Five injured when ferry hits jetty in Hyannis

The Coast Guard reports 55 people - five of them with injuries - had to be evacuated from the Steamship Authority ferry Iyanough when it hit a jetty in Hyannis harbor and wound up on the rocks around 9:30 p.m. on Friday.

A Coast Guard helicopter transported five injured passengers, then returned to lift up 10 other passengers who couldn't navigate the slippery rocks on which the boat wound up.

Six people, including the ferry’s captain, engineer, and Coast Guard marine inspectors remain aboard Iyanough. A tugboat and a commercial towboat company are also on scene.

The Coast Guard will work with the Steam Ship Authority to assess Iyanough’s damage, and ensure safe navigation in the area. The cause of the grounding is under investigation.

New Yorker sick to death of Red Sox fans running his city

Gordon Edes photographed a guy collecting signatures for somebody in Washington Square Park in Manhattan with a sign reading "Let's stop making Red Sox fans NYC mayor!"

Although the current mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, was born in Manhattan, he grew up in Cambridge (and went to Cambridge Rindge and Latin with Patrick Ewing). And the guy before him, Mike Bloomberg, is a Medford boy.

Boston will have to live menos for awhile: City's only Taco Bell ordered shut for licensing mixup

Robert Alvarez was stunned to find this sign on the front door today.

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday ordered the Taco Bell at 1560 VFW Parkway in West Roxbury shut because its corporate owners in Tennessee failed to pay for a 2017 food-serving license.

The franchisee has already applied for a new license, although a hearing date on the request has yet to be set, board Chairwoman Christine Pulgini said.

The shutdown was strictly because the Taco Bell - which also serves Long John Silver's fish-based offerings - never responded to the renewal letters the board sent out last October and let its license expire, not because of an incident in May in which the restaurant manager refused to let two Boston Police detectives in for an inspection, she said. The Taco Bell is owned by a franchisee in Tennessee.

Until the Taco Bell re-opens, Bostonians and Dedhamites - who can get to the location more easily than Bostonians - will have to go elsewhere for taco-like food items. The closest taco places without turning around on the parkway are Pancho's in Dedham Center and Los Amigos on Centre Street in West Roxbury. Somebody willing to endure the turnaround at Spring Street can get to the Chipotle near the Five Guys in Dedham.

At a hearing Tuesday, two detectives testified they drove up to the take-out window around midnight to conduct an inspection after hearing the place's license had not been renewed. They flashed their blue lights and showed their badges, then drove around to the front entrance, closed at the time. Instead of letting them in, the eatery manager did as he was trained and called his manager - who eventually agreed he should let the detectives in.

At the hearing, detectives and Pulgini said the franchisee should train workers to call 911 first, rather than a manager, in part because city law requires food-serving establishments to always let police in for inspections.

It wasn't the ice-cream maker that got a San Diego man in trouble; it was the meth he'd packed inside

A San Diego man pleaded guilty yesterday to shipping meth to addresses in Somerville and Provincetown.

According to the US Attorney's office, Leonard Leseman, 58, sent more than 30 meth packages to Robert Annette in Somerville and Provincetown between 2011 and 2013:

Leseman and Annette communicated via text message to discuss the logistics for orders, shipments and payments. For example, regarding a package that Leseman sent Annette, Leseman advised him: "You'll see 3 blind mice eating ice cream." After Leseman mailed the package from San Diego, Postal Inspectors in Massachusetts seized the package and opened it pursuant to a search warrant. Inside the package were three toy mice and an ice cream maker with four ounces of methamphetamine hidden inside.

Leseman faces sentencing Sept. 14. Annette and other defendents, who include Lawrence Ligocki of Chelsea; and Scott Hill of Somerville have also pleaded guilty and are also awaiting sentencing.

More people rode the Fairmount Line when it was free, but they stopped when the fares came back

MassDOT reports that ridership on the only only-in-Boston commuter rail line increased 25% during the first of two fare-free weeks in May - and 44% the second week - but then dropped back down to normal light levels when the fares came back.

US Rep. Michael Capuano contributed roughly $50,000 from his congressional campaign coffers to fund the experiment, aimed at promoting use of the line, on which the state is spending more than $100 million to add more and new stations.

According to MassDOT:

An increase in total trips occurred during the two-week period, though this increase did not extend after the sponsored service expired. During the first week of the program, the number of weekday trips increased by approximately twenty-five percent (an additional 550 one-way trips per day or fourteen passengers per train) compared to the week before. The second week of the free-fare period showed an increase of forty-four percent from the week before the program. This is approximately 1,000 additional one-way trips per day or twenty-five more passengers per train. In the inbound direction, the additional trips were primarily in the morning peak and at 4 p.m. In the outbound direction, the additional trips were primarily in the afternoon peak and early afternoon.

Despite ridership falling back to non-free levels, advocates remained optimistic more people will eventually find their way to the commuter line, which has subway-levels fees, except at the end of the line at Readville - especially if the T increases the frequency of trains. In a statement, the Fairmount Indigo Transit Coalition said:

The Fairmount Indigo Transit Coalition appreciates Congressman Capuano’s bold step of sponsoring free rides to demonstrate the need for strong service on the Fairmount/Indigo Line. The FITC is excited about how our community mobilized to support bringing about a dramatic increase in ridership during the two weeks of sponsored free rides. We look forward to continuing to work with our elected officials, the City, and MassDOT/MBTA to improve service and make the Fairmount Line the best possible.

Report lists ways to put the Fairmount Line on the map.