Developer hopes to break ground this fall on complete re-do of Orient Heights housing project

Architect's rendering.

Trinity Financial this week filed its formal plans with the BRA to replace the 1950s-era, 331-unit Orient Heights housing project with 373 new public-housing units and 42-market rate apartments.

The current apartments would be torn down in phases - the entire project would not be complete until 2024 - starting with a two-year makeover along Waldemar Avenue, and would mix townhouses with some five-story apartment buildings.

Current tenants will be moved to other BHA projects and given first crack at the new units.


A revised roadway network has been designed to connect Vallar Road at the center of the Project Site to Waldemar Avenue along its northern edge. This new connection will allow pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles to circulate freely through the Project Site, forging a connection between the upper and lower areas of the development that is currently missing. Additionally, Faywood Avenue, along the Project Site’s southern edge, will be widened to allow two-way traffic to provide a better connected street grid. The enhanced network of renovated and new streets will provide improved access to and from the new homes and improved circulation for the greater Orient Heights community.

At the heart of the Project, a new public park, tentatively called "Gateway Park," will be programmed for active and passive recreation with multigenerational uses for all residents and the greater neighborhood. The park will include playground equipment for a range of ages. Comfortable seating and gathering spaces will be incorporated to balance active uses while providing a landscaped garden to buffer the park from the adjacent roadways.

From the Trinity filing:

Site map
Orient Heights proposal
Orient Heights proposal
Orient Heights proposal

Orient Heights project notification form (107M PDF).

Electricity solicitors in Brighton

Anyone else encounter door-to-door solicitors for electricity service in Brighton? Talked to them yesterday. I don't know if they're legitimate, but they were pretty keen on seeing my electric bill and left once it was established that it's online and I couldn't remember my password. They left me with a business card with no business name or website, a gmail address, and an address that didn't appear on GMaps to be a permanent office. No website, pamphlets or info to review. Heads up, could be one of those scams where they want to see your bill to get enough info to switch you over.


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Allston Calling

Boston Magazine reports that the Boston Calling music festival will be moving to a larger space owned by Harvard in Allston starting next year - and will be adding a film festival curated by Harvard alum Natalie Portman.

The move means no Boston Calling this fall.

Mayor Walsh is as thrilled as he was when announcing plans for an IndyCar race.

Not everyone is pleased. Allston residents, some of whom remember how the city crushed the far smaller DIY Fest in Ringer Park say the move was sprung on the neighborhood.

Wes Mack writes:

I wonder if Allston's residents were consulted in corporate owned Boston Calling taking over their neighborhood?

Harry Mattison is not as upset, but says the way the news was sprung is symptomatic of the clout Lower Allston has, which is basically none. And he tries to be optimistic:

Maybe Harvard can host DYI Fest for free.