Moonrise at the airport

Adam Balsam watched the moon rise over Logan Airport the other night - from Rowes Wharf on the other side of Boston Harbor. He reports:

I'm keen on trying to figure out where to place myself so that the moon rises behind/near/around some far off large object. I'm also keen on waning moons, especially after the last quarter since most of us never get the chance to see them!

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Four cars, two houses hit in fusillade of gunfire in Dorchester

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 23:45

Boston Police report finding "dozens of spent shells" in the area Upham Avenue near Hancock Street in Uphams Corner late Thursday.

Police say four cars and two houses were hit, but that no people were in the hail of bullets around 11:45 p.m. Police report finding two 9-mm handguns in a dumpster on Upham Avenue.


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Boston to try easing housing crunch by making it easier to add mother-in-law units

The BPDA board yesterday approved a test to make it easier for homeowners to add a single apartment in three neighborhoods - in a program that will include zero-percent city loans of up to $30,000 for any required modifications.

Under the "Additional Dwelling Units" pilot, homeowners who live in their own homes in Jamaica Plain, Mattapan and East Boston will be able to outfit and rent a single "smaller, independent rental unit" that includes a bathroom and kitchen area.

Under the pilot program, an ADU shall be an allowed use where it may be otherwise conditional or forbidden provided that it is the addition of no more than one dwelling unit to the existing structure, and will be exempt from all provisions of the Boston Zoning Code, provided that the ADU does not involve any bump out, extension or construction to the existing envelope of the structure which results in the addition of Gross Floor Area.

The BPDA hopes to find out if such units could increase the affordable-housing stock in Boston by letting owners of larger homes rent some of their space.

In addition to the BPDA, the Mayor’s Housing Innovation Lab at the Department of Neighborhood Development and ISD are also involved in the program. If the city Zoning Commission approves the plan at a meeting next month, the city would launch the program within a few months.