Hot moderator's race in Framingham

Those of you who live in the Big City may not realize it, but small-town politics can be every bit as interesting as anything that happens in Boston. Prog reports from Framingham (actually, a big town that refuses to admit it should be a city) on the election for town moderator (normally just the person who, well, moderates, Town Meeting):

... Sure, we're running a 68 year old guy against a 70something year old guy... yes I know that neither will be around forever. But at least we have a 68 year old who will stand up for progressive values and make progressive appointments to local boards and committees, which of course is where so many of us get our starts on our way to the top. When we take out the incumbent conservative moderator, what we will be doing is opening up a door to young people and different people and progressive people to walk on in and begin a journey of public service that will eventually give us a pool of candidates to choose from when our fabulous representative retires. We won't have to settle for the next in line, and we'll be able to choose the right progressive for the time. ...

So let's talk about how Deval Patrick will run against Kerry Healey

Because at the rate he's going, I'm thinking Tom Reilly's not going to be on the ballot in November (and I'm wondering if anybody'd want to change their votes on this poll).

Steve Garfield: Thomas F. Reilly will not be getting my vote for Governnor of Massachusetts:

... I don't want someone who has been delinquent on taxes, next in line for running the state, and I don't want someone running the state who would make such a poor choice for second in command. ...

Sco on .08 Acres: The problem with picking your running mate at the last minute is that you might not have time to do the background check:

... My hunch is that the only people it matters to are those who wouldn't vote for a Reilly/St. Fleur ticket anyway. Still, I'm positive that this is not the first impression either Tom Reilly or Marie St. Fleur wanted to give the electorate.

David on Blue Mass. Group: What idiots Tom Reilly, Marie St. Fleur, and their campaign staffers must think we all are.

Carpundit: What's the deal with the prominent black female politicians in Massachusetts?

... Yes, I could say what's up with the white Irish male politicians in Massachusetts, but there are so many of those that the proportions seem off. ... Either way, Reilly made a bad pick. As I said.

John Daley: I still give her the benefit of the doubt although she sure has some splainin to do.

WorcesterDem on Blue Mass. Group: Why didn't he just pick Sen. Diane Wilkerson as his running mate, at least her problems are "old news."

... If this is the kind of judgment/decision making we can expect from Tom Reilly should he gain the corner office ... well I don't need to say anymore ... Reilly's actions speak for themselves. ...

Bruce on mAss Backwards: The downward spiral motion of the Reilly for Governor campaign continues unabated this morning.

Mass. Marrier: Perhaps it's his bloodless Ichabod Crane look, but Reilly brings a deadpan comedy to Massachusetts governor's race.

Andy on Mass. Revolution Now: Go Patrick go!!

... Reilly is proving he doesn't have what it takes to reclaim the corner office after 20 years of Republican victories.


Reilly's choice of St. Fleur as a running mate.

Have you seen the Globe routing slips today?

Mark Jurkowitz relays the news that the Globe and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette included customer credit-card information for some 240,000 customers on routing slips attached to newspaper bundles sent to stores and delivery people (the T&G may have also inadvertently disclosed 1,100 subscribers' checking-account information):

... The incident took place when discarded internal reports were inadvertently recycled as the paper for printing the routing slips. ... Representatives of the Globe and Telegram & Gazette are recovering as many of the routing slips as can be located, although most of the slips are likely to have been discarded. To date there have been no reports of misuse of the payment card data, although the newspapers will continue to monitor the situation. ...

I can honestly say: Not my fault.

Yes, that woman really did drive five miles with a flat to get coffee

The Lowell Sun interviews the teacher, in a current Dunkin' Donuts ad, who kept driving to her nearest Double D even though she knew she had a flat:

"It's not something I'm particularly proud of," said Misserville, who teaches at the Parthum Elementary School in Lawrence. "The first thing I thought of was, 'I need a coffee.'"

Violent crime: What you're not seeing in the Globe and Herald

Anybody who's read Universal Hub regularly over the past few weeks knows I've become addicted to BPDNews. I admit it - I can't stop looking (but feel free to join the chorus telling me I'm going overboard with BPD links here).

One thing I'm noticing: There's a fair amount of violent crime going on out there that just isn't making the papers. To be sure, the Globe and Herald both do a good job of covering murders and shootings; yesterday's papers told us all about a triple shooting in Mattapan (which left one person dead), a shooting at Mirage on Tremont and the shooting of a woman sitting on her front steps (oh, yeah, and the Animal House revelries broken up by the cops in Brighton). And both papers have been devoting a fair amount of space to efforts to curb violent crime in the city.

But let's see what the two papers didn't cover Sunday, yesterday or today - covering the period from Saturday through Monday:

A Roslindale man reported being forced into his apartment by two shotgun-wielding men, who tied him up and robbed him. In JP, the Heath Street Laundromat was held up at gunpoint. In Dorchester, the Talbot Market was also held up a gunpoint. A woman going into her Beacon Hill apartment was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. Three men were arrested for a home invasion on Adams Street in Dorchester. Shots were fired at a house in Dorchester (update: The Globe covered the house-shooting on Wednesday)

Should these things be in the paper? I know if I lived in the part of Roslindale where the guy was robbed by thugs with shotguns - or on the same street as that Beacon Hill woman - I'd sure want to know. Are these sorts of crimes so commonplace they don't warrant media attention - or just too "local" for metro papers?

My standard newspaper disclosure.

A Backstreet Boy's last bender

On Grand Mental Station, Beth remembers the night of her 21st-birthday party at Jillian's - when she got to see what turned out to be AJ's last bender before he entered rehab in 2001:

... We chuckled every so often watching these guys guzzle cheap beer and act like schmucks while the poor bouncer-esque schmoe kept the girls who kept sidling over at bay (as opposed to the other girls who were all over them with their permission, especially the blonde one). It was actually kind of sad. The two greasy ones kept to themselves, kept the Miller Lites coming and seemed deep in conversation.

The next day, the Back$treet B0ys showed up at Fenway Park to sing the national anthem. Well, all but the short greasy-looking one. ...