An avenue with a long official name, for example, Mass-av (instead of Massachusetts Avenue) and Comm-av (rather than Commonwealth Avenue). For many years, the Boston Globe even used "av." (yes, in lower case) rather than "Ave."



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My wife once got mad at me for calling avenues here in Ohio _________ AV! She told me, it's not AV but AVENUE. I told her, well it's not POP either it's SODA or TONIC. Grr..the midwest :( I miss Boston!

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Wow, I've lived in a small city North of Boston all my life, and I had no idea that people out of the area didn't say av! I've traveled around the US a lot, and I never noticed it... until now.

Here in the midwest I use

Here in the midwest I use "ave" or "av" instead of avenue to shorten the name of a street. And we often refer to the Grand Avenue Mall (aka The Shops at Grand Avenue) as just "Grand Ave." And we say it more like "Grandav," running it all together.

Regarding "av" in the newspaper, I have noticed in many old papers, they used to use different lower case abbreviations: "st" instead of "St." and "av" instead of "Ave."