Banned in Boston

On Attitude, Debra Cash reports that choreographer Caitlin Corbett had to modify a performance of her "Yield" at Boston University's Dance Theatre, because it called for two dancers, one male, one female, to dance topless to a Ray Charles recording:

...Instead of a dance equalizing gender roles and, in the words of the choreographer, possibly "offering other options for the nude female torso," the moral threat of a bare-breasted Pierce was quashed by the provisions of BU's entertainment license which apparently is subject to city regulations. It would be illegal for Pierce to dance bare-breasted. Pasties would be permitted. ...

How long can the Herald hold out?

Dan Kennedy asks tons of questions about Pat Purcell's sell-off of the CNC papers, chief among them: If the Herald is losing $2 million a year, and all the CNC deal did was eliminate the Herald's debt, how long can the paper last? But he credits Purcell for appearing to chose the higher calling of journalism over profits - rare in the business these days (he also looks at some interesting facets of the CNC part of the deal).

My standard newspaper disclosure.

Yet Another Blog Network sets sights on Boston?

Weblogs, Inc., which had been focusing on topic-specific blogging (think Engadget), is moving into local blogging. Now part of AOL, the blog network recently launched Blogging New Orleans and has registered (although nothing's there, yet). Feels sorta like Bostonist, if Bostonist had a clunkier design and about six gazillion Google ads.

Why does health insurance stop at the mouth?

Eliot Gelwan, a psychiatrist, reads about problems people in Britain have getting affordable dental care and says he feels their pain:

... None of my MassHealth (the version of Medicaid here) patients have any dental benefits, and it is getting more and more difficult to find even emergency services for them. From time to time, the underlying reason why someone presents to me with a mental health problem such as despondency or suicidality (which MassHealth still pays for) is agonizing dental disease. ...

Anti-AIPAC protest

Dennis Fox posts photos from a demonstration last night outside a dinner sponsored by the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee for Massachusetts congressmen:

... Protesters from a variety of Jewish and other peace groups showed up to express disgust with AIPAC's efforts to out-right-wing Israel's right wing. ...

Life on the borderlands

Kristie Helms says her neighborhood, which straddles Roslindale and Jamaica Plain, seems to have more gangs of kids these days, possibly driven down Hyde Park Avenue by increased police activity at the Forest Hills T stop:

... I actually came home at lunch one day to find four kids standing in front of a retaining wall across from our house putting up a large patch of graffiti. They were so prepared that they were consulting a sketchbook and had painter's masks on!


Which gets her to musing about the problems of living in a city so focused on neighborhoods - especially for folks like her who are sort of on the frontier between two different neighborhoods.

Also see Charles Swift's Why boundaries matter.