What you deposit trash in.



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Doesn't everyone "take out the barrels"?I'm from Newton, where we have not much accent but all the vocab, and I've lived all over in the last few years, so I sometimes have trouble remembering what's just Boston and what's everywhere.... But I'm sure there are trash barrels everywhere!

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Where I grew up in Dorchester. According to my Nana there are 2 different types of barrels. One was the rubbish barrel and one was the ash barrel. Rubbish barrels went on the curb for the Rubbish truck to pick up, the other was for the Ashmen to pick up. These were the days when the ashes use to be collected from fireplaces, but that time is long gone. Even in some Dorchester neighborhood yards, you can still find a rubbish pail which is sunk in the ground with a pail inside. Trust me I took a "digga" on one of these on "Dot Day" a couple of years ago. They still exist. For those of you who dont know what "Dot Day" is...its a parade in Dorchester on the first Sunday in June to celebrate the day Dorchester was founded.