Blowing it all out of proportion

Jay argues that if Norfolk County prosecutors want to be fair, they should be going after the hundreds of thousands of other Massachusetts residents who had sex before they turned 16:

... Don't for a minute think I condone the boys' ugly behavior. I wasn't taught to treat women like this -- nor I assume were/are most boys. But treating it as a criminal case ...

Carpundit found the plea agreement fair:

... The boys are chastened, punished, and allowed to remain non-felons if they stay clean for a couple years. The girl gets an apology, satisfaction that she was believed, and stays mostly anonymous. The D.A. can be seen as tough on crime, but did not commit an injustice by ruining the lives of three boys. Good job all around.

The Arsenicaccino

Ellen gets the scoop:

... A week or so ago, I went in and ordered a large iced coffee with skim milk and sugar. As I was getting my change, I took a sip and it tasted like it had arsenic in it. Not that I know what arsenic tastes like... but it was nauseatingly sweet, how I imagine arsenic would taste if Dunkin Donuts unveiled a new specialty drink, the Arsenicaccino.

"What's in this?" I asked the employee. "It's really strong." She rolled her eyes and said, "You asked for sugar. It's liquid sugar." I said, "Liquid sugar? I'd prefer normal sugar. This is really too sweet." She slammed my coffee down on the counter and said, "You have to ask when you want that. We use liquid." Just like that. No signs, no announcement, no $30 million ad campaign. ...

Vee reports a better experience:

Two men went out of their way to hold doors open for me this morning at Dunkin Donuts. I wonder, is it because chivalry is not dead? Or is it because I am wearing a relatively tight blouse this morning?

Offshoring the sick

Mats notices a fun ad on Boston Craigslist:

We are a Healthcare company based in India having tieups with some of renowned hospitals in India. We are looking for representatives in all over US who can contact patients suffering from various ailments and who are planning to undergo surgery or other medical treatment and have NO HEALTH INSURANCE or cannot pay exorbitant Healthcare expenses.Our company can help these patients by providing them Quality Health & Medical treatment at really Affordable prices in India. The cost of Medical treatment in India is around 15%-30% of what costs in US.

Deja vu all over again

After last night's game, Denton reports the same feelings he suffered through last year:

... Remember the queasy, burning sensation in the pit of your stomach that got worse depending on the scheduled starter for the night? The dull ache behind one or both eyes that you swore was a brain tumor, but the pain mysteriously disappeared on the morning following a win? The inability to sleep despite walking around like a zombie all day? The almost-impossible-to-suppress urge to slap the face of anyone wearing a non-Red-Sox shirt or cap? And the crackwhore-like desperate cravings whenever there was an off day? Yeah, all of that is back. ...

For richer, for poorer

Walking through Chinatown and the Theater District, Derek wonders:

Why is it that the areas of a city which have the newest buildings and amenities end up being the largest magnets for drug dealers, prostitutes, and homeless? ... The tipping point came a couple of weeks ago when a police officer told a group of people in front of St. Francis House to make room on the sidewalk so that passers-by could walk unobstructed. But now I've begun to notice that there are homeless people on both sides of the street spitting, smoking, cursing and blocking doorways; that there are bedraggled women (and some cross-dressing men) shouting and lingering around the area; and that this particular square block of downtown has an air of danger that it didn't have in the two years that I've been working in the area ...

Moving to Eastie

Earlier this month, Donna checked out Maverick Square as a possible place to live:

... The Spanish language is everywhere, kids runing around, families gathered on the corners chatting. I immediately felt comfortable despite not knowing the neighborhood at all. It brought me back to so many small towns and barrios I had known in Argentina. I wandered up and down several streets carefully looking at the buildings... rows after rows of three story buildings many in pastel colors. ...

Now she's found a place a block from Piers Park.

Via Marilora.