Big-ball bowling

What the rest of the country calls "10-pin" bowling, as opposed to the homegrown candlepin bowling.

Ron Curtin provides an example of its use, from back in the day:

SULLY; We went bowling' last night.
FIZTY: Wheah? Sammy White's?
SULLY: Nah, North Reddin' -- big-ball!



re: Big-ball bowling

I grew up in the Boston area. "Bowling" was candlepin bowling. "Big Balls" was tenpin. Bowling was on at noon on Saddadeez..then sometimes at 1 with candlepin Doubles (Brian Leary). Big Balls came latah in the aftahnoon at 3 with Chris Schenkel (RIP).

Big Balls got me in trouble...

once as a kid went down to ny to see distant cousins- we went bowling and I wrote in my diary about going bowling- big balls!

so my cousins found and read the diary that same day, and made a million and 1 dirty comments about my excitement over big balls.

called it 10 pin after that.