Uglying up the neighborhood

Glen really, really, really, really hates a multifamily house going up on School Street in Watertown:

... A new multifamily is under construction on School Street and its architect and its developer should be indicted for the crimes of infliction of ugliness, greed, and contempt. What an insult to the neighbors, not to mention their property values. Watertown has no design review requirement for building permits. Here is a strong argument for instituting one. ...


Jo, who is learning to be a chef, has one last class on sauces:

... There were 7 of us and 10 burners, 4 of which had stock simmering and butter clarifying. It wasn't a pretty sight. I spent much of the time making the dark roux for my espagnole by holding my spoon in the air to get in between the shoulders of someone who was making an acidic reduction for a hollandaise and another who was trying to make her roux for her bechemel. ...

On the plus side, the class teaching assistants had to make lunch for the students.

Sleep? What's that?

Umi checks in three weeks after her daughter's birth:

... i'm so tired i'm starting to hallucinate. it's been 3 weeks to the day that Lucy was born and i've probably gotten about 4 hours total of sleep since. Everything has been falling to the wayside, dog walks, bills, responding to email, dirty dishes. i haven't changed my underwear in god knows how long, but why bother, i haven't showered in that period of time anyway. ...

Umi, meet Eric.

Boys and ties

Ned wondered what to do when his seven-year-old actually wanted to wear a tie to a Passover seder. Inspiration struck:

... I pulled out a roll of stiff wrapping paper, cut a tie-shaped piece, notched a button-hole in the top, and buttoned it onto the top button.

At a quick glance, people asked, "Where'd you get the tie?" He wore it for the whole meal, then as a bonus, got to crumple it up in disgust when we let him change back into a T-shirt. ...

Complete with photo of the paper tie.

John Tobin sorta gets it

TobinThat's Michael's judgment of City Councillor John Tobin's Web presence. On the one hand, it's cool that Tobin (who represents Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury) has a well designed, blog-based Web site (run by Steve Garfield). On the other hand, Tobin himself isn't actually blogging on the site - maybe a symptom of the fact that true blogging and discourse means taking a risk, and that's one thing politicians hate to do, Michael says:

... Perhaps, rather than getting politicians to blog, it is time for bloggers to enter politics. ...

Notes from Tobin's meeting with the Berkman bloggers last week
Video of his talk

Ed. note: Two years ago, Matt O'Malley actually blogged and dipped into the Wicked Good Conference to talk about Boston issues when he ran for an at-large council seat. So far, his 2005 Web site looks like any other generic candidate site, but one can hope there's more to come.

Does your primary place of work or school have feminine products available in the women's and/or unisex restrooms?


Hot on the heels of the Burrito Blog, Dan provides a comprehensive set of reviews of Boston-area Mexican places, from tacos to burritos to pick-up spots:

... The first and most important thing to know about eating Mexican in Boston is that Boston is not very close to Mexico. Mexico is closer to places like California and Texas where I am sure you can eat much better Mexican food than you can here. So any guide to eating Mexican food here is making the best of what we have rather than trying to appease snotty Californians who like to justify their lives by stating things like – There isn't any good Mexican food in Boston when they visit. ...