Green Line ride turns into a snore after one trolley suffers a broken door

The MBTA reports delays of five to ten minutes on the Green Line due to a trolley that had to be taken out back at Park Street with a busted door.

Earlier, a Red Line train couldn't make it out of Park Street, either, which was then compounded by signal issues at Charles/MGH.

A thank-you note on a snowy day

John Hanzl reports he didn't have a good start to his commute home: He dropped his phone and then some guy on a bike plowed right into him.

But then, he continues, he forgot all that when he saw this food and a note - left for a particular homeless man he often sees on Harrison Avenue in Chinatown. The note, which has either a Tufts Medical School or Dental School seal on it, read:

Thank you for being you!

We saw you shoveling snow outside today, helping out your community!


-- With love
    Your Community

I saw this left for a homeless man who lives on Harrison in Chinatown who I always worry about...

A shoveling resource for those in need

Shoveling snow in JP in 2015


While this winter has been "mild" compared to the snow that fell in 2015, the snow that has fallen is enough to prevent elderly neighbors, those who have access or functional needs, or those who are dependent on a wheelchair from getting places they need to go.

Imagine not being able to get to work, to the food store or pharmacy, to a doctor's appointment or to the bank to deposit your social security check. For many, when it snows these scenarios become their reality.

If you need help or would like to help, you can ask for or offer assistance to your neighbors by posting on Nextdoor.

If you are not yet familiar with Nextdoor, Nextdoor is the trusted communications platform for your neighborhood that connects every neighbor to what matters most to them locally. Nearly 170,000 or 85% of US neighborhoods are using Nextdoor. In MA, over 90% of neighborhoods are already using Nextdoor. You'll also receive updates from local government agencies and the MA State Police and Emergency Management agency.

While you are out shoveling, please remember to clear a 42-inch-wide pathway on sidewalks, shovel out fire hydrants and handicap parking spots, and please also #ClearCurbCuts.

Here are some other tips:

  • Dress appropriately (layers are good)
  • Shovel slowly
  • Take it one scoop at a time
  • Keep your scoops to three inches or less of snow
  • Take breaks
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Shovel with neighbors (it's much more fun)

Stay warm and thank you for being kind to your neighbors!

Professional Neighbor at Nextdoor

Proposed Allston residential building would be topped with veggies

Architect's rendering.

The Boston Real Estate Collaborative has filed plans to build a 54-unit residential building at 44 North Beacon St. in Allston's Union Square that would feature a mix of apartments and condos, a courtyard and a rooftop vegetable garden atop the seventh floor.

The 54,000-square-foot building would feature 38 apartments and 16 condos - with a total of 12 three-bedroom units and 35 parking spaces.

About 20% of the 0.4-acre site, which now houses an ambulance garage, would become open, planted space, the company says, adding that it is planning a series of decks with native plantings and that it would top the building with a farm for a "a hyper-local Community Supported Agriculture program."

Historically, Boston has been a mix of brick and wood framed construction that are the core of the pleasant, approachable residential districts of Boston. The building design, along with the landscape, will provide a transitional interpretation of the brick and wood material palette that contributes to the place-making of the neighborhood and local context. The building incorporates setbacks, changes in wall plane, and sensible uses of different materials that creates a dynamic and approachable fenestration strategy.

The street facing three-story components will be comprised of a neutral- colored brick base with extensive use of warm, vertically oriented wood louvers on the second and third floors. Large windows in the second and third floors will be masked by the wood louvers, which not only create a dynamic façade from street view but also provide shading and privacy for the residents.

While wood and masonry provide a transitional vernacular to the streetscape, the mid-rise mass in the rear will employ a light, neutral-colored recessed metal panel system that mimics the vertical fenestration of the shorter three-story components. The metal panel system is extremely durable and subtle; providing a neutral backdrop to the more expressive three and five story components. The wide range of readily available colors, textures, and shapes will allow the natural wood and masonry elements of the lower portion of the three and five story masses to come to the foreground, while the recessed design of the metal panel system will ensure that the mid-rise still provides an architectural quality to the fenestration.

The company hopes to began an estimated two years of construction in the winter of 2019.

44 North Beacon project-notification form.

44 North Beacon proposal

Downed/hanging electrical wires - who to report to?

There is a hanging wire a few houses away from me.

After googling, it appeared that there is a specific NationalGrid 800# for this, but....

I called them and they wouldn't or couldn't enter a report for a downed/hanging wire without also entering an account #... I dug up my account# and gave it to them but then they couldn't find it - transferred me twice w/out and further success or help.

After getting transferred twice and 20 minutes I gave up and tried going through the cities report submission site.
Does anyone know or have an opinion on what is the appropriate/official way to report downed wires so that they are actually taken care of?