He says: Boycott Shaw's

Borderline says stay away from Shaw's one day over the next month for ratting out Whole Foods Markets over its proposed Thanksgiving opening (surprise: We still have some Blue Laws):

... Never mind that the Blue Laws are a relic from a different age, and that there thousands of ancient laws on the books that are never enforced, either through official ignorance or deliberate inaction. Whole Foods wanted to stay open, was willing to pay its staff extra to come in on that day, and many consumers in Newton and Waltham may have wanted to go there to buy a last-minute something for Thanksgiving dinner. ...

One suspects Dan will not be joining in, since he finds Whole Foods trying to force employees to work on Thanksgiving pretty obnoxious.

Why is a New York Times columnist canonizing Larry Lucchino?

Murray Chass declares: Lucchino: Just a Soul Who's Misunderstood.

Bruce wonders why a Times columnist would devote so much space to defending Larry. Part ownership of the Sox, perhaps? Bruce is willing to cut Chass a tiny bit of slack, but still, he asks you to imagine Gordon Edes writing a similar hagiography of George Steinbrenner. Hard to picture, no?

She misses Manray

For the past few weeks, Sarah has had something of an empty spot in her soul:

... On Thursday was gay night and that was OUR night. Me, my girls and my gays would meet up at Jill's get ready to Christina Aguilera en espanol dance remixes, and trek off into Cambridge wearing anything from boas to pleather skirts. And we OWNED that club. Michael (the front door man) would see us coming and usher us to the front of the line. We would enter, dump our coats, and descend into the "80s room" to shimmy and jump and DANCE to old school Madonna ... or into the Big Room where Amber and Ultra Nate would be pumping and you could watch yourself dance in the mirror lined walls or grab a bench along the side and people watch.

In short: it was fabulous. And I miss it. ...

WODS going too far?

It's not even Thanksgiving, and already WODS has gone over to its all-Christmas playlist (including the Village People singing some Christmas song to the music of "YMCA").

Jody: It's too soon!

Michael: We're not nearly ready for this. Still, he says he's grateful, because it reminds him he'll be spending Christmas far away:

... They don't play The Little Drummer Boy or White Christmas or the Chipmunk Song up in the Peruvian Andes. ...

If you want the WODS of old, and you're south of JP and aren't driving on 128, you should be able to pick up B 101 (actually, more like B 101.5) out of Providence. Meanwhile, could somebody tell our neighbors that Nov. 16 is really just a tad early to be turning on their Christmas lights?

No more Happy Hour in Roslindale

Apparently, the Happy Hour, Roslindale Square's finest no-food, bottles-only bar, has been sold to somebody who plans on turning it into a sports bar and grill. Hopefully, they'll keep the pool tables.

Meanwhile, down the street, another hole in the wall bar, the Parkway Gardens, is in the midst of being converted into some sort of restaurant as well. It's now owned by the same people who own the Spring Street Cafe in West Roxbury, so if they keep the same sort of food, you'll finally be able to get quiche for breakfast in the Square.

And that's what I learned while getting my hair cut at the Rialto this morning.