Bronson Arroyo must go

Sure, his loyalty to Boston is commendable (you listening Mr. Dead to Me Damon?), but Zach Hayes explains why he thinks the Theoplex should trade the Dreadlocked One - maybe even to LA for Orlando Cabrera:

... With that bargain contract, we can acquire a better shortstop than Alex Gonzalez, bench help, a safety net in case Lowell goes down the tube, or top-level prospects than can somewhat make up for Andy Marte. ...

The Globe does so know a hyperlink from a hole in the ground

Take that John Daley and all you other people (yeah, and you, too) complaining about how the Globe never hyperlinks to anything. Dan Kennedy notes that the online version of a Globe news brief today about a porn store burning down thoughtfully provides a link to the chain's Web site (although you probably don't want to click on the link if you're at work - or in a library like Dan was).

Update: The Globe's unlinked the store's name, although you won't have to be too smart to figure out its Web address.

My standard newspaper disclosure.

The Fashion Police will let you off with a warning - this time

Eeka wonders (on One Smoot Short of a Bridge), why all the Masters of the Universe getting off the Orange Line at State Street are leaving the brand-name labels on the sleeves of their suits:

These are not meant to be left on the garment once you purchase it.

Now, I know that the idea of stitches being temporary might be an overwhelming concept for you McExecutives who would never in a million years attempt to make or mend something, and who view everything as disposable rather than modifiable. But I promise you, loose stitching has been used in this manner for years and continues to be used on a lot of traditional garments. You don't go around wearing the size tags that are affixed by little plastic leashes, do you? ...

Hearing an accident on the phone

Tim is in the middle of writing a post about how the weatherpeople got the timing of today's storm wrong (they said it would affect this afternoon's commute), when his wife calls on the way to a meeting in Ashland:

... As I was about to hang up with her, I heard a crack sound and she said, "Oh my God, I was just hit! I'm OK." We hung up so she could check for damage. She called right back to say there wasn't any, but the guy who hit her will be buying himself a new hood. My fear for her safety was magnified because she is six months pregnant. She really is OK, too, because she was wearing her seatbelt (a must by all passengers in our vehicles), she was stopped and the car barely moved when he hit her because he basically used her car to stop sliding. ...

Who's been drinking in my car?

Woman comes out of work to find Starbucks napkins and a Starbucks cup sleeve in her car. They're not hers. But Arlington's a small town, so when she asks on a local e-mail list about this weirdness, the guy who left them there fesses up:

... the person who got in my car e-mailed me and told me that he accidentally got in my car because it looked just like his, etc...and he was so freaked out he just left. He even apologized for leaving the napkins! ...

Bloggers with local ties get blogging jobs

Halley Suitt, of Halley's Comment, today became CEO of Top 10 Sources, a human-edited guide to what are supposed to be the top-10 blog posts or stories in general, culled from a list of top-10 sites in a variety of topics (including Boston). Wendy Koslow, whom some of you may remember from her old The Redhead Wore Crimson blog, was named editor in chief. More in this post by Jim Moore, who is an investor in the site, as well as a senior fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, where Koslow used to work (another Berkman tie: the site was founded by Berkman Executive Director John Palfrey).

Finally, an A List to call our very own.

The gentleman's guide to Boston-area strip clubs

The consensus among people who seem to know: Go to Providence:

... I would skip Centerfolds; 20 buck cover, and although the dancers are top-notch, you can't see crap because the stage is so dark.

The Glass Slipper right across the street has no cover, but the drinks are about 10 bucks a pop. Plus, they pride themselves on a less stringent code of visual acuity in hiring their dancers. ...

Centerfolds Web site - kinda NSFW.