The time an off-duty officer lost his cool in a supermarket line because of the fool in front of him

Officer Mike Keaney at District C-11 recounts what happened when he was standing in line at the supermarket after the Pulse nightclub mass murder and the guy in front of him said it didn't matter because the victims were "just" gay.

"Just gay!" I yelled, surprising everyone in the store, including myself. "Just gay! Those poor souls are just someone’s sons, daughters, or loved ones."

Being the parent of a gay son, I couldn’t fathom the dismissive tone of that knuckle-dragging caveman’s comment or the fact that he felt so comfortable saying it in a crowd. Publicly shamed as he was, he didn’t utter another word while I was in the store.

Medford man charged with OUI after early morning crash on Storrow Drive

State Police report arresting a Medford man on OUI charges after he allegedly rammed into a cruiser stopped on Storrow Drive, setting off a chain reaction that also damaged a second cruiser and sent a man to the hospital.

State Police say two troopers had stopped a motorist for unspecified traffic violations around 2:40 a.m. on Storrow inbound at Charles Street. The troopers and the man were standing outside the vehicles when, State Police say, Eduardo DaSilva, 28, drove his Kia Sportage into the rear cruiser at a high rate of speed.

The Sportage struck the left rear of the first parked cruiser, a marked 2009 Ford Crown Victoria, and pushed that cruiser into the cruiser parked in front of it. That impact then pushed the second parked cruiser, a marked 2014 Ford Explorer, into the Lynn man who had been the subject of the traffic stop and who was outside of his vehicle.

The Lynn man suffered injuries believed to be non-life threatening and was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital by Boston EMS.

Neither trooper was injured. The Crown Victoria had to be towed from the scene, State Police say.

DaSilva was charged with OUI, negligent operation, driving without a license, speeding and failing to change lanes for an emergency vehicle. He was held in lieu of $10,040 bail, State Police say.

Innocent, etc.

Teen arrested on gun charges; fourth one this week

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 22:10

Boston Police report gang-unit officers who thought a particular teen from Dorchester might be carrying a gun were proven right twice when they stopped him at 158 Walnut Ave. in Roxbury around 10:10 p.m. yesterday and found him carrying two guns - a Ruger .45 caliber firearm and a Taurus 9mm. Read more.


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Claudia is a very nice person in West Roxbury who likes Thai food

Patrice Taddonio reports she was at Thai Spice on Centre Street yesterday evening to pick up her takeout order when she realized she'd left her wallet 45 minutes away in Everett.

A stranger overhead me making a phone call and trying to figure out what to do - and she insisted on paying for my dinner. "It's my good deed for the day, from one stranger to another," she said, smiling. She wouldn't let me write her a check, or take down her info to pay her back. All I know is that her name was Claudia, and that I will never forget her kindness.