Jill Carroll's comments in captivity

Aaron Margolis, Dan Kennedy is caling you out over your March 31 Jill Carroll comments, in which you called her a "new hero for the liberal left."

Margolis today notes that Carroll was speaking under duress, but adds:

It's only natural that conservatives would be critical of liberal propaganda, but the bigger item of note is that it was the terrorists who made her sound like a liberal. Doesn't that make you think?

The Globe's ice-cap destroying apologist

That would be auto writer Royal Ford, who once again pens a paean to some large SUV, this time, the Jeep Commander, which he calls Hummer-like, yet practical and which he says makes him feel like spitting through the moonroofs of the puny cars below him (well, or words to that effect).

Which sets off Sharon at Planned Livable Communities:

Excuse me? Practical?

Well, no doubt it's useful for an arrogant, self-absorbed driver who doesn't care about others on the road. ... No reason to worry that it'll cost over $2,000/year to fill up if you drive 13,000 miles/year. ...

Oh, for the days of Mr. Auto Writer, John White, who would actually review cars that don't require two parking spaces.

Bonus fun Royal Ford anecdote: How I once beat him on his own story, after the jump:

Back in my Middlesex News days (which dates me right there), I was driving down Rte. 9 to our newsroom when I spotted some guy in civilian clothes crouched down on the turnpike overpass, pointing a radar gun at the turnpike. That's not something you see every day, so I pulled into the first parking lot, walked back and asked him what he was doing. He told me who he was and that he was doing a story about people speeding.

I thanked him, drove to the newsroom and told our editor, Ken Hartnett. Ever mindful of ways to beat the Globe, he suggested I go rent my own radar gun and do my own story - and fast. Found a place in Millis willing to rent us a unit and for a couple of days, I stood on the side of some local roads (after first checking with the police chiefs in the towns), clocking the cars, then wrote up my findings and beat Royal to the shocking news that, in fact, people speed.

Haven't talked to Royal since.

Remembering a good friend

Tai Irwin remembers Denny Fernandes, who died last week at 49:

... When WFNX built a new studio in the front of the building the two of us brought in my drum set and a big bass cabinet and tore the place up one weekend. It was so cool to watch the trains and people pass by in Central Square while we popped out the funk, blues, rock and jazz. No one else saw or heard this, but for me it was the single most fulfilling musical memory of my life. Denny was so generous. I was unworthy of even being his student, but he recognized that I knew about great music, and let me come along for the ride. ...

Maybe leave before closing time next time?

For the second week in a row, a fight outside a local watering hole ended in a stabbing: This time, a man was stabbed in the back outside Avalon on Lansdowne Street around 1:45 this morning. He was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition; a Hyde Park guy is under arrest, police report.

Stabbings outside Daisy Buchanan's last Friday.

More violent crime in Boston (takes a bit to come up because of all the violent crime since Jan. 1).

Carjacker knocks mom out of way; takes car with kids still inside

Police are looking for a black male, about 30, who jumped into a running Ford Explorer at 80 Bedford St. around 4:22 this afternoon and took off after knocking the mother out of the way. One of the two kids inside, 17, tried to remove the keys from the ignition; the suspect then punched her in the face; that's when the 9 year old jumped out. The older girl jumped out soon after, near the Hyatt.

New Green Line express train to run through Common

Mats picks a great day to break the news of a T proposal to relieve Green Line congestion with a new aboveground express line:

... The project is expected to cost no more than $375 million, most of which will be financed through an additional $5 tax on Duck and Swan Boat tourists. There may also be a need for a small hike of commuter rail ticket rates.