Great Italian food where you'd never expect it

JRB can't help but rave about Vinny's at Night, a small Italian restaurant hidden at the back of a convenience store at 76 Broadway:

... In this closed convenience mart or 'superette' was some of the most sumptuous Italian food we had ever had. The backroom at Vinny's is a small OLD SCHOOL restaurant, long and thin, and full of fantastic smells and tastes. ...


Domenico attends and reviews the Proud2BCatholic concert in Framingham yesterday:

... After Mass, musician Martin Doman played a couple of songs, but then they brought the Eucharist back to the stage and the main altar for adoration and benediction. Martin played some praise and worship songs while almost 1,000 people, most of then teens, knelt in quiet prayer and contemplation. A stage light was shining behind the monstrance so that it shone around and through the Eucharist, almost as if the light was emanating from our Eucharistic Lord Himself upon His people. ...

Further proof of the decline of Western civilization

Hilatron makes the mistake of wandering into the home-decor section of Joann Fabrics, where she discovers Comfy Candle Warmers - designed to let you release the scent of scented candles without actually lighting them:

... I'm not sure I'm up to the task of articulating why the Comfy Candle Warmer fills me with horror. But: you buy a scented candle, a thing that by its very nature is meant to be burnt, and buy something that saves you from burning it? I don't understand. You're afraid of fire? Want to preserve the candle for eternity (has anyone actually ever burned a scented candle all the way anyway)? You don't know about potpourri? What? Help! ...

Manny being Manny

Was there anybody who didn't think he'd get a hit when he came up in the eighth?

Randy: Where would we be without Manny Ramirez?

Amy: Yup.. Manny is back, though he never left. And thank God for that.

Jen: And I kid you not, I got both chills and choked up when they announced Manny to pinch hit in the 8th:

I'm driving 80 mph on 128, and I'm fucking misty. It was ridiculous, people. ...

Sully notes the passing of the trade deadline:

Good News: All of Boston’s promising prospects remain.

Bad News: Kevin Millar remains with the Sox.

$14.6 billon and this is what we get?

Jay strolls around the North End and is already out of love with the post-Big Dig landscaping around Salem Street:

... I think it's going to be a bummer for all of us who had high hopes for something much, much better, i.e., Did they learn ANYTHING from the City Hall Plaza all-brick/concrete debacle? It looks like an urban landscape that might appear in Phoenix or somewhere else -- a minimalist urban park system that you'd expect from someone trying to skimp on landscaping costs. ...

The end of Chinatown?

Normally John likes new new housing development and dislikes "preservation." But he says Chinatown development gives him pause:

... Chinatown is a very dense, small neighborhood. It's bordered by highways and high buildings. Some of it is in dire need of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, because of the state of development in the city, builders end up constructing offensively big projects. This is what will probably happen in Chinatown.

West Roxbury mysteries

Apparently, the 12-space municipal parking lot off Centre Street in West Roxbury has become a major thoroughfare despite the lack of any outlet at the end opposite the entrance.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the neighborhood, a protest march for Tibetan independence on Washington Street near the Dedham line (complete with a couple of red-robed monks) this afternoon left us with a single question: "Huh?" If you're trying to gain attention for your cause, that spot is about the least likely place to hope for success - unless you really want to attract the people vacuuming their cars at the car wash.

Michael Ross has a parking problem

But so what? Carpundit says, wondering why the Herald paid so much attention to his parking tickets when he's paid them all off:

... I wish the Herald would stay on a real story, like the Mayor's web of influence, or the Turnpike Chairman's apparent corruption, or the Suffolk Sheriff's probable criminality. Parking tickets? Paid parking tickets? That's just not news. ...

My standard newspaper disclosure.