The T's best bus driver crowned

Miles reports on today's annual MBTA bus roadeo, held at a T yard in Charlestown.

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'Quite the autumn feel' on Sunday, possibly even record low temps, NWS says

Looks like Mr. Autumn Man will have a grand time walking down Mass. Ave. on Sunday. The National Weather Service predicts the day will have "quite the autumn feel" and that not only will temperatures dip into the 30s by Sunday night, they could hit a record low - thanks in part to the drought, natch - maybe even warrant a frost advisory for areas closer to Boston than the Worcester hills.

Am concerned. Thinking an anomalous situation given dry conditions across the region coupled with the radiational cooling setup. Wonder whether guidance is capturing this rather well. A hunch that perhaps there`s an opportunity here to undercut guidance by a couple of degrees. Feel Sunday morning lows, if lower than initially thought, will weigh on confidence and forecast thinking going into Monday morning.

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North End defecator returns to leave apology, Dunkin' Donuts gift card reports on the deucer with a heart of gold.

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One of the Hat Sisters has died

BosGuy says farewell to John Michael Gray, who, with his husband Tim O’Connor, made up one of Boston's - and Provincetown's - most fabulous couples.

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All hail Fluff

RoadTrip New England watched the Fluffernutters dance their fluff off at the annual Fluff festival in Somerville's Union Square today. The festival, of course, honors the homegrown marshamallowy stuff.

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Latest Dorchester murder victim identified as Jonathan Cardoso, 21

Family and friends have identified the man shot to death on Downer Avenue on Tuesday as Jonathan Cardoso, 21.

Cardoso leaves his mother, an older sister, and a younger sister who is a student at the Mather School in Dorchester.

A memorial fund has been set up online to help his family pay for funeral and related costs.

Cardoso is the fourteenth person murdered in Dorchester this year.

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Down by the river, cleaning up after slobs

The Neponset River Watershed Association sent volunteers to several points along the Neponset in Hyde Park this morning for its annual river cleanup.

Behind Le Phare Church on River Street on the Hyde Park/Mattapan line, volunteers struck the mother load of trash: An entire hillside covered in what looked like the detritus of months of buffets - loads of plastic plates, cups, juice bottles, soda cans and aluminum serving trays, all obviously just tossed over the fence at the end of the church parking lot. Church members said it wasn't them - they have a dumpster.

At least the trays were all packed together in two piles, making them easier to pick up:


Before going into the brush along the river, volunteers donned disposable moon suits and gloves to help protect them from poison ivy that laced the area.

Two volunteers

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Adults work so kids can play

Parents and neighbors descended on the Sumner School in Roslindale today to help set up a temporary play set to replace the one burned in an arson fire this past May, until a more permanent playground can be built.

So many people showed up that there wasn't enough work for them all - so they set to scraping and cleaning the school fence along Basile Street so it could be repainted.

Once a permanent playground is completed, the temporary set will be used at other playgrounds being updated in the city.

An adult and two teens have been charged with setting the fire

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Hopefully, he hasn't gone far

There are signs up along West Street in Hyde Park about a missing tortoise.

Update: His name is Pedro.

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