Another sign of the End Times: Hipsters discover East Boston

Carmeller spots the following ad on the hipsterati watering hole, i.e., craigslist:

East Boston (EaBo) loft coming in several months, 14'+ ceilings, walk to airport station, 800 square feet + 400 sf mezzanine, AC, roof rights, all stainless steel appliances, brand new. Don't wait to inquire. Come to Boston Magazine "hottest city neighborhood".

EaBo? EaFRICKINBo? I guess only people who drink SoBe can live in EaBo. Why not highlight its proximity to Logan Airport? EaBoLa!

Update: Oh, no, it's spreading!

New TV show in Boston! (Please read)

What is

“Weymouth After Dark”?

Do you seek the truth?

Do you know the trick to get to the second quest of the original “Legend of Zelda”?

Do you feel that “Self Portrait” is an underrated Dylan classic?

If you answered yes to any of the questions (or if you like comedy) then you might enjoy “Weymouth After Dark.” “Weymouth After Dark” is a comedy/talk show that is eccentric, informative and, I can assure you, quite unlike anything else on TV. So if you get BNN channel 23 (and you probably do) , or know someone who does, please check it out :
(have a pen, crayon, quill, stone tablet ready?)

“Weymouth After Dark” will air

Thursdays at Midnight on Channel 23

(and on Weymouth Channel 10 fridays at 10, and staurdays at 1130)

Tell a friend. Set those VCRs .
We have a talented and funny cast and crew and will be showing a brand new episode this week so I genuinely appreciate it if you could tune in.

Again thanks much for your continued support.

“Hands down, the funniest show of TV.”
-Rufas Jones

Write it down now, take a stand against procrastination! See you on Thursday.

Not to be Missed! Not to be Missed! Not to be Missed!

Moral. Instructive. Educational. Weymouth After Dark Thursdays/Midnight on Channel 23 in Boston.

When Stony Brook was tamed

It was news to Charles (and, OK, me, too), that Stony Brook runs under Doyle's in JP - it being of little actual interest to pretty much anybody until the city decided to auction off the land and somebody outbid Doyle's. Charles digs up the history of the brook, specifically, the Boston Street Department's 1892 annual report, which discusses progress in controlling the brook after the Great Stony Brook Flood of 1886 by basically turning it into a sewer:

... Stony Brook, the largest of the city's watercourses, is now provided with an ample outlet, and gives little trouble. The effect of the development of its water-shed can be seen, however, in the increasing rapidity and height to which it rises now at every rain, compared to what it did eight years ago, although now its outlet is ample in size, and then it was not. ...

He adds that if one looks carefully, you can still find remnants of some of the industrial buildings built along the brook.

To the city

Jay currently lives in Wellesley. But not for long, if he can help it:

... So I finally woke up one morning and realized that there is absolutely no good reason for me to stay in Wellesley. I don't belong here. I'm young, and single, and I like the city. So I've been looking at places in the South End. ...

He's all yours, New York

Given his noted distaste for hard work, John wonders about Bill Weld's sudden interest in running for governor - of New York:

... What does his wanting the position say about the demands of the job?

If Weld runs for governor of New York, could Paul Cellucci run for premier of Ontario?

Tim wonders whatever happened to the robust Bill Weld of yore, the one who once seemed to be positioned for a run for president:

... I don't know if the death of Weld's idol Jerry Garcia in August 1995 was the catalyst, but that is about when Weld seems to have diverted from his career aspirations. Instead of positioning himself to run for president in 2000, as many believed he would, he decided to run for U.S. Senate in 1996 against John Kerry, who was admittedly beatable, except that Republicans were weakened nationally with Bob Dole as the nominee giving Bill Clinton long coattails. ...

Frolicking liberal religious bloggers

Are you liberal? Do you blog about religion? Or wish you could? Philocritics gather this Saturday at the First Parish in Milton for a picnic:

... Of course you can meet all of your favorite Boston-area Unitarian Universalist bloggers — Tom of Prophet Motive, the mysterious PeaceBang, the equally mysterious Fausto, Philocrites (and Mrs Philocrites!), Adam of Unity, Rick "Transparent Eye" Heller, Paul Wilczynski — who am I forgetting? — and hopefully I can even lure Pericles down from his New Hampshire polis. There are even rumors that Scott Wells (the Boy in the Bands) and Chalicechick may trek all the way from Washington, D.C. And I hope my ecumenical blogging buddies will come, too. ...