Let's get small

Ann Span, fairly new to Our Fair Hub, describes a fun time in Chinatown discovering Shabu-Zen, and expresses amazement at how small Boston really is:

... I wonder if Bostonians regularly find themselves feeling midget-like in other cities. Would they be daunted by Chicago's skyscrapers? Unnerved at the way that, on a scorching summer day, on any given downtown street, the blue sky stretches in only two directions - Lakewise and straight Up a tunnel of towers. ...


Everybody say hello to Timmah1, newly arrived from DC, who reports that life in the People's Republic has managed to make him feel more liberal and more conservative at the same time:

... More liberal in that I am around more people now who actually realize that George W. Bush is one of the worst Presidents we've had in my lifetime, but also more conservative because I cannot stand the panhandle that goes on outside my apartment. Can't we just enforce the law and make them stop? I don't feel bad for them. Sorry, there I said it. It's really annoying. ...

John Dennis all over again

Bruce does his usual exhaustive job analyzing all angles of the John Dennis / Ryen Russillo voicemail controversy:

... Does Dennis have the "juice" to make a phone call and get Russillo kicked off the WBCN Patriots programming? He denies it to the Inside Track, but c'mon. He does have that juice. He's been jokingly referred to as another one of the Kraft sons, and his relationship with the family goes back to the time when Robert Kraft partially owned Channel 7 when Dennis was the sports anchor/director for the station prior to Kraft buying the Patriots. ...

God to Katrina victims: Serves you right

Wow. What was that again about Massachusetts being a liberal beacon in the conservative night? Mark reports:

Now on view at the Baptist church in Medford, there's a charming sign that blames all those nasty sinners in New Orleans for calling down God's Judgment on their heads. Now, this might play in Peoria, but surely it can't happen here? Oy.

This demands photos. Anybody up Medford way with a digital camera?

Update: I asked Mark where exactly the church is. He replies:

It's on Route 60 in Medford Center. 30 Salem Street. The signage is something like: "Hurricane Katrina: Natural Disaster or God's Judgment?"

Ron e-mails me with this link, which shows parishioners didn't much cotton to John Kerry, either (scroll down past the traffic photo).

Bostonians abroad, Evil Empire edition

Poor, poor Sox fans trapped in New York. Won't you help?

... In the Bronx, there's "Dewey" whose wife won't let him dress his baby in the cutest little Red Sox "one-sie"; the East Side is home to 14 year old "Rico" whose sadistic uncle refers to him only as "Derek" ...

Also check out the rest of their site:

Fifth Column Effort Ahead of Schedule:
* Chowderhead elected NYC Mayor
* Boston Sports Bar Opened in Midtown
* Manhattanites Get Home Delivery of Globe
_ Triboro Bridge Tolls Applied To Big Dig Overruns

Via Jay.

Romney Is a Fraud is back, at least for today

After several months, Ben is back, at least long enough to mock Elect Mitt Romney President in 2008 Blog!.

The exclamation site is loving Mitt's handling of the Katrina flood evacuees. Ben thoughtfully links to a 2004 article about Mitt vetoing an appropriation to help Peabody recover from some flooding:

... Oddly, Willard Mitt's latest cheering section appears to come out of Kentucky. Setting to rest once and for all the argument whether or not eating squirrel meat is bad for one's reasoning skills. ...

Fun with technology: I saw a link from the pro-Mitt site in my referrer log, so I went there to see where it had linked to me. Turns out it's using a public referrer log, which also showed a recent hit from Romney Is a Fraud. Which shows why, dear readers, you should never make your referrer logs public - unless you like sending traffic to your evil arch-enemies (and spammers).

Time to taunt the owners of the Hancock tower

So the BRA can't seem to find the documentation that is supposed to force the owners of the Hancock building to re-open their observation deck (which they shut after 9/11 for "security" reasons, even though they allow private parties up there). John says it's time for another approach:

... The city should do all that it can to can to 'encourage' the company to open the observatory deck. And unless Beacon Capital can explain any real security risk, public and media pressure should be mocking and relentless.

And now I can't get John Cleese standing in a tower taunting English pigdogs out of my mind.

Jamaica Plain World's Fair

Adam and family take in the fair (he posts some pics). He adds:

... Toward the end, I saw a dreadlocked Jamaican Rastafarian driving a big van who needed to get past a road block into the pedestrian area. A crew-cut Boston cop approached the van, and I was bracing myself for racial profiling and intense scrutiny. I was pleasantly surprised when the cop just waved the guy on after he indicated where he was headed.

This is what I like so much about Jamaica Plain — it's as progressive as any of the more lefty areas of the country (Ann Arbor, Madison, Berkeley), but quite racially and socioeconomically diverse.

Abbyladybug posts some World's Fair photos, too, as well as some other JP snaps.