When a yard is a road

When eeka starts asking how some guy can build a house on a piece of land near her with no road access, she learns the city considers her driveway and sideyard a public way:

... I'm going to the Registry of Deeds this afternoon to look at the master deed for the lot and see if the survey of the lot shows that that land goes with our parcel or not. If it shows that it belongs to our parcel, this will mean a battle with the city. If it doesn't, then this means I was knowingly sold property that doesn't exist, in addition to not being informed about the plans to build that house and road, which the Boston Redevelopment Authority states the seller knew about at the time I bought the house. ...

Just in time for winter: The new face of weather

Oh, Kenny!Finally, the news you've been waiting for: Channel 4 has a new chief meteorologist. Ken Barlow, currently at some Minneapolis station, is a Newport, RI native and has a meteorology degree from Plymouth State College in New Hampshire, so he knows the importance of keeping us constantly updated on the temperature and snowfall amounts atop Mt. Washington.

Read the whole press release.

No percussion during rush hour

A Red Line conductor refused to let his train out of Harvard until a paint-tub drummer stopped drumming on the platform during yesterday afternoon's rush hour. Irate riders or somebody finally convinced him they needed to get going, Gary reports:

... The drummer probably couldn't hear the announcement, and giving him a captive audience wasn't going to discourage him. Meanwhile, many of us on the train were close to missing a commuter rail connection in Porter Square; it was between 4:40 and 4:45, and the train was due at 4:50. ...

Of course, this being the T, it would not surprise you to learn that it ultimately didn't matter, since the commuter train was 20 minutes late.

Public Meeting on Brookline WiFi Initiative on December 1st

The Town of Brookline has been developing a plan for a municipal wireless network that could serve the public with community hotspots, provide services for municipal and public safety departments, and add a new competitive broadband provider to the mix for residents and businesses.

There will be a public hearing on December 1st (details below) to discuss the project. It will be open to the public but it is most important that individuals who live or work in Brookline attend. If you have friends or family in Brookline, please spread the word. This info can be linked to at www.universalhub.com/brooklinewifi


The Selectmen’s Committee on Wireless Broadband will conduct a public hearing on December 1st, 2005 at 7:00pm in the Municipal Service Center, 870 Hammond Street.

The Committee seeks feedback and opinions from the public on the recommendation to seek proposals from interested vendors who desire to partner with the Town for the purpose of offering the residents, business community and the municipal government, a third choice for Broadband Internet access, and the first wireless option.

Copies of past documents relating to the Committee’s activities are available online via the Town Website and can be accessed at:


An agenda for the hearing will be posted on the Committee’s website when available. Interested citizens are encouraged to attend the public hearing and express their views.

The magazine you can't read

Boston Common only gets sent to nobs, but the evidence suggests that even if you could get it, you wouldn't read it, because it makes Boston and the Improper Bostonian look like novels by Henry James:

... The Herald "Inside Tracksters" show up to dish about the top gossip stories in 2005. Surprise, surprise -- their favorite tidbits involve Johnny Damon, Tom Brady and the Rolling Stones. This won't be required reading at the next Mensa convention, but in Boston Common, it passes for substantive journalism. ...

Why Mitt Romney might not want to keep bashing the French

Not because he knows he's just throwing red-meat to the wingnuts, but because somebody might dig up the fact that, if anything, he's way Frenchier than John Kerry, because he actually lived there for several years. Adam thoughtfully tells us:

... Tread carefully, Mitt! After all, France made you the man you are today. Remember the Vietnam War? Not firsthand, since you spent most of 1966, '67, and '68 as a Mormon missionary (complete with draft deferment) in the land of Napoleon and de Gaulle. ...