Maybe the Common just isn't the best place to be shooting off howitzers, at least not without warning

J. Nathan Matias watched artillery fired on the Common this evening to welcome what Rob McDougall reports are various governors and other people in town for some sort of confab - more specifically, the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers.

McAllister Crowley reports hearing six or even very loud booms and then "everyone at Downtown Crossing started running."

I'm not exaggerating when I say DTX was in a state of panic. People were clutching kids sprinting away.

Rolling coal, Boston style

Dan Meade reports he was in front of Faneuil Hall around 6:45 p.m. today when a large group of motorcycles came roaring up:

They came down Devonshire, held up traffic at the crossing at Congress to keep the pack together, and then about 100 motorcycles stopped in front of Fanueil Hall and smokescreened the whole block.

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Man already facing armed-robbery charges arrested for Roxbury murder; two more people sought

Still at large.

Boston Police report a suspect in a double shooting that left Allex Bryant dead on Humboldt Avenue in March has been arrested in Atlanta, GA.

Dartanyan Pledger, 24, of Dorchester, was nabbed by US marshals on Thursday, police say. Pledger was arrested in 2015 for an armed robbery in Dedham.

Still sought: Niccokowan Pledger-Grant, 26, of Quincy, (left in the photo above), who is also wanted for murder and Lisa Lewis, 24, of Quincy, who will be charged as an accessory after the fact when found.

Innocent, etc.

Hyde Park man arrested for Dorchester murder

Boston Police report arresting Aaron Almeida, 22, of Hyde Park, on charges he gunned down Ailton Goncalves on Dudley Terrace early last Saturday.

A woman was also shot, but survived.

Almeida, arrested this morning at Morrissey Boulevard and Neponset Avenue in Dorchester, will be arraigned Monday in Dorchester Municipal Court, police say.

Innocent, etc.