Campaign roundup: Bill Linehan can't wait to quit

The Herald reports the South Boston councilor is quitting right this second, because for some reason that will make it easier for him to set up a consulting business than if he waited until his term ends in January.

Peter Gelzinis surveys the life of District 7 (Roxbury) council candidate Rufus Faulk, who rose from the projects to a doctoral program at Northeastern.

Writer Jonathan Kozol has endorsed Tito Jackson for mayor, calling him "one of the most decent and most forceful and far-sighted civic leaders in our city's often-troubled history."

ABCD and Roxbury Community College host a forum Thursday on whether to bring back an elected school committee. It starts at 6 p.m. at the college's Media Arts Center, 1234 Columbus Ave.

Margaret Farmer of East Boston, who came in third in the District 1 (East Boston, Charlestown and the North End) has endorsed Lydia Edwards of East Boston, who came in a close second, East Boston News reports.

Meat delivery company going brick and mortar - and wine and beer - in the South End

The Board of Appeal yesterday approved a plan by Walden Local Meat to add wine and beer to the meat it plans to sell at 316 Shawmut Ave., at Union Park.

Meat could go on sale in early November, attorney Nick Zozula told the board. Wine and beer will probably take a bit longer to be stocked, because owner Charlie Cummings also needs to apply for a license from the Boston Licensing Board for the space, formerly a laundromat.

Zozula said Walden Local, which currently only delivers New England-sourced meat shares to the Boston area, hopes the small - roughly 60 square feet - wine and beer space will mean "a fuller customer experience" for patrons wishing to pair their meat with a local craft beer or bottle of wine. He added the meat will be butchered off site.

Nobody spoke against the idea.

A breast-cancer ribbon makes everything better

Before and after.

UPDATE: Mural replaced.

There's a bit of an uproar in Allston today, the day after two artists painted a mural featuring a black woman petting her pussy at Cambridge and Linden streets.

Brad Squirrels reports on the reaction to the mural, which went up even as #metoo continues to roll across social media:

After being told by more than a few area residents (in person & through Boston 311) that it's a bit risquée and, frankly, misogynistic, artist makes changes that include adding a "girl power" tattoo and a breast cancer ribbon, and complains about being "bullied"

One of the artists.
The other.

Guy posing as ride-share driver picking up women, driving them to Milton and sexually attacking them

Milton Police report two incidents in the past three months of women getting into what they thought were legitimate for-hire cars outside clubs or bars in other, unspecified communities, only to be driven to Milton, "sexually accosted" and then dropped off nearby.

The operator of the vehicle is likely targeting females, traveling alone, who he believes may be intoxicated.

Massport to fund operation of new senior center, park expansion in East Boston

Massport has agreed to pay for the operation of a new senior center in East Boston and a 4.5-acre expansion of Piers Park as recompense for its never ending expansion at Logan Airport, the authority and Mayor Walsh's office announced today.

Piers Park II will have "4.5 acres of active green space and be located adjacent to the existing Piers Park," the mayor's office reports.

Massport agreed to pay for the projects as mitigation for its expansion of Terminal E and the addition of 5,000 parking spaces. Massport will also provide funds for a study of possible ways to deal with traffic on Neptune Road - including the constant storrowing of 18-wheelers at the 1A ramp. Massport will also make a contribution to the East Boston Foundation.

St. Francis House wants to build 19-story mixed-income tower on Lagrange Street in Chinatown

Tower would replace this thing.

St. Francis House is teaming up with a developer of affordable housing for a proposed 19-story, 126-unit building on Lagrange Street.

In a recent filing with the BPDA, St. Francis House and the Planning Office for Urban Affairs say the units would range from "extremely low-income" to market rate and would "turn an underutilized parcel into an economically diverse residential '24/7' neighborhood that will serve a range of incomes and households."

The parcel abuts the former Young Men's Christian Union building on Boylston Street, for which St. Francis and the Planning Office already have city approval to turn into 46 apartments for low-income and formerly homeless people. It's next to the Kensington luxury tower and kitty corner from the Glass Slipper and Centerfolds strip clubs.

St. Francis House hopes to file more detailed plans for the project by the end of the month.

The new Orange Line trains can get up to 63 mph and come with independent intellectual property rights

Chinese TV put together a vignette of our impending Orange Line cars - look at them go vroom on what looks like a major train line and don't get too worried about what looks like a giant red tick trying to eat the first car.

Via Steve Annear.