Citizen complaint of the day: There's only so much Turkey in the Straw you can take

Around 3 p.m., an aggravated citizen filed a complaint about an ice-cream truck in the area of Grant Street and Crescent Avenue in Dorchester:

There is an ice cream truck that has been circling the neighborhood playing a loud annoying tune every 5 minutes for the last 4 hours. Is there an ordinance that can be enforced to stop this?

Wandering Littleton bull found, shot to death as a risk to motorist safety

Littleton Police report the death this afternoon of the bull that had been wandering the countryside for several days after it escaped a livestock auction.

Police report a sergeant responding to a report of the bull standing in the middle of Great Road around 5:30 p.m. today arrived to find it had moved off that thoroughfare and onto a side street. When it began moving back towards Great Road, the sergeant decided to shoot the bull because of the risk he would pose to motorists.

The bull's owner then arrived and fired a third, and fatal, shot.

In a statement, Police Chief Matthew King said:

This decision did not come lightly. Littleton Police and the bull's owner acted out of concern for people in the neighborhood and drivers in the area.

City council candidate opposes teaching anal sex to kindergarteners

Roy Owens, who runs for a different office every year, this year is running for the District 7 City Council seat Tito Jackson is giving up to run for mayor. And he's come out with both guns blazing against teaching anal sex to kindergarteners, which is a position none of the other 12 candidates for the seat have publicly taken, probably because, oh, come on, seriously now?

In a flier he's distributing in the district, Owens claims a bill in the state legislature would mandate telling kindergarten students how to have "same sex, oral and anal sex," and that that would lead to 100% of all students becoming gay as well as "pro immorality and pro atheist."

The specific bill he's fretting about, of course, says no such thing and, in fact, would create a requirement that school districts that offer sex-ed classes give parents the right to see the curriculum beforehand and to withdraw their children without penalty.

On this site to be erected four townhouses for one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eaters

A couple months ago, a developer tore down two single-family homes on Cornell Street in Roslindale to build four townhouses. But it turns out there's this giant boulder right in the middle. Last night or today, somebody put a couple of giant googly eyes on it - alas, one of them has since fallen off.

H/t Michelle.

BPD was also busy last night in the North End reports cops arrested 22 teenagers last night - on top of the 21 arrested Friday - as BPD makes good on its promise to crack down on allegedly drunken teens carousing through the streets.

UPDATE: BPD has released the numbers and locations of people arrested last night:

Winthrop, 8; New York, 4; Lynn, 2; Lynnfield, 2; East Boston, 1; Medford, 1; Everett, 1; Peabody, 1; Unknown, 2.

Charges included drinking in public and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Did BPD go too far putting the racists in a cone of silence?

Dan Kennedy acknowledges the cops had a tough job on the Common, but wonders if they might have taken some liberties with the 1st Amendment, by, for example, banning the press from the bandstand:

Let’s not kid ourselves. There was real potential for violence far beyond the skirmishes that actually took place. The Boston Police did a good job of protecting public safety. But free speech took a back seat on Saturday, and I imagine we’re going to be hearing more about that in the days to come.