Another way people drive T bus drivers insane

Georgiana reports on what happened after she got on the bus on Winter Hill yesterday:

... a brilliant woman ran in front of the bus, waving her arms, wanting to be let on. the driver did not open the door, as it MBTA policy. as he tried to go, she stepped back in front of the bus, almost getting hit. as the driver told her repeatedly he would not let her on, she continued to stand in front of the bus, adamant. the driver radioed security -- she remained. they had a conversation through the driver's side window:

driver: as far as i am concerned, you just tried to commit suicide because you walked in front of my bus

crazy woman: why would i want to commit suicide, it's my birthday ...

Wise choice

Blogorelli's dentist tells her she needs to do something to keep her jaws from clenching when she sleeps:

...Anyway, the dentist said that I could be fitted for a $650 mouth guard that will "repress and control" the clenching, or just have a glass of wine before bed to try and relax everything, including my jaw. I decided to go with the latter option, buy a $25 mouth guard at the drugstore for the occasional days that my jaw is really sore...and spend the other $625 on alcohol. ...

There's something about Leominster

If it's not exploding pharmaceutical plants or crashing airplanes, it's mouthy trash from Fitchburg beating up people at the local Chuck E. Cheese:

... The three who were arrested were 21, 18 and 14. And I hope they throw the two older ones in jail and throw away the key because really, is there any home that these sub-humans will be productive members of society in any way, shape or form if they beat a woman senseless in a Chuck E. Cheese in front of dozens of school children celebrating birthday parties, etc.? ...

More details on the case, including a comment from a lawyer for one of the arrested women:

I don't know why the press is here. People get their heads kicked in all the time.

Gripped by rape fear yet?

Both Carpundit and John wonder which city, exactly RAPE FEAR GRIPS as portrayed on the front page of the Herald. Carpundit:

... Sometimes the Boston Herald headlines contain exaggerations for dramatic effect. But seldom do we see a large, bold, blatant, inflammatory lie with no basis in fact whatsoever. ...

Jay of the Herald responds by, um, complaining that the New York Times reported on product placement in theatrical productions an entire month after the Herald.

Me? I prefer getting my news from rather than the paper edition. I think it does a much better job of highlighting news that I can use. Look at today's home page. I just had no idea a Hooters was opening up in Saugus! And those tight t-shirts the waitresses wear? I'm glad provided a photo, because that's just not something I could have imagined:

My standard newspaper disclosure.

Another sign of the End Times: Hipsters discover East Boston

Carmeller spots the following ad on the hipsterati watering hole, i.e., craigslist:

East Boston (EaBo) loft coming in several months, 14'+ ceilings, walk to airport station, 800 square feet + 400 sf mezzanine, AC, roof rights, all stainless steel appliances, brand new. Don't wait to inquire. Come to Boston Magazine "hottest city neighborhood".

EaBo? EaFRICKINBo? I guess only people who drink SoBe can live in EaBo. Why not highlight its proximity to Logan Airport? EaBoLa!

Update: Oh, no, it's spreading!