbell (Roxbury) and Michael Flaherty (at large), who sponsored the measure, said the measure would help residents being priced out of Boston stay here. Flaherty noted that 160 Massachusetts communities have already enacted similar measures.

Councilor Bill Linehan (South Boston), who opposed the question, though, said passage would only add to the burdens of homeowners in his district already getting socked with skyrocketing property-tax bills.

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