A little last-minute hate mongering in Mattapan?

Frederick says the Article 8 Alliance, which wants to outlaw same-sex marriages in Massachusetts, is distributing last-minute flyers in the 12th Suffolk district (Tom Finneran's old seat):

... "Kerby Roberson, according to the flyer, "is willing to protect our children from the homosexual fanatics in our public schools;" and "will vote to stop homosexual marriage, no matter what the powerful politicians say."

The fear-mongering flyer asks: "Do you want a State Representative who SUPPORTS pushing homosexuality on your children in the public schools? Or a Rep. who will vote to stop it?"

The district covers Mattapan, Milton and parts of Dorchester and Hyde Park. The election is tomorrow.

Even the supposed gem of the Big Boondoggle has problems...

BOSTON -- Ice from a cable above the Zakim Bridge fell and struck a passing car Sunday.

As if quintuple spending, out-of-control contractors, massive leaks and never-ending unfairly-collected tolls aren't enough for you, now this.

Apparently not smashing windshields isn't something you worry about when you're designating a $100M "Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement".

The road to hell

Marc reports that the road to hell now incorporates the Southeast Distressway:

... And the detour signs, oh, the detour signs. Like mischievous imps they leaped from nooks and crannies along the tortured roads, always gesturing vaguely toward at least two options, one to actually take you to Interstate 93, the other likely to bring you to hell. Or Winchester. Or Gardner. Or Easton. Somewhere far from where you have to be as the minutes run circles around you, screaming with urgent reminders that the flight you were meeting is landing in five, four, three, now two minutes.

Actually arriving at 93, you surge onto it in relief, celebrating freedom, until suddenly you find yourself in South Boston with off-ramps stretching out in selfish languor. Next exit, 76 miles. And it brings you to Neponset. ...

Sign of spring in Harvard Square

Karl reports the return of the Granola from God guys at the Harvard Square T stop:

... I still don't understand the connection between granola and God...there must be other things they could distribute. I still love the little card they give with the granola that reads: "We hope this small gift brightens your day. It's a simple way of saying that God loves you." Yes, the only way I know a God could love is by proving it with granola distribution. ...

And she'll ride forever 'neath the streets of Malden ...

Bethica reports that all she wanted to do was get home to watch "American Idol," but the doors on her Orange Line car at Malden wouldn't open, trapping her inside with what looked to be refugees from a gang war:

... No one quite knew what to do until a fine young man clad in Rockawear took the initiative. While pressing the "in case of emergency" intercom button on the call box, he uttered this effulgent phrase: "Yo, bitch! We stuck up in hurr! Ima 'bout to start humpin' da doors!" Ah yes, as the conductor, that would be incentive enough for me to rectify the problem. "Just a moment." she said in a most monotone voice. ...

A shower of sparks on the Green Line

Evan, at Park Street yesterday, notices why the entire Green Line seemed to be having problems:

"There was a train at the station that was spraying electric sparks EVERYWHERE whenever they tried to connect it to the wire...I guess it shorted out the entire system. I later found out that a friend of mine was taking a train outbound (the side that was completely disabled) earlier in the afternoon, and she decided to walk home after finding out that service was shut down - AFTER paying the fare at the station...now WHY WOULD THEY NOT BOTHER LETTING PATRONS KNOW THAT SERVICE WAS SHUT DOWN and instead keep selling them tokens and watching them pay their fares to go through the turnstiles?? ...

He also posts photos of decaying conditions on the Green and Red Lines before pondering why the T is throwing so much money into "moneypits like the Silver Line." However, he does give props to the new Airport station.

No more Silver Line for him

Howard comes to the conclusion that the Silver Line just sucks. Last night, no bus came for 30 minutes, then one came, but didn't stop, then another one finally came and did stop, then he has to go through the stupid one-coin-at-a-time pass thing, then the bus gets into an accident bad enough to throw people toward the front of the bus:

I'm never taking the Silver Line again. I say this every time I take the Silver Line because every time, without fail something goes wrong. ...