Our own haunted condo building?

Aline Kaplan introduces us to the architecture and possibly haunted history of the Charlesgate, a hotel turned dorm turned rooming house turned dorm again turned condos at Beacon Street and Charlesgate on the edge of the Back Bay.

The glowing spirits of horses that died in a flood have been seen on the ground floor where a stable was supposedly located. The building’s original plans show no stable on the premises, although you can have night-mares without real horses.

New Hampster to Amazon: Boston sucks, so come to NH because it's near Boston

Cow Hampshire officials think Amazon should set up shop in Londonderry ("Gateway to Manchester!") so they can be near Boston, even though Boston sucks. And there's absolutely nothing hypocritical about a governor who's called plans to extend commuter rail from the Evil City up to the Graniteheaded State "a boondoggle" saying he'd be willing to extend commuter rail from Boston to New Hampshire if that's what Amazon wants.

Everett man convicted of plotting ISIS murders with his uncle, who was shot to death by law-enforcement officers in Roslindale

Associated Press reports a federal jury today convicted David Wright of involvement in a conspiracy to behead rightwinger Pamela Geller and others in an ISIS terror plot.

Wright was the nephew of Usaamah Rahim, who was fatally shot by an FBI agent and a BPD officer in a Roslindale parking lot in 2015 after he went after them with a large knife after deciding he couldn't wait to go after Geller and instead wanted to kill some "boys in blue" right away.

Last year, a third man pleaded guilty to his role in the plotting.

Turkey tips: Carry a broom or get a dog

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife is out with some "tips for aggressive turkeys" (more specifically, how we can deal with them, not tips for turkeys looking to get ragier). Among them:

Don't let turkeys intimidate you. Residents can threaten a bold or aggressive turkey by making loud noises, swatting it with a broom, or spraying water from a hose. A leashed dog is also an effective deterrent.

Also, ditch your bird feeders and cover your windows and anything shiny: Turkeys love bird feeders; but hate the "turkeys" they think are menacing them when they see their reflections and will go after them because it turns out pecking orders are a thing when it comes to turkeys.

And never feed them. Not after midnight, not before midnight, never.

More turkey tips.

Suffolk looks to add more dorms, but maybe in East Boston, South Boston or Charlestown

The Suffolk Journal reports the university is looking to increase the percentage of students it currently has room for in dorms from 25% or so and quotes honcho and former City Councilor and East Boston native John Nucci on how it might make sense to look outside of the incredibly expensive area around the school at places that are just a ten-minute subway ride away - in particular East Boston, South Boston and Charlestown.

Condo, commercial building approved for Savin Hill Avenue

Architect's rendering of stars over Savin Hill.

The Board of Appeal yesterday approved a developer's plan to replace a commercial building and two houses with a nine-unit condo building with retail and office space on Savin Hill Avenue at Sydney Street.

However, developer James Baker will have to go back before the board for a separate approval for the restaurant he wants to put in the building - the board said it only approves restaurants with takeouts when it has full plans on the proposed operation.

The new building will have one handicap-accessible unit with six two-bedroom units and two three-bedroom units, along with 13 parking spaces for residents and two for the retail and office space. Baker and his attorney, John Pulgini, said they are working with the neighboring Cristo Rey High School on a plan under which occupants of that space and customers could use the school parking lot when the school is not in session. In exchange, Baker has agreed to improve and maintain the lot.

The mayor's office and City Councilor's Michael Flaherty and Annissa Essaibi-George sent representatives to the hearing to voice their support. Nobody spoke in opposition.

110 Savin Hill Ave. small-project review application (9M PDF).