Two critical after closing-time shooting at Theater District garage

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 02:19

NBC Boston reports on the double shooting around 2:15 a.m. at 274 Tremont St. - a garage commonly used by people going to Theater District clubs, and one that has had its share of closing-time problems over the years, from murder to stabbings to attempted kidnappings to fatal falls.


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After Nazis flee and protesters mostly disperse, troublemakers, well, cause trouble

Shortly before 3:50 p.m, Boston Police reported:

BPD confirming rocks being thrown at officers on Tremont at West.

Shortly after 5 p.m., Karen Zgoda reported police were using pepper spray in Downtown Crossing:

Boston Police report a total of 33 arrests for the day.

Racists mill about the Parkman Bandstand for awhile, say nothing, are driven off Common in back of prisoner transport wagons

A couple dozen racists and Nazis, one dressed as a Minuteman, spent an hour or so standing on and near the Parkman Bandstand this afternoon under the baleful eyes of thousands of jeering protesters before slowly walking away and towards the Boylston Street side of Boston Common, to await a ride out in four Boston Police prisoner vans.

They fled before a phalanx of marchers who'd walked up from Roxbury could give them a piece of their minds.

Police kept the racists well separated from the crowds on the Common - they set up perimeters 200 to 300 feet around the bandstand.

Things were a bit closer in on Boylston Street near Tremont, where cops in heavy black armor cleared a path for the transport wagons to leave towards Tremont.

DPW trucks blocked every entrance into the Common - some supplemented by Jersey barriers.

A few Nazi sympathizers roamed the crowds of protesters. After one was uncovered people began booing him as he tried to flee. Somebody broke out a beach ball so people further away weren't sure at first if the crowd was reacting to an uncovered racist or the beach ball.

Compare the crowds: Racists at the bandstand vs. protesters on the surrounding hills:

Racists at bandstand

Photo by Phil R.:

Remember Martin
Fuck Nazis

Fire and furry:

Fuck Nazis
Our city


Not a Nazi
Small penises

One of the Trumpkins who braved the crowd (photo by Ben Walsh)

Trump guy

No actual pugs were harmed in the making of this protest:

Pug sign

Both Vermin Supreme and Keytar Bear provided succor to the anti-fascists:

Vermin Supreme

Due to Nazis, both the Frog Pond and the neighboring playground were shut, save for the occasional kid of protesting parents:

Empty Frog Pond
Empty playground

Shortly before 1:30, cops in armor marched onto the Common from Boylston Street and then back out onto Boylston to clear the way for the vans carrying the racists:

Armored cops

Things were briefly tense there as a self-described Libertarian wrapped in a "Don't Tread on Me" flag began arguing with a protester about the meaning of democracy, but his butt was saved when the Veterans for Peace marched in, chanting, "No violence! No violence!"


Among those awaiting the exit of the racists onto Boylston Street was Police Commissioner William Evans (photo by Sandy G.):


Man wanted for grabbing woman who was tired of his crap on the Red Line

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 19:15

Transit Police have released a photo of a guy they want for an assault-and-battery charge for an incident on a Red Line train at JFK/UMass around 7:15 p.m. on Aug. 9.

According to a police spokesman: Read more.


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