Cannonball distress: State Police called in to explode live, 19th-century explosive

Cannonball on Hull man's lawn. Photo via Hull PD

Hull Police report a Nantasket Avenue man finally un-crating a box of antiques he bought a year ago discovered this morning that among its contents was a cannonball with a fuse still attached.

After putting it on his front lawn, as one does, he called police, who responded, looked, determined the thing seemed to be still able to explode and called in the State Police bomb squad, whose members transported it to the Hull town dump, where they exploded it. Hull Police say:

Based on the results of the detonation, it is believed that the cannonball was live ordinance and contained explosives.

Drug suspect makes a swim for it in the Charles on Waltham/Watertown line

Watertown News reports an Everett guy who led police on a car chase, jumped out of his car and into the Charles River last night, but proved unable to elude state troopers, local police, a helicopter and search dog. He's scheduled for arraignment this morning in Waltham District Court.

Thanks, Annie: Prosecutors move to dismiss 21,587 drug convictions

Associated Press reports the state's district attorneys will move to dismiss the cases because disgraced, convicted state chemist Annie Dookhan was involved in testing the alleged drugs in the cases.

The ACLU says this will be the largest mass dismissal of cases in US history.

The Dig reminds us the state is still processing cases related to a second chemist-gone-bad, Sonja Farak, out in Amherst.

The bulk of the Dookhan convictions - 15,570 - are in Suffolk County, where the District Attorney's office reports it is not filing for dismissal of cases involving 117 defendants. In a statement, DA Dan Conley said:

The 117 defendants identified in these cases account for more than 1,700 convictions for violent crimes or weapons violations, and have amassed more than 2,800 convictions in total.

Careless smoker sparked four-alarm fire in Cambridge

See it larger. Photo by John McMahon.

The Cambridge Fire Department reports "careless disposal of smoking materials on the rear porch" on the second floor caused a fire that heavily damaged the house at 54 Reservoir St. this morning.

John McMahon, a nearby resident, captured the scene at the fire and the nearby streets after firefighters from Cambridge and surrounding communities began arriving after 7:45 a.m.

Reservoir Street fire
Reservoir Street fire
Reservoir Street fire
Reservoir Street fire
Reservoir Street fire
Reservoir Street fire