To reduce the odds of being smashed in the face with a beer bottle at a bar, try not to blow pepper flakes in somebody's face

Sat, 09/09/2017 - 01:45

Two men involved in an altercation at a South Boston restaurant involving pepper and a beer bottle face criminal charges, a police detective told the Boston Licensing Board today. Read more.


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Men being assholes: Woman groped by employee at Back Bay bar, woman punched in the mouth at Fenway Park

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 21:30

Early on Aug. 13, a woman standing in Club Cafe, 209 Columbus Ave., had her buttocks grabbed by a male employee. Read more.


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Somerville Lorax speaks for the trees

A contractor working on a state project to rebuild Beacon Street in Somerville recently removed most of the trees along one stretch without notifying the city or residents.

In response, LadyLazerJ reports, somebody placed anguished memorial notes and candles on all the stumps. And as you can see from her photo, some people don't care about the destruction of the stately truffula trees, um, oaks.

Another stump and message.

Top photo copyright LadyLazerJ. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

The sun goes down, the colors come out

Jon Skarin watched the sun go down over the Zakim and downtown Boston tonight.


OK boys and girls. It's time to finally unmask the elephant in the room

Or, more specifically, at the train station.

Since the beginning of September, the MBTA has implemented a program at North Station called "Fare is Fair". In an attempt to control fare evasion on commuter trains (which of course they claim is "rampant") they now require all passengers to pass by "ticket verification agents" (yes, that's the MBTA's official term for these people) in a manner similar to the German tourists passing through the Brandenburg Gate in the early 1960s, showing their tickets as they pass, in order to board their train.

Here's the rub - At any given time, at least four platform entrances are staffed with six to seven of these "agents" EACH, even when NO trains are boarding. Yep, the agencies (MBTA and Keolis) that continually claim they cannot afford to hire people to properly staff and maintain the trains have somehow found the money to have 24 to 28 people hanging around doing NOTHING 85% of the time.

The best part of this farce is that, once you make your way past the "agents" and on to the train, the train crew then checks your ticket AGAIN. I believe this is known as the Department of Redundancy Department. Except that, when the Firesign Theater did it, it was much funnier. Here it's inexcusable.

Man charged with holding up downtown convenience store at knifepoint

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 16:30

Boston Police report arresting James Graham, 55, after he allegedly showed a clerk a knife and then grabbed a fistful of cash out of the register around 4:30 p.m. yesterday at the 7-Eleven next to the State Street entrance to the Aquarium T stop.


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