Drone wars: Newton man sues over new city drone restrictions

A Newton doctor who says he uses a drone to photograph what he says is illegal city snow dumping in a local park is asking a federal judge to block a Newton ordinance that makes it illegal to fly the small aircraft over property without a property owner's consent.

In a suit filed in US District Court this week, Michael Singer says the city is illegally trying to block him from using a drone to capture the dumping of "snow and refuse" in Nahanton Park.

Although the city's board of alderman said their main concern in passing limits on drones last month was to protect residents' privacy, Singer charges the city is depriving him of his privacy by forcing him to register his drone use - and even his flying a rubber-band-powered balsa-wood airplane - with the city clerk.

He says the regulation also violates his First Amendment rights to "constitutionally protected information gathering" and his Fifth Amendment rights to due process, as well as FAA airspace regulations.

More grub, less pub planned for Beacon Street watering hole

The Boston Licensing Board votes tomorrow whether to let George Vinal and Angelo Stamos buy the Crossroads Irish Pub, 495 Beacon St. and turn it into a "neighborhood dining concept" called St. Locale.

"We're going to go food focused," Vinal told the board at a hearing today, adding that would include wine and craft-cocktail programs.

Vinal said converting the pub into a restaurant should not take long at all. St. Locale would have the same number of seats and hours as Crossroads.

The Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay and the mayor's office supported the request for a liquor-license transfer.

Driver hits pedestrian on Dot Ave., then just keeps on driving

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 19:00

Around 7 p.m. at Dorchester Avenue near Wrentham Street. Gavin Schoch reports the victim's injuries were life threatening; the homicide unit was called in just in case. The Herald reports police found the apparent hit-and-run car, abandoned, in Quincy.


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How to get from North to South Station

What's the easiest and quickest way to get from North Station to South Station?

Currently I take the orange to the red line but that is usually a 20 min affair in the morning and worse at 5pm.

I'm thinking of getting an electric scooter or boosted board.


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#MartyLostMeWhen, "A Rough Hashtag For The Mayor"

Tuesday evening, the same as Mayor Walsh's third State of the City address, a twitter hashtag was launched by Bostonians who described an event or events in Boston governance that caused them to lose faith in Mayor Walsh as their champion to run city government.

#MartyLostMeWhen started at about 5 in the afternoon and went until about 1 in the morning. Read more.


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Mayor to try for universal pre-K, $1-billion school repair project and public library in Chinatown

In his state of the city address tonight, Mayor Walsh proposed projects - some of which will require approval from the state legislature - to improve Boston Public Schools.

Among them: Guarantee a seat in a public pre-K program for every four-year-old in the city. Walsh would fund the estimated $16.5-million annual cost by asking the legislature to redirect taxes on sightseeing tours and car rentals in Boston that now go the state.

Walsh will also ask the state to pay what he says is the city's fair reimbursement for students who leave BPS for charter schools and to make other changes in charter transportation reimbursement and school-construction programs that would add $35 million to BPS each year.

The mayor also announced a plan to spend $1 billion over the next ten years to rehab existing Boston schools.

In addition, Walsh called for adding a BPL branch to the China Trade Center. Chinatown is not currently served by the BPL.

The mayor says that over the next year, the city transportation department will work to bring better traffic control to key intersections across the city through real-time traffic monitoring to adjust the timing of the lights. And he said the city will create "neighborhood trauma teams" in Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, East Boston and Jamaica Plain to "ams in Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, East Boston and Jamaica Plain to coordinate immediate response and sustained recovery for all those affected in the aftermath of violence."

Entire mayor's address.