Dueling condo buildings

It's a condo cat fight on the South Boston waterfront!

881 E. First St. doesn't like 9 W. Broadway:

... If you like Ct. Sq. Press/ 9 West Broadway but don't like the high price (or paying for a big advertising budget), the high common fees (& paying for a concierge you might never need or use), having to ante up $38K for parking (& having to wait going years to get it) and want a loft that is really in the Seaport (and not at the end of West Broadway's less than desirable neighborhood), then come visit us at 881. We're cooler. They're not and we know it! ...

9 W. Broadway (in the form of bloggin' Realtor John, who lives there), returns fire:

... Our condo fees are higher than the typical South End / South Boston condos, because our fees include the concierge, daily common area cleaning and trash removal, maintenance of a landscaped courtyard, and a fitness center. Plus, the fees cover most of our heat and hot water charges (and covers the cost of natural gas for cooking).

"West Broadway's less than desirable neighborhood"? Um, this is the neighborhood that the Boston Globe called "Boston's hottest". Your building is in a neighborhood ripe for what they used to call "urban renewal".

Wait, you didn't hear what I just said? That's because there are planes landing less than a 1/4 of a mile from your building, and they are reversing their engines as they land from 5:30 AM to midnight, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. ...


What have they done with Theo Epstein?

RallyCuff is having a hard time letting things go:

... The other day I walked out of the kitchen into the dining room to clock in for my shift and there, sitting directly in front of me, were John Henry and Larry Lucchino, chatting quietly with some other douchebag, and pretty much my first reaction was: "That other douchebag should have been Theo." My second reaction was: "Hey, fuck you guys." Then when they came back in later for dinner my third reaction was "Hey, how much fucking food are we going to have to comp your asses today?" In short, I'm pissed off. ...

IKEA ate his car

Jason's been trying to avoid the 93/24 interchange ever since the Swedish Meatball place opened up, but the other day, he couldn't avoid it:

... Well, a 60-something lady on her way to Ikea in her mid-90's Chevy Suburban SUV wasn't paying attention and slammed into a Honda Accord, pushing it into the rear end of my Magnum. The Honda was pretty well squished, but the Magnum came out fairly ok; some scratches, some indentations in the bumper fascia, and apparently some internal damage as the whole rear end of the car shakes and rattles now. ...

Meanwhile, in Everett, a home invasion and rape

While many of us seem fascinated with the Fort Point Channel meth lab (Universal Hub's traffic is up significantly today, thanks to people doing Technorati and Google Blogsearch searches on variations of "Boston meth"), Michael wonders why news of a Sunday home invasion and rape in Everett is so hard to come by:

... I have been having a hard time discovering details about the case. Of course, it is "all over" Fox 25, but their website doesn't mention it, nor did today's or yesterday's Globe or Herald, nor does WBUR, the ABC, NBC, or CBS websites. I don't generally watch television news, but I was surprised to see that TV was the only media outlet to cover the story. I personally considered it to be a horrific event and very newsworthy at least. ...

Nothing on the Everett Mirror or Everett Independent either.

The Ames Fan Club

Alrighty then. This is a group of people attempting to build a database of every Ames store ever and what happened to it after Ames went belly up. Where's the Zayre fan club, I ask you?

Via MetaFilter.

UPDATE: Steve worked at a Zayre in high school:

We were slaves to the minimum wage. When the increase of the minimum wage happened to coincide with time for my raise, my manger told me that the higher minimum wage was my raise. ...

Beware of Maineiacs

Tim reports pulling up to a red light on Truman Highway/Parkway next to some guy with Maine plates:

... The light was red. We were waiting. Then, without hesitation, the guy next to me started to go. I looked at the light. Still red. It was red on the other side, too judging by the fact that the oncoming traffic wasn't moving. So, unless this guy, driving a car with Maine plates, misunderstood the point of a red light, I don't know what to say. ...