Super Bowl again!

Oh, yeah, in addition to the snow, we also had that AFC Championship game.

Yay, Patriots!

But what is it about them that everybody west of Worcester and south of Hartford disrespects them all the time? Like at halftime, when Gregg Gumball muttered something about how "surprising" it was that the Pats had such a commanding lead? Then again, this was the network that used "Teenage Wasteland" to introduce the game.

Snow, snow, snow

Trevor posts photos that suggest he might not be going on a scheduled bike ride this afternoon.

Lisa plots out her neighborhood cross-country ski route

Angela succumbs to cabin fever:

Kristina and I already watched two movies and consumed half a cheesecake. Every so often, we open up the front door and "ooo" and "awe" at the amount of snow blanketing our street.

And, of course, no blizzard would be complete without a Blizzard of '78 comparison - check out Sonia's family photo from that storm.



The view from our front porch in Roslindale around 11 p.m.

Carpundit ambles about the Back Bay and takes snow photos, walks up the Commonwealth Avenue mall, praises Boston for its snowplowing and marvels at how people got their cars off major arteries:

Beacon street is as empty as I've seen it since the April (?) 2003 anti-war march.

Michael is wandering around Cambridge with a camera.

Peter is also snowblogging, up in Beverly:

Update at 9:30 PM
The temperature outside is 23.5F. There are 3.5 inches of fresh snow on our back door step, and I had shoveled away about 2.0 inches previously today, so that's about 5.5 inches total thus far. ... Our friends chickened out and didn't want to drive all the way to Danvers to see a movie, so instead we all watched Spy Game on DVD here and had dinner at Siam Delight. It's all good.