Man shot to death in East Boston

Sun, 12/10/2017 - 16:40

At Orleans and Marginal streets around 4:40 p.m., Chargemyline reports.

WCVB reports the victim, Duncan Ketter, may have been shot in a car, then dumped there. Ketter was 19.

In 2014, Ketter ran across Orange Line tracks at North Station to help save a man who'd fallen on the tracks.


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A parent is reaching out: 2011 murder

A parent is reaching out. Wants Boston Police to post the story about their son's murder July 31 2011. No one has been arrested for the murder. Wilson Alexander's murder July 31 2011. If you have any info to help police arrest and convict.......please come forward. Call Boston Police Crimestoppers at 1.800.494-TIPS

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Bay Windows: Why Fenway Community Health Center's directors and CEO need to quit now

UPDATE: Boswell has resigned or been fired.

It's not just that a Fenway employee has been accused of multiple instances of sexual assault and bullying, but that CEO Stephen Boswell covered it up and when the board of directors found out, they participated it in the coverup, Bay Windows writes.